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Bên cạnh việc hiểu lý thuyết, thực hành thường xuyên bài tập mệnh đề quan hệ nam nữ (relative clauses) sẽ giúp đỡ bạn nắm rõ chủ điểm ngữ pháp này rộng nữa. Đây cũng chủ yếu là cấu tạo câu hay xuyên xuất hiện trong các bài thi quan trọng đặc biệt như thi THPT, IELTS, SAT...Bạn sẽ xem: bài tập viết lại câu sử dụng mệnh đề quan tiền hệ

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Trước tiên, hãy thuộc ôn lại định hướng của công ty điểm ngữ pháp mệnh đề quan hệ nam nữ (relative clauses) nhé!


Cùng ôn lại cấu trúc câu này với những bài tập sau đây nhé!

EXERCISE 1: Make one sentence from the two short ones:

1. She worked for a man. The man used lớn be an athlete. _______________________________________________________________

2. They called a lawyer. The lawyer lived nearby. _______________________________________________________________

3. I sent an thư điện tử to my brother. My brother lives in Australia. _______________________________________________________________

4. The customer liked the waitress. The waitress was very friendly. _______________________________________________________________

5. We broke the computer. The computer belonged lớn my father. _______________________________________________________________

6. I dropped a glass. The glass was new.

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7. She loves books. The books have happy endings. _______________________________________________________________

8. They live in a city. The thành phố is in the north of England. _______________________________________________________________

9. The man is in the garden. The man is wearing a blue jumper. _______________________________________________________________

10. The girl works in a bank. The girl is from India. _______________________________________________________________

11. My sister has three children. My sister lives in Australia. _______________________________________________________________

12. The waiter was rude. The waiter was wearing a xanh shirt. _______________________________________________________________

13. The money is in the kitchen. The money belongs to John. _______________________________________________________________

14. The table got broken. The table was my grandmother’s. _______________________________________________________________

15. The television was stolen. The television was bought đôi mươi years ago.


16. The fruit is on the table. The fruit isn’t fresh.


17. We ate the fruit. I bought the fruit.


18. She bought the computer. Her brother had recommended the computer. _______________________________________________________________

19. He lost the money. I had given him the money. _______________________________________________________________

20. We called the xe taxi company. Julie often uses the taxi company. _______________________________________________________________

21. John met a girl. I used khổng lồ employ the girl. _______________________________________________________________

22. Lucy called the doctor. My mother knows the doctor. _______________________________________________________________

23. He brought a woman. I used khổng lồ often meet the woman . _______________________________________________________________

24. We employed the lawyer. Julie recommended the lawyer. _______________________________________________________________

25. The fruit is on the table. I bought the fruit. _______________________________________________________________

26. The wallet belongs lớn John. Lucy found the wallet in the garden. _______________________________________________________________

27. The food was delicious. David cooked the food. _______________________________________________________________

28. The oto was stolen. My father gave me the car. _______________________________________________________________

29. The man was arrested. I reported the man to the police. _______________________________________________________________

30. The doctor was right. Lucy asked the doctor about her problem.


31. The waitress was very pretty. My brother dated the waitress.

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32. The secretary is in the office. The quái nhân likes the secretary.


EXERCISE 2: Choose the correct response lớn complete each relative clause:

1. The man _______ was speaking to us was very tall.A. WhoB. WhichC. Whose

2. The woman _______ bought the dress did not speak English.A. WhichB. WhoC. Whose

3. The people _______ flight was cancelled were upset.A. WhoseB. WhichC. Who

4. Vị you know anyone _______ speaks Japanese?A. WhichB. That or whichC. That or who

5. The guy _______ was very friendly.A. That I metB. I metC. Either A or B

6. The man _______ oto we bought was from Texas.A. WhoseB. WhichC. Either A or B

7. That"s the cat _______ we saw yesterday.A. ThatB. Either A or CC. Which

8. Can you see the man _______ is sitting at that table?A. WhoseB. WhoC. Which9. Vì chưng you know the name of the artist _______ painted this portrait?A. WhoseB. WhichC. That10. What"s the name of that guy _______ buổi tiệc ngọt we went to lớn last week? A. ThatB. WhoseC. Which

11. February, which is the second month of the year, is the month _______ many of my colleagues take vacation for skiing.

A. Which B. When C. In which D. Where

12. The dress _______ the movie star is wearing weighs about fifty pounds.

A. Whom B. that C. why D. which

13. Playing fetch, our dogs, ran after the tennis ball _______ bounced across the kitchen floor.

A. That B. Whose C. Which D. Who

14. The old words you see on the board, most _______ were becoming obsolete, are now trending again.

A. Where B. Of which C. At which D. That

15. The family _______ house was decorated the most beautifully for the holidays will receive a trophy.