“This was our second trip to taman legenda. We delighted in it a lot and we had great time. Thanks volumepillsworld.com!”
“the taman legenda kerang mas have actually a good diberkatilah anda protocol and social distancing. Ours kid's so senang and mama therefore lucky. Give thanks to you all employee for your great service come us.”



Are you planning a household vacation for this weekend? Make certain you include the golden Conch Legend Park come your travel list! situated within the Taman mini Indonesia cantik area, this amusement park is within easy reach of champa and the sekitarnya cities, untuk membuat it the perfect location for a short getaway.

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enjoy a funny adventure with the totality family in ~ this edukatif and entertain amusement park. Friend can bawa pulang your little one to try various exciting rides seperti as the mengayun wheel, merry-go-round, and also pirates, or invite castle to obtain to recognize the wealth of Indonesian culture by watching a film about the legend that the kuning Conch. Even more interesting, you can feel the sensation of going back to prehistoric waktu at the Dinosaur Adventure attraction!

Taman Legenda keong Emas, jalan raya TMII, Ceger, Cipayung, Ceger, Cipayung, Ceger, Cipayung, town Jakarta Timur, menyiksa Khusus Ibukota champa 13550, Indonesia
General opening Hours Monday: 10:00 - 17:00Tuesday: 10:00 - 17:00Wednesday: 10:00 - 17:00Thursday: 10:00 - 17:00Friday: 10:00 - 17:00Saturday: 09:00 - 18:00Sunday: 09:00 - 18:00

More around Tiket Taman Legenda Keong emas - simple Access

The excitement of the Family piknik at the Taman Legenda keong Emas

Taman Legenda punggung bungkuk Emas is part of the well-known tourist area of ​​Taman mini Indonesia indah (TMII). Situated in Jakarta, this destination is a tourism icon that has been inaugurated sejak 1975. Visiting champa is not complete if girlfriend haven't visited TMII and also seen variasi attractions in it.

Located near the main entrance that TMII, Taman Legenda Keong emas is rather easy come reach. That is tambahan one of the favourite destinations amongst many attractions in this area, particularly for children. Maafkan saya are the exciting things you’ll uncover in it?

Rides in the Taman Legenda punggung bungkuk Emas

Before visiting a tourist spot, it’ll far better if you very first find out maafkan saya interesting things can be found there. Preparations choose this will make travel rencana more effective and efficient. Likewise, as soon as you visit Taman Legenda keong Emas, determine the complying with must-see spots:

Dinosaur Adventures

Like beginning a time machine, you can go bagian belakang in time and meet prehistoric pets in this area. The Dinosaur Adventure uses an amazing experience that’ll make travellers amazed. The reason is that the design and also layout space as natural and also as near as kelayakan to the original. The dinosaur sizes are made comparable to the original ones with good detail. Moreover, the dinosaurs hiding behind the bushes deserve to make noise, move, and also even spout water. Thus, you can want to bring spare clothes hanya in case. For children, adventure with dinosaurs is certainly exhilarating and also memorable.

Beos Train

Another exciting ride that can be took pleasure in at Taman Legenda Keong kuning is the Beos Train. That is a kecil train that’ll untuk mengambil you v the whole area. To obtain on this train, friend must go into a mini station and also buy a ticket. Not only children, yet adults can tambahan take this train ride.

Legendary Eye

You can tambahan enjoy the excitement of swinging in the skies by riding the Legend's rides. Shaped favor a windmill, legendary Eye is a term tangan kedua to express to berayun wheel rides.

Selur Caterpillar

Don’t forget to carry your youngsters to shot the Selur Caterpillar ride during your visit come Taman Legenda punggung bungkuk Emas. It is a snake-shaped mini roller coaster. Selur rollercoaster is an extremely safe, and also the curves space not too steep. If your children like complicated rides, this one is really suitable because that them to try. Adult travellers can juga take this ride, too.

Uphill Car

Like Selur Caterpillar, the Uphill automobile rides will invite youngsters to spin about the easily accessible route by lihat articulated cars. Interestingly, the course is uphill and downward, thus producing a fun sensation because that the mini car drivers.


The Pirates is one of the rides in Taman Legenda Keong emas shaped favor a ship. It’ll waver fast sufficient to do passengers feel choose they’re flying in the air. Yes sir a safety iron in each seat, so this drive is for sure for children.

Facilities at the Taman Legenda kerang Emas

In addition to this rides, Taman Legenda kerang Emas juga provides several public facilities. Some of them are:

Souvenir Shop

In this place, you can buy souvenirs in the form of mini-dolls of variasi shapes. Paling of them space dinosaur dolls in lot of types. For those of girlfriend who favor everything about dinosaurs, don't forget to buy it together a souvenir! This souvenir shop is quite complete, neat, and easy to find in the garden area.

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Because Taman Legenda Keong kuning doesn’t allow visitors to lug outside food and also drinks, you must prepare some money to buy it in the tourist area. Yes a restaurant serving a selection of menus because that lunch.

There are an ext other public facilities the make the tourists feel comfortable travel in Taman Legenda kerang Emas. To enjoy all this excitement, you deserve to buy Taman Legenda punggung bungkuk Emas entrance ticket for Rp150,000 per person. With Taman Legenda keong Emas promo rate, the entrance ticket is priced at Rp111,000 per person. Friend can gain this spesial price if girlfriend buy it through the volumepillsworld.com application. Besides, there room still other promos, specific the all-in-one ramadan entrance ticket so the the Taman Legenda keong Emas ticket rate is only Rp76,800 every person. This price is valid only from may 6 to June 4, 2019. So, space you all set to walk on one adventure at the Taman Legenda keong Emas?

Entrance Tickets

Ramadhan all-in-one enntrance gate ticket Rp76,800All-in-one enntrance gate ticket Rp111,000