The suara (franchise)

The Voice is an global reality televisi singing compete franchise. The is based upon the fact singing competition The suara of Holland, which to be originally created by dutch television producer man de Mol. Plenty of other countries have adjusted the format and begun airing anda own versions dari 2010. That has ini adalah a competitor to the Idols franchise, climbing Star and also The X Factor. As of 2020, the franchise is owned by ITV Studios.

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Talpa"s man de Mol, creator of huge Brother, an initial created The suara concept with belanda singer Roel valve Velzen. Erland Galjaard, a dutch program director, asked john de Mol around whether he bisa come up with a layout that go a step lebih jauh than The X Factor. De Mol then came up through the idea of blind Audition. He wanted to emphasis on singing high quality alone, therefore the coaches must be top artists in the music industry. The rotating chairs ide was invented by Roel valve Velzen. It would juga be the first talent show in which social media was actively involved.

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On 17 September 2010, The voice of holland began to air top top RTL 4 with Angela Groothuizen, Roel van Velzen, Nick & Simon, and Jeroen van der eight as the mentor-judges (dubbed together "coaches") of the show.<2> The display proved to be an instant kesuksesan in the Netherlands.<3><4>

The format was later sold to berbeda countries, in many situations replacing a ahead Endemol music dispute format, procedure Triumph / Star Academy.

Original format

The show"s layout features five stages the competition: producers" auditions, remote auditions, fight rounds, knockouts (since 2012), and live performance shows.

Blind auditions

Contestants are aspiring singers drawn from publik auditions, which are not broadcast. Unlike Idols and also The X Factor, the producers pick fewer contestants (usually indigenous 100, as much as 200 contestants), which are reputed "the best artists", to perform in the broadcast auditions.<1> The first televised stage is the remote auditions, in which the four coaches, all notable recording artists, listen to the contestants in chairs dealing with away native the phase so regarding avoid see them. If a coach likes maafkan saya they listen from that contestant, they tekan a button to rotate dari mereka chairs to signify that they room interested in working v that contestant. If an ext than one coach presses dari mereka button, the contestant choose the coach the or she desires to work with. The blind auditions finish when every coach has a set number of contestants to job-related with. Coaches will dedicate us to developing milik mereka singers mentally, musically and also in some cases physically, giving them advice, and membagikan the secrets of milik mereka success.


The contestants who successfully pass the blind auditions proceed to the fight rounds, whereby the coaches placed two or periodically three of anda own team members versus each other to sing the exact same song bersama in former of a studio audience. After the vocal face-off, the coach must choose only one come advance. If no details winner deserve to be identified, one of two people the competition transforms to a video game of fate via a coin toss, or the coach may incorporate them into a duo transparent the rest of the competition. In rare situations the coach can juga choose to advancement neither one (As viewed in season eight the The suara of Holland). In some versions, there room steals whereby opposing coaches can steal a contestant that was voted off by dari mereka own coach through pressing dari mereka button. Together in the blind auditions, if more than one coach presses dari mereka button, the contestant choose which coach they want. Every coach has actually a set numberi of steals, normally one or two (raised to three in the saturday season that The voice Brasil).


The knockout ring was introduced in 2012, and also is mengimplementasikan in some versions. The winners the the battle rounds proceed to this ring (dubbed Super-battle round/Sing-off in some versions).

As in the battle rounds, coaches placed members (usually 2/3/4, seldom 6 or 10) of dari mereka own team members to compete versus each other. This time, the contestants choose their own song to do individually kapan the various other watches and also waits. ~ that, the coach choose one come advance while the other is sent out home. At the end of the knockout rounds, the the strongest members of each coach"s roster continue to the live phase shows. Part versions encompass steals. Favor in the battle round, the the contrary coaches can steal a contestant that was voted turn off by their own coach by pressing anda button. Comparable to the blind auditions, if much more than one coach presses dari mereka button, the contestant choose which coach castle want.

Live shows

In the final performance melangkah of the competition, the peak contestants from every team compete against each other throughout a live broadcast. The televisi audience poll to save one contestant on each team, leaving the coach to decision on live televisi who they want to save and who will not relocate on. In the lanjut round, the publik chooses between the two artists left on every team, and the coach juga has a vote that weighs equally with the public vote.

Finally, every coach will have actually his/her best contestant left kedudukan to compete in the finals, singing an original song. Indigenous these four or five, one will certainly be named "The Voice"—and will get the grand hadiah of a record contract and also a cash prize. Universal Music team is the basic record firm associated and affiliated with The voice format in most countries.

Social media participation

One of the cornerstones that The suara format is the social media authorized via Twitter, Facebook and also the particularly designed communication "connect." Users space able to log in in via dari mereka Facebook account and also retrieve lift information about the show. The platform tambahan offers the opportunity to present the show online as well as to vote, connect with friends and also to discuss variasi topics and also questions inquiry by the producer throughout the show.<5>

Format variations

Blind audition twists

Starting from the 5th season that The suara of Holland,<6> if all the coaches rubbish one particular contestant, the losing contestant would leave the stage straight away, without any kind of conversations v the coaches, and the chairs would remain unturned. The style is currently also used in some other versions, most notably, the U.K. Version. It was digunakan in the 5th season that the Vocea României,<7> but kemudian was abandoned in later on seasons (However, later, Vocea României lugged it kembali on its eighth season). Other versions tangan kedua this format such as from the fourth to sixth season that The voice Belgique, the 6th season the The voice of Albania, and also in the third season the The voice Nigeria.

The American version presented a brand-new mechanism in the remote auditions ~ above the fourteenth season, the Block button. As soon as a coach desires to obtain the details contestant but does not want lagi coach to carry out so, he/she may press the block switch to block castle from acquiring the contestant, and then turn about at the exact same time. The coach that is blocked, will certainly not recognize until he/she presses the main button, and after that he/she will get the word stating that he/she is blocked, instead of his/her surname in the memerintah floor. A coach deserve to use the block switch once in a season (the sourse of allowed blocks varies in various other versions, which are described below), and also only one block is permitted per audition. The Block twisted was kemudian applied in :

The suara of Italy season 5, v a slim change. The coach press the block, kemudian turn roughly by pushing the key button, together the block in this version just blocks the coach, which sometimes risky, due to the fact that if any coach yet the clogged one melakukan not turn around, it still be considered that no coaches rotate for the contestant. That slight adjust was eliminated in season 6. Juga in season 6, the number of block was raised to two for every coach.Giọng hát Việt season 5.<8> starting from season 6, a coach deserve to turn his/her chair first, kemudian press the block switch to block lagi coach.The suara Brasil season 7.<9> beginning from season 8, the number of accessible block is raised to two for each coach in whole blind audition.La Voz Mexico season 7. That was gotten rid of in season 8, when acquired by TV Azteca, but it returned in season 9, v each currently being able to block twice.Vocea României season 8.<10>The suara Kids that Vietnam season 6, which was the first of The suara Kids. In season 7, the sourse of easily accessible block is elevated to two for each coach in entire blind audition and when the clogged coach press his/her button to turn, the chair doesn"t rotate around. But the contestants can choose to unblock the clogged coach to acquire in his/her team.The suara Portugal season 6.<11> In season 8, they used the same dominion as maafkan saya the Australian variation did, wherein they deserve to block a coach also they are already turned.The voice of greek season 5, with the numberi of available block is increased to 4 for every coach in entire blind audition.<12>The suara Belgique season 8.<13>The suara Thailand season 7, through the number of easily accessible block is elevated to 2 for every coach.In Season 8 the mageri of accessible block is increased to 3 for each coach in whole blind auditions <14>La Voz spanyol season 6, with the sourse of obtainable blocks being 3 for every coach and when the blocked coach tekan ke bawah his/her button to turn, the chair doesn"t revolve around.<15>The Voice: la plus belle voix season 8.<16>La Voz us season 1. In season 2, the numberi of blocks enhanced to two.<17>La Voz Kids spanyol season 5 and when the blocked coach tekan his/her switch to turn, the chair doesn"t turn around.<18>Holos Krainy season 9, although the block button is present, the "coach name on the floor" isn"t. Instead, when the clogged coach tekan ke bawah his/her button to turn, he/she will check out the line towards him/her remains red. In season 10, the coach surname on the floor are currently present. In season 11, the block button was removed after two seasons.<19>La Voix season 7.<20>The suara van Vlaanderen season 6. In season 7, the block switch was removed.The suara India season 3.<21>Glasat na Bulgaria season 6. In season 7, when the coach to be blocked and also if the switch was pressed by that coach, the chair will certainly not turn.The voice ישראל season 5.<22>The voice Kids France season 6.<23>Lietuvos Balsas season 7.The suara Indonesia season 4.<24>The suara – أحلى صوت season 5.<25>O Ses Türkiye season 9.<26>The voice Hrvatska season 3.<27>The suara Teens (Philippines) season 2, which to be the an initial of The suara Teens. The mageri of easily accessible blocks is elevated to 2 for every coach.<28>The voice Kids van Vlaanderen season 5.,<29> with the mageri of easily accessible block is elevated to two for every coachThe suara Australia season 9.<30> The mageri of easily accessible blocks starts at 2 for each coach, contrary to the normal 1 block per coach in the attributes debut season. It juga has a slight difference. The coach who desires to usage the block and the coach who is gift blocked has to turn sebelum any block have the right to be used.<31> addition to this format, for the very first time in any type of The voice franchise, 2 coaches can be blocked.The suara of Korea season 3.The suara Kids Thailand season 7.The voice of Poland season 11, v the numberi of available block is increased to two for every coach, 2 coaches have the right to be blocked.Sing China 2019, however it is removed after one season.The voice UK season 10.<32>The voice Senior Italy season 1, which to be the first of The voice Senior.La Voz Senior spain season 2 and when the clogged coach tekan ke bawah his/her button to turn, the chair doesn"t rotate around.The voice Kids Portugal season 2.O Ses Türkiye rap season 1.The voice Kids Indonesia season 4. The suara საქართველო season 4.La Voz Peru season 4.<33>

The 6th season that The voice Kids of Vietnam had actually a new feature referred to as The Mute button. Together its name implies, the mute coach will not be enabled to speak, but they deserve to still execute all the type of tubuh language to to convince the contestant to join their team. However, the Mute only adds excitement to the program, together contestant have the right to still choose the muted team. Each coach has only one Mute per audition,<34> it changed in season 8. The slight adjust happened in the 4th season the Sing! China wherein the coach the was being muted will certainly or will not make the chair turn yet will still be able to be selected by contestant.

The Wildcard round was presented in the an initial two periods of The suara of Holland, wherein the selected fail contestants of the blind auditions menjadi screened and also would perform via radio programme Radio 538. Some coaches will choose if they desire that contestant on milik mereka team to complete in the battles, but it was exit in the later on seasons. It to be reintroduced in the 15th season that the U.S. Version where the is now called as "The Comeback Stage". Top top it, a 5th coach will mentor 6 contestants that failed to do a team in the remote auditions, and they will compete versus each various other in a digital companion series, through the winner securing a spot in the top 13.<35> Later, that was gotten rid of on the seventeenth season. This was acquired in the 9th season the The suara of Germany, in the 4th season of The suara Indonesia, in the second season the La Voz USA, in the saturday season the La Voz<36>, in the tenth season of The suara of Finland and in the seventh season of The suara van Vlaanderen.

The 6th season the Giọng hát Việt introduced The Switch. If a coach has currently filled his/her team however interest in a contestant later, he/she can tekan ke bawah the Switch button to swap the contestant with one of the favored artists before. Every coach only has one Switch throughout the course of the blind auditions. The spesial coach was tambahan introduced this season, a role that shares similarities through the U.S. Version"s Comeback stage coach. Instead of turning away from the stage as usual, the spesial coach"s chair remain towards the stage during all performances, enabling him/her come know exactly how the contestants look at like, he/she has actually the capability to choose unlimited contestants, unlike other coaches, and his/her choice button is quiet valid even when the contestant has finished his/her performance. However, the spesial coach can only choose contestant that were not chosen by three various other coaches.

Battles twists

The saturday season that The voice of holland features non stop steal, which way that steals throughout the fight rounds monitor a hot-seat procedure: a coach may replace his or her stolen contestant together many waktu as the or she likes till the finish of the battles. This feature juga applies in the seventh season the The suara of Poland, the saturday season of Vocea României, 5th season that The voice van Vlaanderen,<37> the fifth season that The suara Portugal, the sixth season the The Voice: la to add belle voix, the 4th season that The voice Ahla Sawt, and the 9th season that The suara of Germany (dubbed "Steal Room").

Another style was introduced in the 4th season that La Voz kids España.<38> The continuing to be contestants that was saved by the coaches will proceed to the fast-paced battle Rounds inside the supercoach will certainly decide who will continue to the live semi-finals.

The 5th season of Giọng hát Việt features no-elimination, i beg your pardon is tangan kedua only when throughout the battles as soon as a coach melakukan not desire to eliminate one the two their contestants and wants to save them in the next round. A coach has to ask and also gets consent native both contestants. After getting consent, 2 contestants dulu retained and would akan a duo (they dulu not a solo-contestant), combined bersama throughout the remainder of the competition; if a coach does not gain consent, they must pick only one to development to the knockouts as the original format.<39>

Knockouts twists

The 3rd season the The voice South Africa introduced a new way to command the Knockout round: After each contestant"s solo performance, the respective coach will have to decide even if it is they are in the for sure Zone (which means qualified for the Battles) or the peril Zone (at danger of elimination). Each coach deserve to only send three contestants to the for sure Zone but juga have two steals across the round. After all members native one team have actually concluded milik mereka performances, the coach will conserve a sourse of artist from the peril Zone to relocate on come the Battles. Contestants that are sent to the danger Zone but not preferred by their coach or get stolen by lainnya coach will be eliminated. However, audience can also vote because that the artist in the hazard Zone through televoting.<40> This rule was kemudian applied in the eighth season the The Voice: la to add belle voix, where 6 artists will certainly be chosen for the for sure Zone, but public"s poll is not included.

Live shows twists

The cross-battle was introduced in the semi-final round of the fourth season of The suara of Holland.<41> In this round, two contestants from two berbeda teams compete against each other and the publik vote determines that will advance. This juga applies indigenous the fifth until the saturday season that The suara Brasil, indigenous the 3rd until the saturday season the The suara of Greece, and the 16 season that The suara and the second season of La Voz in the joined States.

An All-Star format

In the eighth and also ninth periods of The suara Australia, introduced a brand-new twist in the display which a team of former contestants indigenous the previous seasons compete also with the new talents. Diana Rouvas and chris Sebastian from very first season that the display was hailed together a grand champion in 2 consecutive seasons. That was used in the tenth season of The suara of Germany as component of their 10th anniversary season special and in the eighth season that The voice Portugal.

On the other hand, an All-Star edition which is only for the vault candidates, to be announced as pointed out by the ITV Studios" for an international entertainment ketua Maarten Meijs terakhir September 2020. TF1 will certainly be the first broadcaster come air the series dibawah of The Voice: la plus belle voix.

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Non-televised shows

There menjadi non-televised shows as not checked out in the berbeda format of the franchise sebagai as The voice of the ocean (US)<44> with Princess Cruises, The suara of the Sea (Italian)<45> through Costa Cruises, The suara Univa and also The voice Teens Univa (Spanish)<46> through Grupo Telecentro in México, La Voz... Minecraft (Spanish) a digital edition v Creator isi Pokewott ~ above Minecraft and also The voice Of Davon (Brazilian/English) produced and recorded on Scratch.<47>

The suara around the world

A merged 489 singers have dimenangkannya The Voice, The voice Kids, The suara Teens and also The voice Senior in 145 countries/regions. Each winner is given a record contract, a uang prize, and a title as that nation"s "Voice". The first winner to be Ben Saunders that The voice of belanda and the paling recent to be Randy Ortiz indigenous the Mexican variation of The suara Kids.