As much as memiliki book-to-movie adaptations go, labirin Runner is a kesuksesan story. The movie starring Dylan O’Brien obtained adaptations for its core trilogy and managed come make part solid money bersama the means without substantially alienating its fans along the way. Crazy, right? It has actually a berbeda narrative in Hollywood than other memiliki adaptations we’ve examined, kemudian as the Divergent series, i m sorry came just short of its conclusion in 2016. Or the Percy Jackson movies, which was cancelled hanya two movies into production and also is now set to it is in remade into a Disney+ TV show. Yet the Maze Runner movie did finish with more books ~ above the shelves from James Dashner. Why?

The best-selling dystopian scientific research fiction novels that began in 2009 monitor a team of teenagers left in a mysterious place referred to as the “Glade” surrounding by enormous walls and a deadly labirin as the only mungkin exit. Let’s speak about maafkan saya went turun with Maze Runner and why we have actually yet come hear about an ext films indigenous James Dashner’s world:

How Many labirin Runner Movies have We Seen

The Maze Runner movies starring Dylan O’Brien, kerajaan Scodelario, will Poulter, Ki Hong Li and also Thomas Brodie-Sangster started in 2014 through its early stage film and formed right into a trilogy because that each book, consisting of 2015’s The Scorch Trials and also 2018’s The fatality Cure. All 3 films were directed by Wes ball and written by T.S. Nowlin. The Fox films managed to pretty much stay on schedule and also deliver to fans on a consistent mengurung with the exemption of the 3rd film, which come out 3 years adhering to the second. This was brought about by a 2016 accident O’Brien suffered on collection when the actor to be hit by a stunt car ketika shooting an action set item for The Death Cure.

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The accident “broke most of the best side” the Dylan O’Brien’s confront according come the actor and also understandably disutradarai to a delay for the movie. After he recovered from his injuries, O’Brien was identified to finish the core collection and they did! Overall, the franchise made nearly $1 billion at the worldwide box office every together, through the very first film untuk membuat the paling at $348 juta against a production anggaran of $34 million. The Scorch Trials made a tad less regardless of its greater $61 million anggaran with $312 juta in box earnings and also The death Cure shed some momentum v its $288 juta gross adhering to a similar anggaran to the second film.

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Were There rencana More maze Runner Movies?

Although The labirin Runner trilogy go begin and end top top screen, there are two much more books in the Maze Runner book collection that have actually yet to it is in adapted: 2012’s The kill Order and 2016’s The fever Code. These publications are prequels to the main collection that mulai 13 years sebelum the occasions of the original books. The prequel cerita expands the dystopian dunia of The labirin Runner because it offers much more firsthand insight as to the ‘why’ and ‘how’ the young people become stuck in the Glade, consisting of an origin cerita for Dylan O’Brien’s Thomas. However, the creatives behind the Maze Runner movies want to finish things there v the 2018 finale. In screenwriter T.S. Nowlin’s words:

We’ve actually talked about how much we don’t want to perform a 4th movie. It’s rarely to execute something clean, that just has a beginning, a middle, and also an end. Ns really like the means this movie wraps things up and ends. It’s nice to let the movies sort of exhale.

It’s a valiant and also admirable point to say around a franchise together loved together the Maze Runner movies, but hey, Star battles turned from 3 to nine. It’s kelayakan that these prequels bisa re-enter conversation as soon as said exhale melakukan happen, yet it would call for a lot of new cast come tell the cerita of before Maze Runner like The Hobbit movie did because that Lord of the Rings almost a te after its trilogy.

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Why we Haven"t seen More labirin Runner Movies

Despite the Maze Runner filmmakers taking a hard line on ending the series following The fatality Cure, over there are also a sourse of components that likely entered the door for the Maze Runner collection being closed after ~ the 2018 conclusion. Very first off, even though Maze Runner preserved the same filmmakers and also cast, it did not maintain its quality and also many far-reaching changes dulu made native the source material together the franchise raged on. V each sequel, the franchise go seem to shed some the its audience rather of broadening into other bigger, and also that bisa be a trouble from a organization standpoint.

Also, the Maze Runner franchise is produced by Fox, i m sorry went v some significant changes adhering to the melepaskan of The fatality Cure in 2018. The firm was acquired by Disney in a kepala deal, which may have took in or tabled rencana to increase the franchise further if that was on the docket because that Fox, it might not it is in a priority for Disney. However, it melakukan mean that Disney mungkin potentially rotate around and do a Maze Runner Disney+ collection or reboot the movie franchise dibawah the line prefer Percy Jackson is right now getting.

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Are there Any rencana For Future labirin Runner Movies?

For the time being, that’s it for the Maze Runner movies. But there are two publications waiting to be adjusted if Hollywood made decision to give the franchise another look. Bagian belakang in 2015, the franchise’s writer James Dashner told screen Rant around his thoughts on his newer books being adjusted for the big or kecil screen. In his words:

That"s an easy one to answer since I certainly harapan so. It"s most likely out of mine hands, however I would offer anything for the to happen due to the fact that it would certainly be a the majority of fun and it would certainly be fun to see some of these actors go back to the world. However we"ll see apa Fox has in store for this collection and this world. So, we"ll have to wait and see.

The death Order and Fever Code are lot darker enhancements to the Maze Runner franchise, considering that is about the solar flares the hit Earth and also ravage mankind with disease. The populace becomes insane indigenous the apocalyptic narrative. In Fever Code, the Glade starts to membentuk and a younger thomas is explored sebelum his memory is wiped because that the occasions of The maze Runner.

Considering the actual dunia is right now facing a worldwide pandemic, this might not be the best idea to adapt best out the gate. However, if the prequels dulu adapted, it bisa even set up a remake of the franchise (perhaps as a television show?) dibawah the line if Hollywood made decision to make an ext Maze Runner movies. Apa do girlfriend think? carry out you want to see much more from James Dashner’s series or are you isi with the trilogy by itself? poll in the poll below!

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