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“In unit we have strength, 7 emirates united 44 years ago. Anyone you accomplish has plenty of differences together they perform similarities with you. Emphasis on apa you have in common and also experience unity with ease, joy and glory.”

Dr. Mariam Ketait – Founder of Dubai Integrative Healing

“I can’t think the a far better place to live appropriate now. I pertained to the UAE in my at an early stage twenties and also over the past 9 year it has actually been so sort to me, providing me with the right environment to accomplish my ambitions and also realise my dreams. I selalu say it’s favor the new, modernis day American Dream. Here, in the UAE, if you can think it, if you deserve to dream the — and also of course if you have the talent and passion to enhance it, you can do it. It’s a “Yes” place, and also what’s much better than that? i am forever grateful to this country, my 2nd home, its people and the leaders.”

Holly williams – Founder that thehuntr.com and 22.agency

“I’m proud of my country because this is mine homeland, and also my love and pride because that it is instinctual. Together an entrepreneur, gift Emirati way living in a land of peace, stability, and a country that celebrate innovation. The air di sini is filled through the excited of opportunity, and also talent is universal while opportunity is not. Being Emirati has given me the background and also platform come lead as an Arab woman and also celebrated my vision for a greener economic climate through architecture and sosial entrepreneurship. I truly believe leading as the first Arab own bio-disposable style solutions and supply service in the di antara East is working as well as it is di sini because this is the U.A.E ~ all; and we’re a country built on a large vision and a true love because that authentic contribution that part may call work.”

Lames Harib – Owner the BioD

What was your motivation behind starting the clinic?

The health Brothers overarching health mission is to provide safe and also effective diberkatilah anda and performance options to orang who desire them. Us are persuaded that among the best ways of prospering at that is to help people shed excess and harmful weight. Beginning the Down-Size-Me Diet at the hundreds wellness center was an essential part of untuk membuat our weight loss solution more accessible to rakyat in the region who want an individual guidance and also support native us.

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Explain a small the idea that Down-Size-Me

People battle with being overweight. They nothing like exactly how it looks, feels, and maafkan saya it melakukan to their health. The point is the living in Dubai bekerja untuk gaining weight easy and also losing it a real challenge.

From our suffer we recognize that the best weight loss solution is one that cuts calories, works quickly, and is easy to follow and maintain. Through this in mind, Sean and also I developed the Down-Size-Me Diet, i beg your pardon is aimed in ~ ticking the box of the ideal solution by producing great, quick results through comfortably eat less. The good berita is that the diet rencana is doing hanya that.

The Down-Size-Me Diet is flexible and also can be changed to fit separation, personal, instance preferences. The diet plan is practical and also can tempat into even the busiest that Dubai lifestyles. The diet juga strongly promotes kesehatan through both the load loss results and the use of the all-natural, enjoy the meal replacement shakes – DSM750 and LEAN95. These raw, fruit and vegetable based formulas room loaded with high high quality nutrients that support the tubuh manusia through the load loss process.

All-in-all, the Down-Size-Me diet functions to reverse the main reason of load gain, i beg your pardon is overeating. That’s why the works as well as apa it does.

Why did girlfriend think the Hundred would be the ideal place because that the clinic?

Having well-known Asma for numerous years and appreciating her passion for promoting kesehatan and well-being, she hundred wellness center was a logical selection for the home of The wellness Brothers’ Down-Size-Me Diet. The facility has a look and also feel that us love and we believe it adds come the as whole comfort, confidence, and an ideas that orang need for effective weight loss.

What room your three top töre for people wanting to shed weight?Eat lessMove an ext and much more oftenBe urged enough to store doing 1 and 2

What space the three ‘Do no Do’s for setiap orang wanting to shed weight?Do not have actually unrealistic expectationsDo not start out on a rencana you know you cannot stick toDo not think about a solitary failure a complete failure – nothing Quit!

Go nuts for dairy-free milk!

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Easing stress, relaxing chop muscles, strengthening your core, soothing your mind…many things pertained to mind when you think that Pilates, yet one point that many rakyat may no realise is that Pilates juga can help your power in a variety of different, more positif sports. Together this week the Emirates Dubai Rugby 7s tournament kicks off, we are looking at exactly how Pilates can membantu even the toughest that sports like Rugby. A game of power, speed, strength and stamina, every the core characteristics in rugby can be learnt in the basics that Pilates.

An extremely physical game, there are numerous frequent injuries that take place in rugby. A besar amount the the injuries are caused due to the fact that two to adjust of muscles room not functioning well together. Top top one hand we have actually the ‘most obvious’ muscles, such as the hamstring, quads, chest and arm muscles and so on, which develop up well melihat traditional formulir of toughness training, seperti as working out in ~ the gym and lifting weights. However, at the same time we have actually the less recognized local muscles, such as the Multifidus and Rotators muscle in your back, or the Capitis and also Splenius muscles about the pelvis. These execute not respond as well to traditional strength training, however are the persons that have the right to really get damaged in physical sports, favor rugby.

To develop these vital muscles up core strength training in Pilates can work miracles. The selection of exercises and also stretches can really increase the power and also strength in these key muscles, which help with lagi elements choose posture, breath techniques and more.

To display how practicing Pilates can help rugby players, we invited Dubai Sharks player, Freddie Clifford right into the tengah for a private Pilates session v our really own guru, Walid Tebarki. After ~ his first ever Pilates class, Freddie was left feeling relaxed and more flexible, and surprised at how complicated the conference was.

“I have actually played Rugby and other high impact sports every one of my life and also have tidak pernah realized how difficult Pilates mungkin be!” states Freddie Clifford. “I left v legs favor jelly, but could really feel the my body had had a ideal work out, penampilan muscles i didn’t also know ns had. The lanjut day, although i felt sore, i was much much more flexible and also felt prefer the tension had been stretched out of my muscles. I would definitely recommend any type of of mine team mates to shot Pilates as part of anda fitness regime.”

“Many sporting activities players don’t understand the kerusakan that Pilates have the right to have on their training and also core strength.” claims Walid Tebarki. “During ours classes we space working every solitary muscle, even itu that space unknown through many, or unseen. Pilates is a slow procedure and a means of life, yet with every course you will feel the difference and see positive changes to your tubuh manusia and mind.”

To publication your class, panggilan 04-3447333 now or visit www.volumepillsworld.com for an ext information.

Let’s acquire sporty!

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Being a 360-wellness center, we not just care about the wellbeing of our clients, but tambahan the wellbeing of ours planet. Unfortunately, many companies in the UAE are not doing sufficient to combat climate readjust and our levels of recycling and saving power are a lot reduced than other kepala cities approximately the world, favor London or Paris. Us are determined to readjust this and educate the masyarakat on the pentingnya of protecting the dunia we live in.

We have teamed increase with, BioD, a Dubai grown company offering fix up bio-packaging and also single-use disposables in the middle East, to carry out our clients with normally biodegradable products. In a market focusing ~ above petroleum, BioD has damaged through to market plant-based disposables indigenous renewable sources and also the ideal materials in anda category worldwide.


Burning more fat and also increasing more muscle while working the end for less…now this sounds like an city myth. Is the really mungkin to alleviate the time you spend in the gym ketika getting fitter and also healthier also quicker?!

While many setiap orang who space trying to lose weight or get fit think that the much longer you exercise for, the healthier you become, this technically isn’t true. Interval training is a fitness programme alternating high-intensity exercises with low intensity breaks, and according to the American college of sporting activities Medicine, these tipe of practice burn between 6-15 percent much more calories compared to other, an ext traditional workouts. That is a increasingly popular form of practice that even top celebrities approximately the world are hooked on.

At The Hundred well-being Center, we have teamed up through Derryn Brown, among Dubai’s most sought-after fitness models and personal trainers, to get clients to relocate It! The relocate it pendidikan sessions room based around functional movements and are no for the faint hearted! There space 8 berbeda stations about the Functional play studio and also each participant safety 30 secs at each station, sebelum having a 30 second rest and untuk bergerak on to the next station. Having menyelesaikan an whole round that the room, they kemudian have a 1-minute break sebelum going for round 2, perfect 3 rounds in total. The train station are an overwhelming and focused, including Kettlebell Deadlifts, Burpees, ladder drills and also lunges.

These high-energy class are an excellent fun and are perfect for those who gain bored easily while working out. That is terrific way come burn fat and also get in shape, together the exercises incorporate full body movements at a high intensity, plus you do gain a rest in-between. J

Why take a move It class?

You’ll burn much more calories – As stated above, interval pelatihan has to be proven come be among the best ways to burn fat and also shape increase the body.You’ll improve your aerobic volume – as your cardiovascular fitness improves, you’ll have the ability to work out for longer or at a greater intensity, improving your fitness regime.You won’t obtain bored – Interval mendidik focus ~ above undertaking quick bursts of berbeda activities meaning that friend will tidak pernah get boring of apa you space doing.You will have fun and make friends – The relocate It classes are exceptionally energetic and you will meet lot of orang who want to improve milik mereka health and also have fun ketika doing so.

With the 45-minute class by Derryn at 10am every Saturday or great with other instructors in ~ 10am top top Monday, 4pm top top Tuesday or 10:30am on Wednesday, there’s a work to suit everyone. Provide us a call today to publication your class and also move it!

the arts of an excellent coffee

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As the kids are heading kembali to school in the UAE, parents space busy thinking of healthy and also inventive lunch box ideas. Therefore we caught up with our in-house Clinical Nutritionist (DCN) Ryan Penny, at the DSM weight Loss center within The hundred Wellness center to acquire his advice as soon as it comes to feeding the tiny ones this back-to-school season.

What have to parents think of as soon as preparing youngsters school meal and also lunch boxes?

As already mentioned – I would avoid any kind of sugar-sweetened beverages. Sodas, fruit juices, and milkshakes are fully unnecessary. Also, discover out if over there are any regulations particular to the school, seperti as a “No Nuts” politik on packed lunches. If these kinds of limitations are in ar – avoid these foods items accordingly.

Is there something we definitely need to include?

Helping kids grasp the fact that food is the fuel the energizes them and also provides the membangun blocks for their brains, eyes, and insides is a good way of helping them make healthy food choices. This is just true once they have actually been teach to differentiate in between healthy and also unhealthy foods. A simple way of law this is to introduce them to the health Brothers’ meaning of a good diet, which is, “A great variety the clean, whole foods, plant-strong, and also mostly raw.” by filtering what they eat through these lima check clues (underlined) and having at least three that these checked for every food will certainly be one effective method of promoting a generally great eating pattern at school and home.


5. Are there any type of supplements you would certainly recommend for kids?


Everyone loves a pizza, particularly kids! even if it is it’s the delicious, stringy cheese or the concept of eat slices v your hands that excite children, the a meal that the bulk of youngsters love. However, through an mean of over 800 calories in your day-to-day pizza, this is an unhealthy meal to be eat on a reguler basis.

We have found a fun different to pizza the looks just the same but is fresh, juicy and also healthy! The watermelon pizza have the right to be produced in as small as 15 minutes and is a really fun kerja to perform with your kids. Friend can juga wrap up slices and add them to their lunch crate to offer them a fruity dessert or snack.

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1 ukurannya besar slice of Watermelon1 KiwiA grasp of goji berriesA handful of blueberriesChopped nutsGrated white chocolate or chopped coconut


Cut the watermelon into a large slice, shaped like a pizza base.Add slices the kiwis, goji berries and blueberries come the watermelon base.Sprinkle the putih chocolate or coconut flakes end the top and add the nuts.Cut the watermelon pizza right into slices and serve!

This is an extremely quick and easy solve to offer your children a fun and also healthy lunch option. V a subtle taste, watermelon is a good fruit to feeding to the little ones and by gift shaped favor a pizza that an exciting method to make certain they obtain fresh fruit.