Berikut ini adalah soal UTS Bahasa Inggris kelas 4 SD semester 1. Soal ini bisa dari mereka gunakan sebagai bahan untuk belajar para siswa silam mereka menghadapi UTS yang diselenggarakan malalui sekolah.

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Keterangan Soal UTS Bahasa Inggris Kelas 4 SD Semester 1

Soal pilihan Ganda: 35Soal Isian: 10

A. Please select the exactly answer by cross A, B, C, or D!

1. Andika: view you lanjut time.Tono: …

a. How are youb. Watch youc. Be carefuld. I am fine


2. Andika: just how are you?Tono: ….

a. Just how are youb. See youc. Be carefuld. Ns am fine

3. Andika …..Tono: ns am fine.

a. What are girlfriend doing?b. How are you?c. Maafkan saya do girlfriend do?d. Hi

4. This are examples of greeting, except …

a. An excellent morningb. Hic. An excellent afternoond. Watch you

5. Hendro: great morning, Wildan.Wildan: …

a. An excellent morningb. Good nightc. Great afternoond. An excellent evening

6. Rizka: an excellent evening, Dinda.Dinda: …

a. Great morningb. An excellent nightc. Good afternoond. An excellent evening


7. Rina wants to sleep. She claims …

a. Great morningb. Good nightc. Great afternoond. Great evening

8. You satisfy your girlfriend at 7 pm. You will certainly say …

a. Great morningb. Great nightc. Great afternoond. Good evening

The message is for mageri 9 and also 10

A : Hi, exactly how are you?B : (8) …… and you?A : (9) ……B : Oh, ns sorry come hear that.

9.a. I like itb. I am finec. Never mindd. An excellent job


a. I choose itb. Ns am finec. I am sickd. Good job

11. Please menyortir these words into the correct answer!tomorrow – see – you.

a. Check out tomorrow youb. Tomorrow check out youc. You check out tomorrowd. View you tomorrow

12. The shade of the strawberry is …

a. Greenb. Yellowc. Redd. Black

13. The shade of our national flag is …

a. Red and whiteb. White and redc. White and blued. Blue and green

14. The colour of banana is …

a. Greenb. Yellowc. Redd. Black

15. My mom cooks our breakfast in the …

a. Bedroomb. Bathroomc. Living roomd. Kitchen

16. Nindi likes drink milk.What is the colour of the milk?

a. Blackb. Yelllowc. Whited. Red


17. The color of grape is …

a. Purpleb. Blackc. Yellowd. Brown

18. Please menyortir these words right into the exactly sentence.

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hat – is – his – black.

a. His is hitam hatb. Black has is blackd. Warna hitam hat is blackd. His cap is black

19. Is your kesukaan colour is red?

a. Yes, ns areb. Yes, ns amc. Yes ns dod. Yes ns agree

20. What melakukan ‘blue’ average in Bahasa Indonesia?

a. Merahb. Kuningc. Bírud. Merah

21. What melakukan ‘yellow’ in Bahasa Indonesia?

a. Merahb. Kuningc. Bírud. Merah

22. What does ‘ungu’ in English?

a. Blueb. Purplec. Brownd. White

23. Yanto untuk mengambil a bak mandi in the …

a. Bedroomb. Life roomc. Classroomd. Bathroom

24. The colour of watermelon is …

a. Redb. Blackc. Blued. Green

25. Mine family and I normally watch televisi in the …

a. Bedroomb. Life roomc. Classroomd. Bathroom

B. To fill the blanks v the correct answer!

1. Nanda and also her mother cooks because that dinner in the …