Enjoy PUBG: new State"s second alpha test by obtaining the upgrade via the APK and OBB download links, and installing it with our handy guide.

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Many players enjoyed the lanjut big mobile fight Royale suffer with the PUBG: new State closed alpha bagian belakang in June. They discover the brand-new map, Troi 2051 and played with the best weapons. Krafton"s near-futuristic title, set in 2051, is nearing that is late-September, early on October expected santai window, with over 20 juta players already pre-registered. Before we obtain to the penuh release, there"s a second PUBG: new State alpha to enjoy. If you can"t download it via Google PlayStore, we"ve acquired Android users covered with the APK and also OBB download links for the latest version of PUBG: new State, and also a quick guide on exactly how to install it.

PUBG: new State 2nd alpha - APK and OBB download links

We selalu recommend going with the resmi Google PlayStore to download a mobile title. We execute know, however, the some orang might run into an error downloading PUBG: new State from the PlayStore. Get ready by downloading and install the APK and OBB documents for PUBG: new State. (Picture: Krafton)Find the PUBG: brand-new State APK and also OBB download links (Android only) because that the second alpha check below.APK download link.OBB download link.As we"ve stated at the start of this article, the PUBG: new State 2nd alpha only runs indigenous 27th to 29th August finishing at approximately 08:00 BST. If friend haven"t registered for the game, you have the right to always take a shot by adhering to our handy overview for PUBG: new State second alpha test.

How to install PUBG: brand-new State"s 2nd alpha

First off, you need to make certain your Android an equipment has enough cost-free space, and also a tiny bit extra. The PUBG: brand-new State second alpha OBB document weighs in at approximately 1.2 GB, kapan the APK record is 73 MB. Follow the steps below to install the PUBG: brand-new State 2nd alpha. (Picture: Krafton)We recommend having actually 3 GB of cost-free space ~ above your maker to avoid any trouble installing. Follow the steps below to download the latest PUBG: new State version to use in the 2nd alpha test.

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Download PUBG: new State close up door alpha’s APK and also OBB files from the noted links on her device.Navigate to setups > Safety, and Privacy > download apps from Unknown Sources.Go to the downloads folder and also install the APK file by tapping the download button. After the APK file is installed, relocate the OBB file to Android > OBB > com.pubg.newstate.beta.The installation process is currently completed, and you deserve to open PUBG: new State to reap the interesting features that the game.Alternatively, friend can tambahan visit this TapTap connect to acquire started.So over there you have actually it, an easy means to download PUBG: new State"s closed alpha, and how you have the right to install it on your Android device. An excellent luck ou there!Read more: Best weapons in PUBG: brand-new State - Ranking the height 5 weaponsStay tuned to our dedicated PUBG ar for news about the franchise, consisting of PUBG: brand-new State, and also guides and lot more.