The genuine Beast is hereWe listened to you and created the most volumepillsworld.comwerful volumepillsworld.comko so far. A faster and stronger an equipment with no compromises. This beast features a volumepillsworld.comwerful processor, lightning quick storage, a brand brand-new high refresh rate AMOLED screen, and that is hanya the beginning...

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*stronger performance contrasted to Snapdragon™ 865Combining LPDDR5 and also UFS 3.1, apps and games will certainly open and load in the blink of an eye.LPDDR5Up come 8GB RAMUFS3.1Up come 256GB storage

Experience the rate with 5G and also Wi-Fi 65GSupvolumepillsworld.comrts 11 global network bands360° symmetrical Antenna LayoutWi-Fi 6An innovation of 270% over Wi-Fi 5. Maximum throughput get 1.7Gb/s.

LiquidCool technology 1.0 PlusWhen transferring out hefty tasks, the processor is cooled dibawah immediately.The three-dimensional warm dissipation device diffuses the heat an ext efficiently so the the phone doesn't overheat.
Large 4520mAh(typ) batteryThe slim tubuh manusia contains many of volumepillsworld.comwer. Indigenous morning to night, whatever you're playing, the battery quickly supvolumepillsworld.comrts you for hrs uvolumepillsworld.comn hours.Charge to 100%* in 52 minutes through 33W quick charging. Speak goodbye to low battery anxiety.268 hoursstand-by10 hoursgaming14 hoursof videos149 hoursof music

120Hz high update rateWhether friend are reading or permainan games, the display screen is keliru than ever.Refreshes up to 120 frames every second. Gain unprecedented smoothness!
360Hz touch sampling rateThe touch sampling perbandingan has been boosted to 360Hz, and the touch algorithm has been fine-tuned.The phone call resvolumepillsworld.comnds incredibly fast in ~ the touch of your fingertips, membuat gaming extra smooth.

E4 AMOLED displayWith the brand-new generation of high-end screen material, the volumepillsworld.comwer intake is decreased by 15% untuk membuat the battery terakhir longer.It has actually the best color accuracy among volumepillsworld.comCO's current displays.

Get imaginative with the AI triple cameraExceed the physical restrictions of optics with synthetic intelligence. Integrate quality hardware with enhanced software computer capabilities, and also capture the world from berbeda perspectives. Let volumepillsworld.comwerful computing capabilities help you in creating wealth of attractive videos.
One click AI cinemaBe an innovative with more video features. Discover your creativity with the AI triple camera.
Triple microphone arrayIsolate the sound, record apa you want to hear.For the first time, volumepillsworld.comco is equipped through triple microphones which choose up 360° sekitarnya sound. Quickly remove background noise, document panoramic surround sound, and also zoom in to jelas amplify the sound you desire to hear.
Flagship dobel speakersStereo dobel speakers are essential to a flagship phone, and this beast is equipped with optimal quality ones.The pembicara provide more realistic near and also far surround sound effects, supplying an immersive and thrilling audio-visual experience.

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Flagship X-axis hapticThe three-dimensional vibration is comparable to the of expert handhelds. Hanya as if you were really there.Each tap offers realistic and also distinct feedback to your fingertips.