JAKARTA - The United claims Air force successfully conducted a flight test of a combat drone equipped with artificial intelligence, last April. As a result, the drone have the right to maneuver in the air.

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This project ended up being the kesuksesan of the us in the development of an fabricated intelligence program called Skyborg. Especially in developing new and autonomous software systems to accommodate the variety of wait defenses.


Skyborg, the name of an fabricated Intelligence/AI programme similar to Skynet – a similar program from the Terminator film, relies on a robotic manage system called ACS. Dikutip from Popsci, the ACS stands for Autonomy Core device or autonomous core system.

Using the ACS, the US tentara is arising combat drones that have the right to pair and also fly with aircraft. Not only that, yet Skyborg is juga able to learn the process and construct his own abilities.

Initial exam of the combat drone project dulu conducted in ~ Tyndall tentara Base, USA. The previous ar was juga used because that experiments ~ above four-legged protection robots arisen by the military.

Before Skyborg was integrated into a human-controlled fighter squad, the militer wanted artificial Intelligence to understand the basics of combat. And that basic development was the goal of yesterday"s early stage test.

The basics of trip that Skyborg desires to instill in synthetic Intelligence incorporate the procedure of acquisition off, development of flight, and landing. In addition, there are tambahan some more kompleks activities. Prefer receiving navigation commands from humans.


As component of the test, the military tambahan wants to uncover out if Skyborg is maybe to direct combat drones approximately the border area through reading barriers programmed based on GPS points.

Supervision was juga carried out by the tentara by air and also land. During the trials, the tentara did no fail to note the evolusi and progress tercapai by Skyborg.

“We space excited about the successful beforehand flight that the Skyborg brain system. This is the very first step of a marathon of much more progressive growth of Skyborg technology", claimed Air kekuatan Program executive, management for advanced Combat and also Aircraft, basic Dale White, via Popsci, Saturday, may 29.

General Dale White juga said that this trip is the start of a collection of experiments that will continue to be lugged out to build the ACS and build trust in the system.

In a public announcement, it was described that the perkembangan of the Skyborg program aims to membuat robots that can fly planes and carry out goals autonomously. And this program is admittedly lot cheaper 보다 manned fighter plane – seperti as the F-35.

Skyborg program Design

According to general Dale White, the Skyborg was no designed to control a combat drone. This program focuses much more on its role of creating and flying several combat drones at as soon as with the same goal.

Not just that, however this form of AI will juga autonomously direct combat drones to accompany human-controlled aircraft. Therefore, the air Force also signed contracts v three suppliers to build prototype combat drones.

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According come the plan, the Air force Research Laboratory plans to conduct much more experiments v the Skyborg aircraft. The reason is, occurring unmanned and independent fighter aircraft is vital part and also becomes the AU"s vision for combat in the future.

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