TransJakarta or generally called ‘ busway’  it was the first bus fast transit mechanism (BRT) in Southern and also Southeast Asia. TransJakarta began dari mereka operation sejak 2004 in Jakarta. Now, there have actually been 12 corridors the consist of 224 buses stop spread in numerous spots in the resources region. TransJakarta’s ticket price is rely on their hours operation. In ~ 5-7 to be the price is around Rp. 2000. Ketika at 7 AM until 10 pm the price is about Rp. 3500.

Anda sedang menonton: Mudik dan pulang kampung menurut kbbi

My first experience with TransJakarta is when I was in Junior High School. Me and also my friends was wait for the bus about half an hour. Ultimately bus came and we gone into in. Because we didn’t have a place to sit, we determined to stand over the trip. At that time, TransJakarta’s setting is still great and regulated well. Yet I had a negative experience ~ above my second trip with TransJakarta. I felt uncomfortable since the bus was also crowded and also I mungkin barely move. I’m worried since the men and women passengers menjadi combined into one. Yes, ns worried because of seksual harassment issue.

TransJakarta could a good solution to make travel time an ext quickly due to the fact that they owned lane the only enabled for. Nowadays, over there are countless drivers that don’t follow the rule to not enter to the TransJakarta’s lane. As a result, TransJakarta obtained stuck as like as a private cars and also other public transportations. I memikirkan TransJakarta bisa reduce traffic jam in funding region. Yet it transforms out the very same thing, traffic pukul still no handled.

year after tahun passed. TransJakarta has started to innovating themselves. Now, women and men’s seat have been be separate to protect against the danger of seksual abuse. Now, the federal government has a brand-new regulation and give a penalty to rogue drivers. Now, come buy a ticket is an ext easy since of e-ticketing. With e-ticketing we just can skip queques. It’s save your time, no it? mine advice, the government have to regulate TransJakarta very well. Eligibility have to be desired to bus passengers feeling safe and also comfortable. I harapan government have the right to increase TransJakarta at the moment of hrs to come home, so the passenger didn’t wait for so long and also they can ambil a seat throughout trip. In spite of of milik mereka weakness, i love TransJakarta therefore far.


Definition that TOEIC

TOEIC – check Of english For global Communication: TOEIC is a check of bahasa inggris that concentrates an ext on english for organization purposes. TOEIC is commonly used in Japan as a benchmark of capability in english when using for employed staff (although this practice has not escaped criticism from prominent professionals in language testing).

The test of english for International communication (TOEIC) procedures the ability of non-native English-speaking examinees come use english in everyday workplace activities.

Two types of TOEIC Tests

1. TOEIC listening & analysis Test

The TOEIC listening & reading Test is a two-hour multiple-choice test consisting the 200 inquiries evenly split into hear comprehension and also reading comprehension. Each candidate receives independent scores for listening and also reading comprehension on a scale from 5 to 495 points. The total score adds up to a scale from 10 come 990 points. The TOEIC certificate exists in lima colors, equivalent to tercapai results:• orange (10-215)• brown (220-465)• environment-friendly (470-725)• blue (730-850)• yellow (855-990)

2. TOEIC speak & creating Test

The TOEIC speaking & writing Test was introduced in 2006. Check takers obtain separate scores because that each the the 2 tests, or can ambil the Speaking test without acquisition the writing test. The Speaking check assesses pronunciation, vocabulary, grammar, and also fluency, kapan the composing test examines vocabulary, grammar, and overall coherence and also organization. The tests are designed come reflect actual bahasa inggris usage in the workplace, despite they execute not require any knowledge of specialized business terms. The TOEIC speaking Test takes approximately 20 minute to complete; the TOEIC composing test lasts approximately 60 minutes. Each test has a score variety between 0-200, with test takers grouped into eight capability levels.

New TOEIC Tests

A new version that the TOEIC hear & analysis test was released in 2006. The transforms can it is in summarized as follows:• Overall, passages are longer.• component 1 has actually fewer questions involving photograph descriptions.• The Listening ar hires speakers of bahasa inggris from Britain, Australia, brand-new Zealand and utara America, and uses one equal circulation of the dialects. But all the suara actors because that the speak test have actually lived in the United claims for an extended period.• component 6 no longer consists of an error-spotting task, criticized together unrealistic in a this firm environment, instead adopting the usage of a job wherein the check taker filling in blanks in incomplete sentences.• part 7 includes not only single-passage concerns but tambahan double-passage questions wherein the check taker reads and also compares the two associated passages, seperti as an e-mail post


Definition of TEFL

TEFL is one acronym which stands for Teaching english as a international Language.

TEFL is paling often digunakan to explain the profession of Teaching english as a international Language. It is among the paling commonly digunakan acronyms in the language pelatihan industry.

TEFL is used similarly come TESOL and also TESL. Many people consider the 3 acronyms to be nearly interchangeable.

This hatchet is predominantly tangan kedua when bahasa inggris is gift taught in a bangsa where it isn’t the aboriginal language (for example teaching bahasa inggris to Spanish rakyat in Spain).

TEFL which mengandung teaching students whose an initial language is not English. Students range in period from childhood come adult. EFL courses can bawa pulang place in state schools, exclusive schools or spesial EFL schools, and can be found in practically every negara around the world. TEFL usually berhubungan dengan refining students’ speaking and listening skills through exposure come native pembicara of english who are qualified english teachers, or who have a qualification in TEFL teaching from one accredited TEFL pendidikan college.


TOEFL ( check of bahasa inggris as a foreign Language) test is used to determine a person’s tingkat of proficiency in English. This check is intended for orang who carry out not use bahasa inggris as milik mereka mother. Generally, this test is tangan kedua as among the prerequisites because that someone who desires to riset or job-related in a country that uses english in everyday komunikas. In addition to the TOEFL , there are still some other test tipe are almost the same, in other words IELTS , TOEIC and ESOL . TOEFL is developed and also issued by ETS ( edukatif Testing business ), based in New jersey , USA . This check was an initial introduced in 1963.

currently there space 3 type of TOEFL check issued by ETS, the PBT ( file Based test ) TOEF , CBT ( computer system Based test ) and also TOEFL IBT ( net Based check ) TOEFL. Of these three types , which space often used are PBT and also IBT .


TOEFL test PBT is a membentuk that provides a form of prize sheets of file . This is a check system first released by ETS. In PBT, the check was performed on the listening, struktur and reading . The selection of the score given is 310-677. Moreover, the time offered to work on this test about 2-2.5 hours. However, since April 2006, this check is not tangan kedua anymore in Indonesia. Currently, this test is still tangan kedua in countries that do not yet have actually a system IBT test .


CBT is a test that is no longer melihat paper. All tests were conducted in a computer melihat specific software. This test system appeared in 1998. Capacity tested encompass listening, structure, reading and also writing. In this system, the selection of scores is 0-300 with handling time in between 2-2.5 hours.


Test the device iBT check is the paling popular and also widely used. The mechanism is juga computer-based check , only a test this is linked to the net network, thus, the check is excellent online. This test system started to be published and used in 2005, yet only tangan kedua in Indonesia in 2006. Capacity tested include reading, listening, writing and also speaking. Ketika this system is extensively used, however there space still some nations that use the PBT system.

in ~ first, the TOEFL is used for those who great to continue their studies, applying for a scholarship or work in other countries that use english as the language of daily communication. Bersama the perkembangan era, this check is growing and also becoming one of the vital prerequisites in pendidikan and business. In Indonesia, this test began to be tangan kedua by some universities as a problem of entry as well as the demands to acquire through the exam thesis, dissertation or thesis. Some companies tambahan make the TOEFL test together a prerequisite for using for a job. In fact, this check is tambahan used to gain a promo in project promotion.

To experience TOEFL memeriksa , so far there has been some secara resmi websites easily accessible in Indonesia. However, the results of this test room not valid forever. In general, the check results apply only come one or 2 years and also until someone can test for many times. Generally, the test costs around $ 150 – $ 250. The cost of the check is generally different in each country. Due to the fact that the price is rather expensive, there are at this time many colleges or institutes the provide pelatihan TOEFL language test and also pre-test so the a person can prepare themselves before the actual test.


I have actually a bestfriends we met in junior High School. Very first we hanya know each other, kemudian we always bermain together. Mine bestfriend name is Nadia Nabila Indri Kamila Imaniar Khumairo Astidhita Putri and Effie. We all never got the very same classroom. We got so close indigenous 2th class in JHS. An initial time us go bersama is city hall movie. In the lanjut day we menjadi at lunch break and out of a sudden my friend give us a name called “DN”, the day is august 8, 2008. We get much more closer and also closer hanya like siblings. We always sharing problems, do house work, study, and went the end together.

At 3th grade, we visited the very same course bersama at Primagama Galaxy. We always support and pray because that each other. Optimist graduate from junior High School and got the Senior High institution that we want. After national exam over, my college make bye party in Bandung. In the very first day we visited Situ Patenggang lake. Then we went back to the hotel to prepare because that the graduation night. Through the way, every room save on computer 10 person. Sebelum the graduation night start, we consist of our self. The graduation night start, it’s cover through sadness and happy. That will selalu in mine mind and I will tidak pernah forget the night. After the graduation night is over, we went kembali to our room and permainan together reason none the us can sleep.

The terakhir thing that we wait is the graduate announcement. The announcement through school website and by mail. So late night i tried to open up the website but it’s no working. So I’ll wait until tomorrow morning, and also when I open up it I’m therefore happy, there was “PASSED” native on mine name. Mine 3 years at school were paid by it. Alhamdulillah all of my small High institution student dulu all 100% graduate. Ns feel happy but one the other hand ns feel sad. It’s sad gift separated from mine bestfriend. Although us want berbeda Senior High School yet we keep support each other. We make a promise that us will invested time bersama again no matter what.

Hopefully everyone of us got our own favorite senior High School. Me Nabila Kamila Imaniar and Khumairo continue our belajar to 2 SHS Bekasi. Nadia Indri and Putri in 6 SHS Bekasi. Effie in 3 SHS Bekasi. And also dhita in 91 SHS Jakarta. Although we already went to berbeda school, we had actually spent time walk on holidays to Tidung island. We checked out Tidung island by watercraft from muara Angke. When we arrived, tour guide accompany united state to the lodges. The ar we had near the neighborhood citizen house. When we arrived, we had actually a remainder for awhile.

On the evening we telah mengambil bicycles around the beach. Hop ~ above banana boat, and wait for the sunset together. In the lanjut morning, us went for snorkeling. But to acquire to snorkeling area us must took a watercraft into the di antara sea. After we acquire there, us snorkeling because that 2 hours. Perfect snorkeling us went kembali to Tidung island to have actually dinner. We had a grilled prawn, sausage, and fish. Next day room our terakhir day, we should went bagian belakang home. Although it was a quick vacation yet its fun.

Now, us all currently went come college, everyone got different University. However until now, we still interact with every others. It has actually been 6th years. We had actually a most memories to it is in reminisced. Glad that we through it all together. Ns don’t desire to lose all of you and I love each one of you with all mine heart. You space my irreplaceable ones. I hope our friendship will last forever till the finish of my life, Amin❤


Love Story


I have a friend his name is Ajie Wicaksono Winarso. At very first I didn’t know who the was. Even met him and know his name, ns hadn’t. Therefore on Nov 1, 2008 he gave me a text. He claimed “are girlfriend Moudy?”. I asked my friend whose mageri it was. And also she stated it to be him, my senior. After discovering it was him, I responded his text. Just twice or thrice, not too often. The lanjut day, i felt like someone spied top top me. Ns asked my friend that it was. And also she claimed it to be him, Ajie. Began from that, ns knew who Ajie was. The lanjut day a friend of mine texted him. Ajie claimed he will certainly ask me to be his girlfriend. But he was also late I currently taken. Ajie was upset due to the fact that I already taken. After that he tidak pernah gave me a call or message. But since we knew each other as soon as we met us still greet and smile to each other. After that event, how amazing we gained closer. He tambahan always aku mengambilnya me come a transport nearby. Then he would certainly go back to college to bawa pulang his motorbike. At that time I currently had boyfriend. My boyfriend also know around Ajie. Kemudian we broke because he knew that. And also finally in ~ the precise day of my birthday, he offered me a flower and also confessed to me. He stated “would you be my girlfriend?”. I got speechless and hanya nodded and also said Yes! us being met in ~ 12 JHS. And we went to the very same school at 2 SHS. There space a most sweet memories. He’s my senior by one tahun ahead. Now he aku mengambilnya school of Pilot. And I study at university of Gunadarma. We’re riset at the difference places. Even so, us still have actually a time come meet.  His family and mine currently know every other. Ajie can be think about as a romantic guy. He likes to buy me a flower. Selalu sing me a track with his guitar. That can buatlah me smile, laugh even sad. He much more than friend to me, he deserve to be mine brother. Time flies so fast, It’s has actually been fifth years. Thanks for selalu being by mine side. Not only turun for the great times, but juga down through the poor times. I’m a lucky orang to have a wonderful partner like you. Hoping the the love carry us much joy, love and happiness to celebrate again. I’m so happy to have you. Ns love friend Capt. April 10, 2009 and also Still Counting.❤️









Bali through my Fam(ily)


top top the terakhir vacation, me and my family members goes to Bali. We saw Bali for 4 days. We went by airplane at 07.30 AM, we aku mengambilnya taxi from house at 04.00 AM. After we landed on Soekarno Hatta international Airport, we inspect in kemudian buy some beverage because that breakfast. ~ it we pray subuh. Clock showing 07.30 AM and it’s time come boarding. Inside airplane I’d love come seat close to window, for this reason I mungkin see beautiful scenery from above. In ~ 09.30 WITA ultimately we come at Ngurah Rai worldwide Airport. Us picked up by the driver from my fathers office. Kemudian we go right to the hotel.

once we landed on hotel, we drop ours logguage kemudian when to the Tanjung Benoa beach. Before went come Tanjung Benoa we telah mengambil lunch at Padang restaurant dubbed “Sederhana”. Kemudian we lanjutan the pilgrimage to benoa. Virtually 01.00 pm we arrived at Tanjung Benoa Nusa Dua Beach. The weather to be so clear. It’s the an initial time because that me to go parasailing. After that me, my family, and my sister friend ride banana boat then jetski. Yeayyy, between those three jetski is my favorite. Since it trigger adrenaline and really exciting!

Day-2. I woke up early and get all set for the lanjut trip. We telah mengambil breakfast in hotel. Start at 09.00 to be our very first trip is Goa Gajah. Then we went to Kintamani lake. In the afternoon we telah mengambil lunch at “Bebek Bengil”. Weather in ~ ubud was so dingin and it’s raining. The time reflects evening, so every one of us continued our expedition to Kuta beach and also wait because that the sunset. At night we ambil a berjalan at Legian street kemudian have a dinner. After it us went kembali to the hotel and ambil a rest.

Day-3. It’s 28 February! It typical my Dad’s birthday. Me , mine mom, and also my sister do a little surprise for my dad sebelum he woke up. After the we acquire ready because that our lanjut trip. It ambil couple hours sebelum we come at Berantan Bedugul lake. It was so many setiap orang cause in ~ the very same time there was traditional ceremony. The lanjut trip is Alas Kedaton forest Monkey. There was more than a thousand monkey here. If anyone acquired some food in anda bag, the monkey always telah mengambil it. That is reallyyyyyy fun here!!! last place us go on now is negara Lot Beach, we telah mengambil a lot of photo here.

Day-4. And it means our terakhir day in Bali. We examine out from hotel in ~ 09.00 AM. After that we saw Uluwatu Temple. There tambahan monkey here, however not as plenty of as Alas Kedaton Forest. Native Uluwatu we telah mengambil lunch near airport, at discovery Mall. After lunch we checked out Ngurah Rai international Airport come go back to Jakarta. It’s a yes, really short-trip-holiday. But I’m yes, really happy. I have actually no indigenous to define how lot I love my mother Dad and Sister for this reason much. I wish come go back again sooner or later with my fam(ily).❤❤





Have other Done


have is a verb that deserve to be usage to cause someone act something. The use of causative use of “HAVE” which has the meaning of questioning someone to perform something or questioning something to it is in done. Causative used to show people doing other (usually an initial person). Rumus-1 : topic + Have/Has/Had + object + Verb-1. For instance ‘I have him repair my TV’. Rumus-2 : topic + Have/Has/Had + object + Verb-3. Instance ‘I have actually my TV repaired.

Causative obtain mean resulting in someone or something doing something. The use of causative usage of “GET” which has the meaning of asking someone to perform something or asking something to be done. In causative, sometimes “get” use for subtitute word “have” to present something urgent and want others carry out something. This membentuk use in informal english. Rumus-1 : subject + Get/Got + object + come Verb-1. Example ‘I gain her to open the window. Rumus-2 : subject + Get/Got + object + Verb-3. For instance ‘I get the window opened’.

Beside lihat “have” for reveal same for we also can use “get”. The use of have or get much more informal in pasif membentuk shown something that has actually been done. For topic or other orang doing company for us. Have + object + past Participle. Or rumus Causative have actually : topic + have + enhance + ceiling Infinitive (Active, normally Person). Or : topic + have actually + enhance + past Participle (Passive, typically Thing).


 For Example:

A pasar is ar where we have the right to have our important boughtI have actually her fix my handphoneMy bos has Vicka prepare a report I acquire her come close the windowThe man had the mechanic solve the carI’m going to have my rambut cutShe’s having her house redecoratedI’m having a copy the the report sent to youHe had actually a technician install his computerWe didn’t want to cook so we acquired a pizza delivered


Anissa has actually her employee (prepare/prepared) her proposalI got this book (covered/cover) v a plasticYulia has her husband (cut/to cut) his hairI gained my garments (washed/to washed)I had acquired Rossa (leave/to leave) the laboratoryRommy is having his mam (make up/to do up) at the beauty saloonMr. Vicky had actually his lawyer to change his willThe Man had actually his bedroom cleanThe woman had actually her housemaid to clean she bedroomI gain my daughters (study/to study) hard


Judul : A Handbook of english Grammar

Penulis : Slamet Riyanto, Emilia NH and also Leila NH

Penerbit : referensi Pelajar


Mudik adalah aktivitas perantau/ pekerja migrasi untuk back ke kampung halamannya. Mudik di Indonesia identik dengan tradisi tahunan apa terjadi menjelang aku raya terlalu tinggi keagamaan misalnya menjelang Lebaran. Di ~ saat itulah ada kesempatan buat berkumpul menjangkau sanak saudara yang tersebar di perantauan, selain tentu saja juga sowan dengan setiap orang tua. Tradisi mudik hanya ada di Indonesia.

Besarnya jumlah pemudik apa puncaknya diperkirakan dua-tiga days menjelang Idul Fitri, telah menimbulkan permasalahan yang noël mudah dipecahkan. Untuk dalam waktu apa hampir mengikat puluhan juta orang melakukan perjalanan mudik, melalui darat mencapai kendaraan sepeda motor, mobil, kendaraan umum (bus) dan kereta api, serta udara mencapai pesawat terbang, dan laut dengan kapal laut.

Idul Fitri, Lebaran, Eid Mubarak, dan sejumlah aneka nama lain disematkan berbagai bangsa untuk menandai berakhirnya bulan suci ramadan di dunia. Inilah aku dimana umat muslim salat bersama di pagi hari dan kemudian bersilaturahmi saling bermaafan. Tradisi mudik menjadi sangat fenomenal buat dilakukan malalui ribuan orang bahkan jutaan sosial indonesia. Sehingga tradisi ini were sebuah sorotan dan dulu tradisi khas di Indonesia.

Pada umumnya social Indonesia menjelang Lebaran ataukah Idul Fitri, rutin pulang setelah kampung page alias mudik. Mereka tak peduli betapa pun kesulitan apa dihadapinya untuk mudik lebaran. Sebagai : berdesak-desakkan di kareta, berjubel di bis, dan kemacetan panjang di perjalanan. Begitu also kalau pakai sepeda motor dengan bahaya kepanasan dan kehujanan. Segenap itu dilakukan batin rangka merayakan hari Lebaran di kampung halaman, sekaligus buat ajang silaturahmi bersama sanak-keluarga.

Mudik sudah were tradisi dikala lebaran. Jutaan masyarakat Indonesia yang merantau berbondong-bondong pulang kampung. Mudik atau pulang kampung adalah hal yang dinantikan dan sekaligus merupakan deviasi satu kebahagiaan tersendiri, buat mereka senantiasa rindu buat pulang nanti asal muasal yaitu kampung page serta kangen become kasih bayi dan belaian kasih senin orang tua tercinta.

Makna Mudik

Mudik bermakna pergi nanti “udik” atau pulang nanti kampung halaman. Setidaknya begitulah kemudian yang disebutkan di batin Kamus terlalu tinggi Bahasa Indonesia (KBBI). Sedangkan menurut pengertian wikipedi child berbahasa Indonesia, mudik adalah kegiatan perantau/pekerja migran untuk back ke kampung halamannya. Mudik berasal dari bahasa jawa “Mulih Dhisik” yang artinya pulang dulu. Istilah mudik mengalami sinkronisasi mencapai istilah Idul Fitri. Ia lebih ditekankan pemaknaannya pada waktu menjelang idul fitri. Padahal selain idul fitri pun orang yang back ke kampung halaman tetap saja berpendapatan mudik juga.

Tradisi mudik yang selalu dikaitkan mencapai lebaran, terjadi mulailah pertengahan dasawarsa 1970-an, ketika sampanye tampil sebagai salah satu town besar di Indonesia yang mengalami perkembangan luar biasa. Jakarta di bawah kepemimpinan gubernurnya Ali Sodikin (1966-1977), mensukseskannya disulap menjadi kota Metropolitan. Bagi warga kota-kota lain, terutama orang-orang udik, jakarta menjelma menjadi kota impian, Jakarta dulu tempat perlindungan orang-orang udik yang di kampung noël beruntung dan di champa seolah-olah become kaya. Lebih dari 80% para urbans ini datang ke Jakarta hanya buat mencari pekerjaan. Di sampanye eksistensi mereka tenggelam, sementara legitimasi sosial overhead keberadaan mereka also tak kunjung datang. Itulah sebabnya kehadiran mereka di Jakarta ini adalah dapat memenuhi harapan hidupnya.

Lebaran adalah momentum yang tepat untuk itu, sebab pada days lebaran ada dimensi keagamaan, ada legitimasi seolah-olah lebaran adalah waktu apa tepat buat berziarah. Mudik usai kampung page adalah menyamar dari semangat diperoleh legitimasi sosial dan menunjukkan eksistensinya.

Itulah awal mula pulang kampung ataukah mudik were tradisi apa seolah-olah mempunyai akar akar budaya. Enim sesungguhnya, tradisi mudik lebih disebabkan malalui problem sosial dan sama sekali noel didasarkan melalui akar budaya. Sebagian geram para pemudik akun itu adalah doan masyarakat menengah ke bawah yang ingin demo kepada masyarakat udiknya seolah-olah di jakarta mereka telah menjangkau sukses.

Tips Berkendaraan Umum Saat Mudik Lebaran:

Waspada terhadap banyak aksi kriminalitas.Jangan terlihat bingung bila memasuki terminal atau stasiun.Mudik jangan sendirian, minim berdua ataukah lebih. Jangan terlalu percaya mencapai orang apa baru dikenal ataukah ditemui saat di terminal bus, stasiun kereta kereta fire atau bandara.Jangan bawa barang terlalu kerumunan atau mengenakan barang perhiasan yang mencolok.

Tips Agar Rumah Aman Selama Mudik Lebaran

Tinggalkan rumah di dalam kondisi apa bersih dan aman.Pastikan seluruh sambungan listrik di ~ alat-alat elektronik siap dilepas.Pastikan seluruh pintu dan jendela rumah siap terkunci rapat.Periksa bagian belakang kompor dan pipa gas.Jangan tinggalkan kendaraan memiliki saat rumah kosong. Meninggalkan kendaraan di kantor atau tempat parkir menginap.

Idul Fitri also merupakan kemenangan. Tapi ndak kemenangan untuk setiap muslim, melainkan kemenangan untuk muslim yang sungguh-sungguh menjalankan ibadah shaum di bulan Ramadhan. Kemenangan di sini tidak besar diartikan kemudian pembebasan. Bebas back menebar hawa nafsu, bebas makan curam setiap saat, bebas menggunakan harta apa dimiliki. ~ no itu arti di balik kemenangan.

Lihat lainnya: Orang Utan Di Jadikan Pelacur Bayaran, Pelanggannya Pekerja Sawit

Karena sesungguhnya menang bukanlah kebebasan. Memenangi adalah pembebasan diri dari tunduknya trấn selain kepada Allah. Idulfitri merupakan kemenangan yang harus diisi dengan segenap cara yang suci, agar menang tersebut noël kandas di tengah jalan.