One Piece, Naruto and also Dragon nol left behind by aschoolgirl ! here comes the one withwhoI bagikan a component of mypseudo: Chibi Maruko-chan (ちびまる子ちゃん)who celebrate in this tahun of 2015 her 25 year of broadcast and an ext than1000 episodes, v her cult tie-up culte covered by numerous artists (B.B.Queens,E-Girls,Golden Bombers, Momoiro Clover Z...) ^^ !!

Yes, in Japanese animation, call isn"t just a issue of huge muscles and also this funny tiny girl, ketika less reknown abroad, and also Doraemon because that instance, is together bigin Japan as these mainstream shonen. And also you have the right to seethem regularly if you pertained to visit Japan: ads, ramen, sweets... And also artists action in a row to sing for them, as it means success and fame !
Chibi Maruko-chan is in ~ the beginning an autobiographical-inspiredmanga by Sakura Momoko (さくら ももこ) which is therefore the actual name that the heroine, published in Ribon mascot comics from1986 on. It"s a pure "slice the life" together we speak today, where only the creativity of the forever young (9 years old) Marukooffers sometimesa little bit offantasy. Besides, she privileged relation through her"Ojii-chan" (grandpa), as lot a dreamer as her, kekuasaan me thinkof theAmerican comicCalvin& Hobbes, in cuter way, whose simple drawing is alsoa common point.Its success is for this reason mainly as result of the comical aspect, continual by a dreaming, naive despite a little bit mischievous and also capricious heroine, the caricatural psychic of her friends, and also by a narrator through well-placed irony who bekerja untuk the parental to have actually there very own fun. No to forget the voice performance of Tarako that reminds me herea small bitHayashibara Megumi (Lina in Slayers...) and also who played in numerous Miyazaki Hayao movies, and anime series seperti as Noir, Patlabor, Inuyasha, Hunter x Hunter...

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E-girls : The girls tape formed through theDream, Flowerand Happiness tape on the samemodel asEXILE people (separate dancers andsingers), exit it in a single in 2014, and in thealbum "E.G. Time".Only16 members participated to the MV , including singers Ami, Aya, Fujii Karen and also Washio Reina (who are attracted in the anime opening).
It was no there bestsingle sale: "just" 5that the weekly+ORICON STYLEand nine in the +BillboardJapan hot 100 !Butregarding every the precedingtie-upversions, it"s an extremely well, andmoreover it stays close to the initial (see the MV in the playlist :Videos-clips)

Golden Bomber: The (air) intuitive Kei pop-rock pita takes itsturn in mid-2016. They also appear in the opening of the anime(see the music video in the playlist :Videos-clips).
Momoiro Clover Z: the "familial"Idolsband released it as anda 19th solitary in respectable 2019. They tambahan appear in the opened of the anime(see the music video in the playlist :Videos-clips).

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Odoru Ponpokorin
Momoiro Clover Z
Other execution without direct relation come the anime:
Clémentine : The french singerquite famous(in Japan...) spanned it in a tie-up compilation, in perancis and through a more"lounge" format in 2012.
KinKi Kids :the an extremely famous Johnny"s duo sang that in live in 1993. Dari then, they made another, "official" this time, tie-up for Maruko-chan : KinKi no Yaru Ki guy Man Song !