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Naruto Shippuden: terakhir Ninja 5 Cheats for PlayStation 2

Unlock Narutimate challenge Beat all of Gai"s challenges (first option) in the pelatihan grounds.

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Contributed by: Odin89

basic 100,000 yen and krim characters

Simply mulailah Accel 2 story mode with any save data native Accel 1 and also receive simple 100,000 yen and characters native Accel 1 will certainly be unlocked as well.

Contributed by: Raiju_Shinobi

Sasuke RPG setting

Finish the understand mode and all of the side quests, and kemudian go come the room where you first defeated Sasuke, access the blue aura there, and also done.

Contributed by: leonX9

Secondary membentuk of characters

To unlock the secondary membentuk of all the characters, hanya beat the cerita mode. Then, in VS mode, press R1 to check out the secondary membentuk and pick for it. This doesn"t occupational on all the characters, just on the persons that have actually a secondary membentuk in the anime (ie: Neji doesn"t have actually one, yet Choji melakukan (his supervisor pill form))Naturally, this just works on personalities that you"ve already unlocked (which need to be every if you beat cerita mode)

Contributed by: Mach_Prime_05

every Narutimate Hero 3 Characters and also 100,000 yen

Start Narutimate Accel 2 v a Narutimate Hero 3 save data and also you will have all Narutimate Hero 3 characters and also 100,000 yen.

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Contributed by: Vinnybgomes

Unlockable personalities

Beat particular events in understand (Story) Mode.

Unlockable Unlockable meet her understand (Story) setting beat Sasori True membentuk in understand (Story) setting with she win Deidara in grasp (Story) setting win Itachi in master (Story) setting win Kabuto in grasp (Story) setting to win Kisame in understand (Story) setting to win Orochimaru in master (Story) mode beat Sai in grasp (Story) setting beat Sasori in grasp (Story) setting win Sasori True form in understand (Story) setting beat Sasuke in understand (Story) setting beat Sai in understand (Story) mode
Chiyo through Puppets
Sasori Hiruko
Sasori True Form

Contributed by: des

Walkthroughs & FAQs

form Name file Size Character faqs international Language frequently asked questions international Language frequently asked questions general FAQs basic FAQs
Kurenai by Goofee18 20K
FAQ through Rincat 62K
FAQ/Walkthrough through LINKPACK 24K
FAQ through des 175K
FAQ/Move perform by jygting 67K