Jo Kang-Ja / Jo Bang-Weol (played through Kim Hee-Sun)Oh Ah-Ran (played by Kim Yoo-Jung)Go Bok-Dong (played by Ji Soo)

Note: korean names signify the nama keluarga followed by the given name.

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Do we have any kind of moms analysis this right currently (angry or otherwise)? If so, you already know that we will certainly do just about anything to ensure that our kids are safe and protected.

So what do you do if your kid is being bullied by her classmates? If you Jo Kang-Ja, you walk undercover at your daughter’s high school to ferret out the mean youngsters and shot to ideal the wrongs. Yes, this suara like “21 jump Street,” oriental style. But thanks come some an excellent acting by Kim Hee-Sun and Kim Yoo-Jung (as she daughter, oh Ah-Ran), the works.

As beautiful as she is, Kim Hee-Sun looks much too old to be an really teenager. It was practically laughable how not only teens, but juga teachers much younger than her, kept addressing her as a kid. But, those important here is the she has actually the mannerisms the a kid dibawah pat and bekerja untuk you want to think in her.

Teenagers may be tough, yet they’re no match for this strong-willed ajumma. This series juga brings increase the pertanyaan of whether it’s yes to be a bully if friend are berdiri up because that the kebenaran of the weak.

Speaking of i beg your pardon … Kang-Ja had actually quite the bullying past of her own. I was disappointed the the writers tidak pernah had her display remorse because that her very own past teenage behavior. And when she melakukan 21 Jump jalan it to she daughter’s school, she’s a bully again, not only to the children who tormented her child, but juga to a naive masculine teacher (Ji Hyun-Woo) who is one of the few at the school who is do the efforts to do the right thing.

Is he irritating? Yes. He’s annoyingly optimistic and a pushover, lot like Jang Na-Ra’s character in “School 2013.” but he’s a an excellent egg overall. Meanwhile, she’s snowed by the smarmy teacher who’s having actually sex through at least one student, however says all the lies the parents desire to hear.


Ji Soo plays go Bok-Dong, the toughest kid in high school. And though that starts off together little much more than a gangster’s henchman, the storyline is transparent sufficient that viewers deserve to see the he is being forced to do things he would rather not. He creates a slow-burning to like on Kang-Ja, which doesn’t abate even after the learns she is at the very least twice his age. However the crush was sweet, moreso 보다 problematic, because I think he was in love with the mom qualities that she proved him (making sure he to be fed, providing him advice) rather than any type of feelings that true romance.

This series could’ve been much stronger if much more attention had actually been paid to details. Many of the personalities started off almost like wacky cartoon depictions, before their humanity came v in the finals episodes.

I recognize this is a fictionalized collection set in modern South Korea, yet the scenes wherein parents bribe the teachers into giving milik mereka children preferential treatment rang all too true. Mine mother had actually told me about incidents in Korea wherein parents had actually to bribe the teachers to gain fair therapy for dari mereka children. (Also…obviously no every teacher we had actually in Korea was corrupt.) when my sister was a tween in Seoul, she came home upset one day, because her artwork was repeatedly passed over from being displayed at institution — also though her paintings menjadi acknowledged as the best. My parental hadn’t bribed the teacher, hence, mine sister wasn’t favored. My mommy consoled my sister by informing her that we menjadi immigrating to the U.S. Soon and also things would certainly be an ext fair there.

And while the U.S. Certainly isn’t perfect, maafkan saya my mother had actually predicted to be true. Our teacher didn’t ask around our wealth (or lack thereof) and my sister’s artwork to be prominently displayed.

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Airdates: Sixteen illustration — each around 70-minutes lengthy — aired ~ above MBC indigenous March 18 to may 7, 2015.


Spoiler Alert:

Ah-Ran’s ideal friend had an affair v a an effective teacher. After obtaining bored through her, he broke up v her and tried to kekuatan her to menangkal to a different school. When that failed, he thrust her turn off the school membangun to her death. An autopsy confirmed that she was pregnant once she died, but they tidak pernah performed a forensic paternity test before cremating the body.