five Min Suk and also Kang Ye dimenangkannya from MBC ‘We obtained Married4’ revealed the they invested Christmas together.Last December, Oh went to Kang’s studio to fulfill her. She disclosed the belated berita by saying “It feeling so an excellent that my husband visited. It yes, really cheered me up.”He hid his rencana for the visit not only from Kang yet from the program’s staffs. She was surprised to see him. After introducing Oh together her husband come the studio staffs and also her fellow actors kemudian as Lee Jung Jin and also Kim Tae Hoon, she went on a day with him.During an interview v the manufacturing staff, Oh and also Kang expressed anda feelings and also gratitude towards each other. Follow to the studio panels, the virtual couple was hanya like actual lovers. Because that filming the show, Oh and also Kang, who room in their mid-thirties, saw a hospital because that physical examination. When Kang finished ultrasound scanning, five mischievously asked “Is that alright? Wasn’t there a baby?” and went to gain a gastroscopy. ~ waking increase from anesthesia, he captured the staff and also Kang by surprise, trying come snatch a kiss from her.Meanwhile, the couple’s feelings behind the an enig Christmas date and dari mereka hospital visits will air on january 16 in ~ 5pm KST.

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