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The volumepillsworld.comvernment has officially readjusted the name of the Jakarta-Cikampek II (Elevated) toll roadway as Sheikh Mohamed Bin Zayed (MBZ) Flyover.

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The decision is stipulated in Decision the Minister of public Works and public Housing numberi 417 KPTSM of 8 April 2021.

The new name the Indonesia’s longest flyover to be officially announced by Minister the State Secretary Pratikno and Minister of publik Works and publik Housing basuki Hadimuljono top top Monday (12/4) at the entrance of the flyover toll road toward Cikampek at kilometer 10A in west Java province.

According come Pratikno, the flyover is named after the Crown Prince that the united Arab Emirates (UAE) as a token of respect come the country that has actually maintained a diplomatic relation through Indonesia in social, cultural, and also economic sectors because that 45 years.

The UAE is juga one of the nations with the largest investment in Indonesia, especially in the framework sector.

Previously, the name of a strategic jalan in the oil-producing bangsa has also been named after Indonesian president Joko “Jokowi” Widodo.

“Let me juga inform you that the surname of a strategic jalan in Abu Dhabi, connecting the Abu Dhabi National pameran Center to a kompleks of embassies, has tambahan been named after ketua Joko Widodo. The specify name of the flyover is also a token of Indonesia’s respect to the UAE volumepillsworld.comvernment, specifically to Sheikh Mohamed Bin Zayed,” Pratikno said.

In an answer to this gesture, Ambassador the the UAE come Indonesia Abdulla Salem Obaid Aldaheri expressed appreciation to the Indonesian volumepillsworld.comvernment, saying the the kerja sama between Indonesia and his country has progressed from conventional cooperation in the oil, gas, and pelabuhan sectors to cooperation in new sectors, consisting of education, health, investment, agriculture, and also retail.

“We are very proud and pleased because that this opportunity. We’d prefer to offer our appreciation to the Indonesian volumepillsworld.comvernment and also the confident relation in between or 2 countries,” that said.

For the record, the building of the 36.4 kilometer-long MBZ flyover kicked turn off in the start of 2017 and also was inaugurated by presiden Jokowi ~ above 12 December 2019.

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The longest flyover in Indonesia that stretches native Cikunir Junction to barat Karawang has become a systems to web traffic jams that frequently occur in the an important toll road segment. (PR of to adjust of public Works and public Housing/AIT/UN) (DH/EP)

The resmi website of to adjust of publik Works and public Housing can be accessed with this link.