Gucci handbags: List of my Top 10 Favorite Gucci Bags for 2018

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Gucci Handbags – The Addiction to Modern Era

The most renowned and talked about Italian Fashion Brand, Gucci, is setting some standards for the Fashion industry. The runway looks, Themed collections and especially the Gucci Handbags, leave their mark on the world of fashion and beauty.

Gucci is one of the Designer brands which I know has the biggest fan base all over the world and the reason for that is obviously the rich Gucci Theme. Back in the day when the other companies were working with the Luxurious leather, Gucci started using canvas, jute, Bamboo, and hemp to make their handbags. To date, we can see Bamboo used as handles in the Gucci bags and other materials incorporated as well.

Uniqueness is what keeps it going & That’s exactly what happened for Gucci. Even though the brand has always put a very big price tag, the Gucci products have the unique GG monogram and the iconic Red and Green stripes.

I fell in love with Gucci quite a while ago and as a bag lover has obsessed over some bags from a very long time. So here are Top 10 Gucci Handbags which set the standards and make you fell in love with them.


Gucci Handbags – Best 10 Gucci Bags of all times

Gucci’s History plays a very important part and is reflected in all of the Gucci Bags. The red and green iconic stripes and GG canvas compliments every style and outfit and this is one of the reasons people are so in love with Gucci.

Here is the top list of bags that can be worn at any occasion and location making you feel worth Billions.


Gucci Legendary Bamboo Bag

Gucci handbag Top handle Bamboo bag

From the very start, when Guccio Gucci founded the iconic fashion brand, Bamboo has been used in the Gucci designer bags as a nag handle. When other brands were working with leather, Guccio Gucci decided to use bamboo and heat it to make the handles. The material was imported from Japan and all the ideas were brought to life.

As I mentioned earlier, Uniqueness is what keeps it going. The Bamboo handles, in no time, were on the minds and hearts of people. To date, we can see Bamboo as a part of some very special Gucci bags as this Beautiful Gucci Nymphaea Small Top Handle Bag.

The Bags features luxurious leather with a top Bamboo handle and Cream pearl details. The bag references Greek and Latin myths, which combined with soft leather and natural shine, really makes you feel like a Goddess.

Nymphaea Small top handles Gucci bag has enough space to carry all of your essentials which means that you’ll never run out of space. The bag, as of the publishing this post, retails for $2,390 which I know is very expensive. But it’s a great way to invest and make a statement in the Fashion industry. Click here to shop

Gucci handbags - Nymphaea small top handle bamboo bag interior


Gucci Padlock Small GG Bees Shoulder Bag

This is the first time that I’ve fallen in love with Bees and all the credit goes to Gucci. Launched a while ago, Gucci Padlock bees shoulder Bag is one of the most revolutionary bags that I’ve ever come across. I mean it made me fell in love with bees 😛

Gucci bags -

The bag material features Black leather, Gold Chain and a Beige GG Supreme canvas enriched with allover gold printed bees. To be very honest, you don’t even notice the bees at first, it just looks a beautiful gold pattern, but if you look closely you will see the bees.

The bag was first introduced in the 1970s and made its way to the top because of it’s secure and rich design. The bag features a key lock strap which can only be opened using a key, the key is placed inside the detachable leather key case. How cool is that? Trust me this bag will not let anyone steal anything from you.

This Gucci handbag retails for $1,690 as the date of publishing this post. Don’t think that it’s not worth because it totally is. The lockable Shoulder bag has a lot of space and the two interior open pockets making it convenient and secure to carry around. This bag is also great for making a quick and generous investment.

Gucci designer bags - Small padlock GG Bees shoulder bag


GG Marmont small matelassé shoulder bag

Crossbody bags, in general, are so easy to carry, especially in the Summertime when you don’t want any extra things with you. It’s a small cocktail party or night out with girls, crossbody bags are just the perfect bags to remain secure and get the most use out of.

Gucci GG Marmont small matelassé shoulder bag

The Gucci crossbody bag that I’ve been obsessed with is the Gucci GG Marmont small matelassé shoulder bag. The bag is super functional and can be worn as either Shoulder bag or Crossbody bag.

One of my favorites of all Gucci handbags is this Dusty pink crossbody bag. The strap is amazing and of a pretty good length. You can fit your mobile phone, keys, a little bit of makeup in it without overloading the bag. The Gold GG logo makes the best combo with Dusty pink leather and it looks good with every outfit. The bag retails for $1,250 as the date of publishing this post.

Gucci crossbody bag


Ophidia GG Supreme Small Belt Bag

Belt bags are always amazing and are very handy when going on a vacation where you want to enjoy yourself and not worry about carrying your things in a big bag. As the name suggests, the belt bags are worn on the waist just like a belt. The bag faces the front which makes it secure and easy to use.

Gucci Belt bag - Ophidia GG Supreme Small Belt Bag

Gucci belt bags have moderate interior space to fit all of your essentials inside and have a pleasing design on the outside. The Gucci belt bag that I love is the Ophidia GG Supreme Small Belt Bag which retails for $1,100.

The bag design features GG supreme canvas,  legendary Red and Green Stripes, GG logo and Brown and gold hardware. It has 2 zips, one at the front and one on the top making it convenient to use.


Gucci Dionysus Small GG Shoulder Bag

Gucci dionysus bag

Have you heard about the new addition to the market? Not yet? Don’t worry, let me tell you. It’s the new Gucci Dionysus Bag which is totally inspired by a Greek Myth. The myth is about Greek god Dionysus, who crossed the Tigris river on a tiger sent to him by Zeus.

The bag reflects the myth in every way possible by details such as Textured tiger had on the closure which honestly looks more like a doubled sided Snakehead to me.

Anyways, with the superb functionality of turning into Top handle bag or shoulder bag, the Gucci handbag is to die for. The design of the bag reflects myths and gives you a chilling vibe.

Gucci Dionysus Small GG Shoulder bag retails for $2,290 and comes in different designs and material. Including floral designs, velvet material, luxurious and expensive crystals, you can find different colored Gucci handbags in this collection.

Gucci bag dionysus

Storage wise, you will get plenty of space to carry a lot of your items. The interior features a zip and a lot of space on both sides for your things.

Without a doubt, thie Gucci handbags will make a statement wherever you’ll take them. In my opinion, the bag is worth all the hype and whoever can afford this bag should go for it without even wasting a single moment.


Homeric Garden print portfolio

Gucci clutch bag - Light Homeric Garden print portfolio

A decent clutch is always a nice addition to your outfit. Whether you’re going on a date or just chilling out with friends, a clutch can never disappoint you. I’m sure you’ve seen clutches with a little space before but today in this post, let me introduce you to one innovative Gucci clutch which gives you as much space as a mini crossbody bag.

The Homeric Garden print portfolio clutch from Gucci Handbags line is one of the most unique designs that I’ve come across. Inspired by the ancient Florentine Books, This Gucci Clutch collection features beautiful prints which resemble Leather-bound covers.

The shape of the clutch when opened is like the pages of a book and the outside print appear as the spine of a book featuring the word “Serapide”—a reference to the ancient Greek deity.

The Gucci Clutch overall looks pleasant combined with the fascinating navy leather base and retails for $3,400. The design features outlined figures that include, winged horses, lions, and eagles mixed with delicate flowers.

Honestly, this is one of the top Gucci bags of 2018 because of its super functional design. By the looks of it, it seems that we can fit tons of stuff in it without overloading the clutch.

Gucci handbags clutch


Padlock Gucci Signature Backpack

Gucci Signature Backpack

Just like Clutches and flap bags, backpacks can be very convenient too. They can work wonders for you. Imagine you are on a vacation or on work which requires a lot of traveling, you will not love carrying a shoulder bag with you. Instead, you will prefer a nice backpack which can just be tucked on your bag carrying all of the stuff you need.

Along with many other Gucci handbags, the backpacks are very appealing to me for a convenient day. The backpacks just make you feel so easy and secure.

The Gucci backpack that I’m obsessing over is the Padlock Gucci signature backpack in the Color Black. The design is really beautiful and secure with the Padlock technology. You can lock your backpack and put the keys in the attached leather key case.

Gucci leather backpack

The bag material features Gucci’s signature leather along with Gold Top handle chain and detachable back Stripes. The bag is super functional as it can be worn as a backpack and also as a handle bag. There’s a lot of space inside the backpack so you don’t have to leave anything behind at home. The interior is amazing and the exterior features GG logo texture all over the bag. The Padlock Gucci Signature backpack retails for $2,490 and is totally worth the investment.


RE(BELLE) medium top handle bag

gucci top handle bag

Ever touched a real snake? Well, now you can definitely wear them. Gucci handbags are so aesthetically pleasing and original that I can’t get enough of them. From tote’s to Wallets, all bags have a different texture and style and now we get a real Yellow Python snake.

Yes, that’s right! Gucci’s RE(BELLE) medium top handle bag is made up of Yellow python’s skin and the skin can be seen as the design on the bag. The bag retails for $3,00 which is an obvious thing after the Python :P.

Functionality is also incorporated into the bag along with the beauty. The bag has a great design which allows it to become a shoulder bag as well as a Top handle bag. You get a lot of space inside and a firm design outside. The bag is totally worth the investment.

Gucci rebelle bag meium


Dionysus Medium Python Shoulder bag

Gucci python bag

After the Yellow Python, this Gucci Handbag features Multicolored python and is in the Dionysus Collection. The bag is undoubtedly exotic and retails for $4,500. Like the rest of Dionysus Gucci handbags, the bag featured Tiger head enclosure and can be switched between Shoulder bag or a Top handle bag.

The design is amazing which is the Multicolored hand-painted python. Antique silver-toned hardware is incorporated in the bag with the myth-inspired theme. Interior has a lot of space with zipped compartment and the exterior showcases perfect work of Hand-painting.

These kind of Gucci handbags are just antique and that’s why they are to die for and are totally worth buying although the prices are very high.


Padlock Medium Python Shoulder Bag

Gucci handbags - Gucci padlock bag

Last but not the least is the Padlock medium Python shoulder bag which features a blue, grey and red color scheme. Along with the expensive Python, the bag also has a Padlock which makes it super useful and functional.

The bag can be locked with a key and the key is then put into the Key holder which is attached to the bag. The bag is multifunctional which means it can change into a Shoulder bag as well as a Top handle bag.

Along with some other Gucci handbags, the material features structured Python with Gold toned hardware which makes it really beautiful.

The bag has decent space in it featuring the interior zip and phone pockets as well as the exterior pockets. This Gucci beauty retails for $3,800 and is available in 3 styles. To buy click here



I’ve been obsessed with Gucci Handbags ever since I discovered it and I’m sure you are too. Here is my current favorite list of Gucci handbags which I’m obsessed with.

I know it’s quite hard to buy such an expensive bag and also to choose from such a wide range of Beautiful and rich Gucci handbag designs. Sound off in the comments down below and let me know about your Favorite Gucci Handbags.


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