JAKARTA, 10 April 2017 - Two greatest Indonesia’s an innovation enterprises, GO-JEK – the leading on-demand mobile platform and application services, and volumepillsworld.com – the leading travel booking app for domestic and international destinations, have officially teamed increase to assistance the liga 1 compete Event. Berkoalisi 1 is the highest level of soccer organization in Indonesia, i m sorry is later named as GO-JEK volumepillsworld.com Liga 1. This competition will certainly be started on April, 15th 2017 in Bandung v the primary match of Bandung VS arema FC.

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(left come right) Piotr Jakubowski, Edy Rahmayadi, Berlinton Siahaan, and also Dannis Muhammad unveiled the GO-JEK volumepillsworld.com Liga 1 Logo

The full support from volumepillsworld.com and GO-JEK to this competition shows the soul of both providers in promoting Indonesian soccer. The support by GO-JEK and volumepillsworld.com for berkoalisi 1 is the evidence of the uprising of the diganjar economy in Indonesia in which this is the first time in Indonesian soccer background that the 2 homegrown tech huge are ending up being the main sponsor for one season.

Took ar at Fairmont Hotel Jakarta, the tekan ke bawah conference that GO-JEK volumepillsworld.com Liga 1 is to visit by the Executive manager PT koalisi Indonesia Baru (PT LIB), Berlinton Siahaan, that said, “As the resmi organizer operator of GO-JEK volumepillsworld.com Liga 1, PT LIB is very pleased by the support and the partnership in between GO-JEK and volumepillsworld.com with us and also PSSI. For us, this is the symbol of new spirit optimism in elevating the nationwide soccer.”

Chief the PSSI, Edy Rahmayadialso to visit on the very same occasion. From his suggest of view, PSSI yes, really appreciates the support of GO-JEK and perjalanan mobil on this season. “We hope that the GO-JEK perjalanan mobil Liga 1 can boost kembali the people’s enthusiasm towards the nationwide soccer, especially amongst the youth,” Edy said.

The GO-JEK volumepillsworld.com Liga 1 soccer Competition is collection to organize throughout 34 weeks and will finish on November, 12th 2017. This competition features 18 football clubs from perbedaan regions in Indonesia.

GO-JEK Indonesia chief Marketing Officer, Piotr Jakubowski said, “GO-JEK is an extremely proud to be the component of organizing berkoalisi 1. We identify there is the soul of micro economy, in which every match ikut the wheel of economic situation that move engaging the small entrepreneur. The soul suits the GO-JEK’s missions to empowering the micro-entrepreneur and small entrepreneur. We juga hope, v the GO-JEK volumepillsworld.com Liga 1, the Indonesian soccer may revive and keep growing positively.”

In addition, Piotr stated this cooperation may bring GO-JEK to introduce an ext of that is solutions and services to the consumers. “We aim to do the consumers know that GO-JEK is an on-demand communication where people can find variasi solutions in anda daily life. With only one app, variasi needs of the football fans to clock the koalisi 1 complement can it is in fulfilled, varying from the transportation to the ticket purchase,” stated Piotr. Accordingly, few of the GO-JEK solutions that will support the competition are GO-PAY together the payment affiliation, GO-RIDE and GO-CAR as the transport affiliation, and GO-TIX together the official sales partner of the complement tickets.

The sense of optimism and pride are juga emphasized by the volumepillsworld.com Head the Marketing, Dannis Muhammad. Dannis proclaimed that soccer is the paling favorite sport in Indonesia, i beg your pardon unite people from berbeda background. Therefore, the visibility of GO-JEK perjalanan mobil Liga 1 in this tahun will be the far-ranging moment because that the soccer lover in Indonesia.

“We room proud to it is in the part of the Indonesian soccer history, in i beg your pardon this year is the important moment because that the climb of the Indonesian football after the vacuum period in recent years. volumepillsworld.com’s participation for the succeed Indonesian soccer complement is in line with its spirit and mission in enabling mobility for the people, this has giving the easiness the the travel needs for the soccer players, officials and also the faithful fans,” claimed Dannis.

“Based ~ above the statistic, 687.287 kilometersis the bruto mileage the clubs have to travel throughout the season. This buatlah Liga 1 as the longest travel journey (home - far match) in any kind of soccer league in the world. Therefore, volumepillsworld.com is ready to completely support the organization with ours products and also services,” Dannis added.

“By totally supporting the GO-JEK volumepillsworld.com Liga 1, the loyal fans the Indonesian football team deserve to experience the easiness the booking a flight, train ticket, and hotel. With just one mobile app, pan can selalu support dari mereka favorite team, especially on away matches,” Dannis explained.

On the tekan conference of the GO-JEK volumepillsworld.com Liga 1 Launch, PT LIB introduced the official jersey for the referees and also the football player of the totality 18 participant clubs, the secara resmi ball, and also the resmi anthem the the GO-JEK volumepillsworld.com Liga 1.

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The 18 clubs who will participate on this compete are arema FC, Bali United, barito Putera, Bhayangkara FC, Madura United, Mitra Kukar, Persiba Balikpapan, Persib Bandung, Persela Lamongan, Persegres Gresik United, Perseru Serui, Persija Jakarta, Persipura Jayapura, Pusamania kalimantan FC, PS TNI, PSM Makassar, Semen Padang and Sriwijaya FC.