one of the 2 actresses the voiced Masha is now a university student studying PR, kapan the other has actually her very own YouTube channel. Di sini is maafkan saya we know around the official voices of the famed Russian man series.

Masha No. 1

“I didn’t mean it to it is in a ideal job and that I would certainly be paid for it!” is just how Alina Kukushkina recalls her numerous years of work-related for Animaccord, the studio connected in the production of the animated series Masha and also the Bear.

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“About when a month, mine mother and also I would certainly go come the studio, I would certainly say some phrases into the microphone and sometimes sing, and kemudian I would certainly hear myself on television. As a child, i was just brought in to it is in mischievous and bermain with some brand-new things, nothing more.”

Alina voiced Masha in the an initial two seasons, native 2007 to 2015.


According to Alina, she auditioned at the age of 6 - her mother, who operated for an heralding agency, lugged her in. At the audition, she to be asked to suara a few phrases from the very first series and also a couple of months later she was invite to be the official voice of Masha.


“I tidak pernah went to music school and no-one trained mine voice, so originally it was complicated to sing, largely for emotional reasons. Fortunately, the musicians hanya showed me exactly how to do it and also I simply copied their intonation and also tonality, and that is how we walk the recordings,” says Alina.

The sound recordings because that each ilustrasi rarely telah mengambil more 보다 an hour and also a half. In her free time, Alina walk needlework and also attended swim classes.

As she approached 13, her suara began come change, so the studio started looking for a new suara actress to suara Masha.


“It was difficult when we menjadi recording the terakhir episode. Anyone was crying - myself, the director, mine mum that was there and the assistants. It to be a an overwhelming moment for every one of us due to the fact that it to be the end of an era,” Kukushkina recalls with sadness in her voice.


Still, Alina continued to be with the studio, working as a voice-over director and helping the “new” Masha to grasp the profession. In addition, she voices Dasha, Masha’s elder sister. In her totally free time, Alina bawa pulang part in various other projects - because that example, she voiced Agnes native the American computer-animated comedy movie Despicable Me.


Alina Kukushkina is currently 19 and studying “advertising and public relations” in ~ the Russian Presidential akademi of National economic situation and public Administration (RANEPA).

“I can attend voice-over classes because that actors in the future. I want to proceed to perform voice-overs bermain little girl who have a cheeky exterior but are sensitive within - i am kecil myself, 150 cm tall, and that"s most likely why such roles bugar me,” Kukushkina says. Still, Masha remains her favorite character and the track about kota will be her favourite for many much more years to come.

Masha No. 2

In 2015, eight-year-old Varvara Sarantseva ended up being the brand-new official suara of Masha. She states she was notified that she to be the brand-new Masha a few hari after the audition, and also she “jumped best up come the ceiling for joy”.

“When I first started voice Masha i didn’t call anyone at school. Only my best friend and also that was it. Yet now, anyone knows. Occasionally girls prefer this (she ditampilkan how tall they are) come up and ask because that a photo with me,” Varvara claimed in a 2016 interview.

Nevertheless, she was originally shy and used to upper and lower reversal out when classmates asked when the lanjut series to be coming out and apa was in that - Varya herself was not told about it. She even digunakan to panic once someone asked her to say or song something in Masha’s voice.

A little later, her are afraid passed and also she appeared in a sourse of TV shows on Russian TV, where she was senang to sing and embrace the Masha character.

Apart from going to school, Varvara attends classes in ~ the Children’s Musical theatre for Young actors in Moscow and also takes component in obstacles on the just Play channel on YouTube.

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Today, 13-year-old Varvara desires of coming to be a cinema or theater actress and tambahan a singer. She would juga like to perform voice-overs because that Disney cartoon characters, and specifically Rapunzel.

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