Du lịch hang sơn đoòng quảng bình

VND 69,800,000/pax approx. US$3,000 Promo price VND 58,200,000 Normal price VND 69,800,000/pax (~$3000) See dates

Son Doong is the world’s largest cave & one of its greatest natural wonders, comparable with the Great Barrier Reef, the Grand Canyon and Mt. Everest. The four-day, three-night Son Doong Expedition is one of the world’s top bucket các mục adventures. Cross underground rivers, explore two gigantic cave ceiling collapses, traverse through underground rainforests và sleep in some of the world’s most magnificent campsites. This tour is for adventurous travelers who want to lớn join a once-in-a-lifetime experience.

Uncover the world’s largest cave with a specialist. Marvel at two gigantic cave ceiling collapses. Explore chất lượng underground rainforests. Traverse rivers – both above ground và below. Tuck into three freshly cooked meals per day, plus snacks. Plunge into an underground river (optional). Scale the 90-meter “Great Wall of Vietnam” with ropes & ladders. Sleep in some of the world’s greatest campsites. Discover Hang En & camp nearby an emeral lagoon.
Four days exploring, three nights camping. Only available January – August due to lớn annual flooding. Group size: 10 people maximum. Age: 18 years và above. Distance: 17km trekking, 8km caving, 800m elevation change, 90m climb of the “Great Wall of Vietnam”. Difficulty: level 6 – hard. Itinerary (below) is subject khổng lồ change with the weather. Paths can be slippery & muddy after rain.


Due to the weather conditions the itinerary may need khổng lồ be changed at short notice. The paths can be muddy and slippery after rain.

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Important: Make sure you reach Dong Hoi no later than 14:00 on the afternoon of your briefing day. Transfer khổng lồ Son Doong Bungalow in Phong Nha.

17:30 Meet in the hotel restaurant before moving lớn Oxalis Headquarters. Meet your cave expert and guide for your safety briefing & equipment check. This briefing is mandatory. Anyone who doesn’t join the briefing may be eliminated from the tour without refund.

Make sure you have all required belongings prepared before the briefing. Your belongings will be collected after the briefing in individual large bags and sent to lớn our porters lớn prepare for the following day. You will receive this bag each evening upon reaching the campsite. Keep anything you want to take with you during the day in a separate backpack (cameras, tripods, sun cream, etc.). Before dinner, you will be given your helmet for the trip. This is your responsibility for the duration of the tour. Please lưu ý that the release size needs khổng lồ be signed at the safety briefing.

19:30 Enjoy a welcome dinner with your team at Oxalis headquarters, then transfer back lớn your hotel.

08:00 Breakfast. Oxalis staff will come lớn the hotel to collect your luggage và valuables. They will store this for you, & it will be waiting in your hotel room after the tour.

09:00 Depart for the first leg of the expedition. After a 45-minute drive along Road trăng tròn of the Ho chi Minh Highway you’ll reach the trailhead, where you’ll start trekking for approximately 1 hour downhill through the forest, which is quite steep. Walk for half an hour along a small stream khổng lồ the minority village of Ban Doong, which is a highlight for many on this expedition. Learn more about this quality ethnic group and enjoy lunch in the village.

After this point, you will be in the sun all afternoon for about 3 hours along a river, with very little shade. You’ll cross the river many times so expect khổng lồ have wet feet for the whole day. Important: In the summer, the water is only usually knee deep, but Gore-Tex boots will fill và hold the water so are not recommended (please see our detailed FAQ for footwear recommendation).

You’ll then reach the entrance lớn Hang En, home to thousands of swifts. Here you’ll be given your headlight & you will trek/climb approximately 20-30 minutes to your campsite inside the cave. The group should arrive at camp around 15:00 - 16:00 where you can enjoy swimming và showering in the underground river. Dinner will be served at the spectacular campsite with numerous photographic opportunities.

Important: Anyone unable khổng lồ complete any stage of this first day comfortably will be turned back to Phong Nha và will not be permitted khổng lồ continue the expedition. This will be the decision of the safety team on your tour. Should you be turned around, all tour costs will be forfeited.

08:00 Delicious breakfast inside the cave. You’re in for a tough day today so it’s best lớn enjoy a big breakfast, as you’ll need your energy!

09:00 Trek through Hang En for about 30 minutes khổng lồ reach the magnificent exit, made famous by many photographers. You’ll scramble down to the river valley và then it’s an hour walk through the river, so your boots are going khổng lồ be wet for most of the day; it is unavoidable, yet part of the fun.

You’ll then start climbing a steep hill for about 45 minutes with some rocky sections. At the đứng đầu of the hill you’ll enjoy lunch, a safety briefing & fit your safety harness khổng lồ prepare for your big journey underground. A steep descent with a couple of short rope climbs brings you at last khổng lồ Son Doong entrance.

With your safety harnesses, you’ll start the 80m descent into the cave by making a number of short descents using ropes và safety lines with your guide’s assistance. There is no rappelling or abseiling at any point during the expedition. You’ll then enjoy a few more climbs to lớn reach the first và second river crossings inside the cave, which are no more than knee-to-thigh deep depending on the water levels. You may have a wash here, as it will be the last washing place for the day.

On your way to the first campsite in the first large passage of the cave, you’ll have lớn be extra careful as there are a number of big drops & scrambling over boulders along a rocky path -- but don’t worry as our safety team will always be there to tư vấn you. Soon you’ll reach one of the most spectacular views in the biggest part of the cave. You will then scramble down lớn the first campsite of Son Doong, arriving at around 15:00 - 16:00. After a tea & coffee break, head down lớn view ancient fossils. Here there is a chance for a short và cool swim, but no washing. You’re in for another big meal with your team before turning in for the night.

Important: Please note that there are no washing facilities at camp on this day.

08:00 Breakfast.

09:00 Departure towards your second campsite in Son Doong Cave. You’ll start with some rocky climbs, which are quite steep in some places, as you reach the first jungle within the cave at Watch Out for Dinosaurs. It will take about 1.5 hours khổng lồ travel within the cave from Camp 1 to Watch Out for Dinosaurs. We will spend some time here taking photographs & then you’ll be going down the rocky path khổng lồ reach the enormous Green Gours, one of the most magnificent & famous photography spots on the tour! A light lunch is provided with an incredible backdrop of the first doline. If you are lucky you may even catch some sunbeams, which make for truly spectacular photos.

Walk through the cave past gigantic formations & plenty of cave pearls towards the light of the second doline and main jungle within the cave. Follow the path past the beautiful foliage reaching towards the light to lớn reach the underground jungle, unlike anything else on the planet! Cross the jungle for around 30 minutes khổng lồ reach the steep & sometimes slippery path down to your second campsite within Son Doong Cave. You will reach camp around 14:00.

After a short rest at your campsite, you are back on your feet and heading deeper within the cave. You’ll pass through a very large dry passage with huge stalagmites và great views back to the second doline. Many new creepy crawlies have been discovered within this passage including white spiders, fish, woodlouse và shrimp species, so be sure khổng lồ keep your eyes open. You will have many great photography opportunities here.

You’ll be back at camp again at around 17:00 khổng lồ enjoy a sensational dinner with your team in one of the best campsites in the world.

Important: you may use a pair of dry boots on this day, as aside from the mud, there are usually no water crossings! Also, there are no washing facilities at camp on this day.

After refueling with another hot breakfast you’ll pack up camp và start heading towards the “Great Wall of Vietnam.” Scaling this wall will use a combination of ladders and ropes in three sections, but there are always safety lines & people to look after you. After this strenuous ascent, you will see the light from the exit. At the đứng top of the Wall, enjoy your picnic lunch before passing more flowstones & cave pearls, see the calcite covered animal skeleton & then emerge into the jungle.

A short but steep & rocky path leads down to lớn the bottom of the hill, followed by a short hike khổng lồ the road. Cold drinks await you at the vị trí cao nhất of the hill before a 45-minute drive back to lớn Chay Lap Farmstay và Resort where cool towels & a refreshing swimming pool are waiting for you. You will have time to lớn relax after your long trek before enjoying a group farewell dinner with your fellow expedition team members.

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Important: Please advise our sales team in advance of your departure time so that they can arrange the logistics of your transfer back to lớn the airport or train station. If you would like to extend your holiday in Phong Nha, let our team know so that we can assist you in booking extra nights at Chay Lap Farmstay và Resort.

Enjoy breakfast at the khách sạn and the check-out time of the hotel will be 12:00 regardless of your departure time. Why not take this as your opportunity to get to lớn know more about Phong Nha beside the expedition, by staying for some extra days?

You will be blown away by the remarkable scenery, being surrounded by karst mountains, idyllic green rivers, rustic villages with beautiful local people. There are so many places khổng lồ go & see (Chay Lap Water sport Center, Paradise Cave, Phong Nha Cave, Mooc Ecotrail, Dark Cave..); sensational local pubs (Easy Tiger, Moi Moi, Pub with Cold Beer..); motorbike/bike tours through the National Park, Bong Lai Valley.

If you are still in the mood for the wild, our one lớn two-day adventure tours in another marvelous area – Tu Lan Cave System, are highly recommended (see more here). Since the cave system is the home of the Hollywood blockbuster movie Kong: Skull Island, you will have a great experience enjoying the landscape and imagining the legendary King Kong!

Our driver will pick you up according to lớn your departure time và don’t forget to let us know in advance if you would lượt thích additional night(s) at the hotel and we can reserve that for you.


Son Doong Expedition 4 Days Adventure level 6 · Hard

Requires: Good màn chơi of fitness; previous trekking experience Expect: Multiple river crossings, extensive rocky terrain, và multiple technical sections.

4-day tour 17km trekking, very rocky terrain 8km of caving which includes rope climbs, rocky scrambling, and the 90m ascent of the Wall of Vietnam (technical sections with instruction, supervision and safety equipment) Surface và underground river crossings 3 nights camping underground

Son Doong Cave is currently the world’s largest cave and it is environmental sensitive therefore the Government of quang quẻ Binh province issued a regulation that allows only 1000 tourists can visit the cave each year, each tour normally 10 tourists. In order lớn manage the cave sustainably, only one operator khổng lồ be appointed lớn run tours khổng lồ Son Doong & Oxalis Adventure was appointed as the only operator since 2013. Oxalis Adventure has been collaborating with the British Cave and Research Association in maintaining safety & conservation. Below are the reasons why Son Doong Expedition cost US$3000:

In this $3,000 tour price, 10 percent of tax is already included, $660 is the environmental service fee that will be transferred to lớn the management of the Phong Nha – Ke Bang National Park. The fees also go khổng lồ the 22 porters, five safety assistants, one international tour guide, a cave expert, two cooks và a forest ranger who accompany every 10 people who take a tour. Other expenses include transportation, hotel, food and drinks, management và administration during the tour. (Not including international & domestic airfares).


Please visit our Son Doong Cave FAQ page lớn read our specific What lớn Bring list before departing for Vietnam và your cave expedition.


Use of 3 x 43,000 lumen LED filming lights Camping gear: tent, sleeping mat, pillow & sleeping bag Caving & safety gear: caving helmet, caving headlight, harness and gloves Meals: breakfast (day 1, 2, 3, 4, departure day), lunch (day 1, 2, 3, 4), dinners (briefing day, day 1, 2, 3, 4) Water filters (application by guide & porters) Basic camping facilities with eco-friendly compost nhà vệ sinh using western toilet seat First Aid Kit, Rescue Equipment & Satellite Phone (application by safety advisor and tour guides only) 1 Safety advisor (member of the British Cave Research Association) 1 Professional English-speaking tour guide, 5 safety assistants và 2 chefs Porter team khổng lồ carry all gear & prepare all meals Accommodations (single or twin-shared) at Son Doong Bungalow before the tour và at Chay Lap Farmstay & Resort after the tour Round-trip transfer Dong Hoi – Phong Nha before và after the tour


Trekking pants & shirts for 4 days 1 – 2 pair of shorts and t-shirt khổng lồ wear at campsite; warmer camp clothes suggested for colder months 1 Fleece và 1 lightweight windproof/jacket (February – April only) Trekking boots/shoes – difficult terrain, good footwear necessary 4-5 pairs of calf length close weave socks Flip flops/sandals, towel, wet wipes, water bottle, small head torch for camp Re-hydration tablets, any required medication, anti-fungal foot powder, mosquito repellent, sunscreen và hat Medium sized rucksack/backpack for daily belongingsPersonal items (underwear, toiletries, medication, toiletries should also include feminine hygiene products for ladies, even if it’s “just in case”) Phone, camera,... Important Notes: We will have porters carry any of your gear that you will not require during each day (e.g. Camera equipment/clothes you vị not need during the day can be taken ahead lớn the campsite for you). You will not be able khổng lồ access this until you reach the campsite. Please respect our porters và do not bring too much luggage for them khổng lồ carry (7 kg per person). No outdoor equipment is available in Phong Nha, và only limited items in Hanoi or Saigon. From 2019, all tours will benefit from extra photographic opportunities and equipment. Using our 38,000 lumen lights, we will enable you lớn take photographs only available previously on designated photography tours. We will light up the darkest parts of the cave lớn enable everyone, even iPhone users khổng lồ create awesome images.

NICE khổng lồ HAVE

The following items are not required but highly recommended Dry bag in the event of rain (for camera, clothing, và personal items within your daypack) Gloves, as ours are one-size-fits-all (if you bring your own, please choose gloves with fingertips) cốt tông or silk sleeping bag liner Swimwear (for Hang En) If you are serious about photography, please remember lớn bring your tripod (this must be able lớn fit in your daypack) Ear plugs (If you are a light sleeper) Bandana to wear under the helmet, this will help khổng lồ stop the helmet getting sweaty/smelly throughout the journey power nguồn bank/pack for your personal use.

Pricing and availability

Please choose your briefing date using the calendar below to book your tour with us.

This tour is operated from January khổng lồ August (closed from September khổng lồ December). The days in bold are still available. All tours in 2022 are available for booking, please check calendar box below.

Below, some hotels we would recommend in Phong Nha with the best COVID-safe measures. All staff members have been fully vaccinated, ensuring your safety while exploring Phong Nha.


Chày Lập Farmstay

A residence located in the middle of a vast green forest. You’ll enjoy peace, tranquility while having all your needs anticipated and met with ease at Farmstay. An ideal departure point to lớn begin your discovery of magnificent caves.

Sơn Đoòng Bungalow

Occupying a beautiful location in the center of Phong Nha Town, đánh Đoòng Bungalow is a resort paradise for people of all ages. Modernly designed, fully equipped, & elegantly blending into nature.

Oxalis Home

Ideally located along the peaceful Son River, Oxalis Home khách sạn boasts some of the best views in Phong Nha. Your stay will be filled with lots of không tính tiền services activities.

Victory Road Villas

Victory Road Villas is a residence that fuses contemporary western elegance with local traditional both North & South Vietnamese.

Hồ Khanh Homestay

Homestay of the man who discovered Son Doong - the largest cave in the world. Rooms in a traditional wooden house with stunning views of Son river, bar, shared lounge, garden, terrace,...

Areca Bungalow

Nestled on the gentle Son River, Areca Bungalow has a recognizable style. In front of each room, there is a small garden & an open space in the yard.

Whether you prefer long treks, camping in a cave, sleeping under the stars in the jungle, swimming underground in river caves, explore the huge dry caves or just taking an exploratory day trip, Oxalis Adventure Tours can provide the right amount of adventure just for you.

1 Day · cấp độ 1 · Introductory

Tu Lan Family Experience

An ideal family trip to explore nature và the magnificent caves of the Tu Lan cave system including trekking, swimming in natural steam, picnic lunch at the river, discovering Rat Cave, exciting mini-game.

VND 1,800,000/person Promo price VND 1,620,000 Normal price VND 1,800,000/pax
1 Day · cấp độ 3 · Moderate

Hang Tien Discovery

With only one day, you can still enjoy a challenging trek, a natural swimming pool & see a spectacular cave.Hang Tien, also known as Fairy Cave has an enormous entrance, large calcite formations & unusual rock features.

VND 2,000,000/person Promo price VND 1,800,000 Normal price VND 2,000,000/pax
1 Day · level 2 · Easy

Tu Lan Experience

An action-packed day trek to explore the marvelous jungle & caves of the Tu Lan System - trang chủ of the Hollywood blockbuster Kong: Skull Island (2017) by Jordan Vogt-Roberts.

VND 1,800,000/person Promo price VND 1,620,000 Normal price VND 1,800,000/pax
2 Day · level 2 · Easy

Tu Lan Family Adventure

An ideal journey for all members of the family lớn explore Tu Lan"s wilderness. Many enjoyable mini-games và activities for kids to lớn join in such as trekking, swimming, painting, caving, & overnight camping.

VND 5,500,000/person Promo price VND 4,950,000 Normal price VND 5,500,000/pax
2 Day · cấp độ 3 · Moderate

Hang Tien Endeavor

This is a challenging trek lớn visit Hang Tien 1 và 2 - two biggest caves of Tu Lan cave system. Hang Tien means Fairy Cave in Vietnamese as it looks otherworldly with an enormous entrance, calcite formations & rock features.

VND 6,500,000/person Promo price VND 5,850,000 Normal price VND 6,500,000/pax
2 Day · màn chơi 2 · Easy

Tu Lan Cave Encounter

This tour offers a glimpse into the amazing beauty of the Tu Lan area: caves, karst mountains, jungle, & waterfalls. It is an opportunity to lớn go deep into the rugged và untouched nature of Vietnam.

VND 5,500,000/person Promo price VND 4,950,000 Normal price VND 5,500,000/pax
2 Day · màn chơi 3 · Moderate

Hang En Cave Adventure

An unforgettable adventure into one of the largest caves on Earth – Hang En, where you get a bucket menu camping experience inside the cave và admire nature’s beauty like never before.

VND 7,600,000/person Promo price VND 6,840,000 Normal price VND 7,600,000/pax
2 Day · cấp độ 4 · Challenging

Hang Va Expedition

A true underground adventure to visit two spectacular river caves of the National Park. Nuoc Nut Cave is a large cave with both dry và river passages with clear xanh pools.

Promo price VND 8,000,000 More benefits included
3 Day · cấp độ 4 · Challenging

Hang Tien Exploration

The perfect journey to lớn explore both most fascinating wet and dry caves, especially Hang Tien 1 & 2. They are the biggest dry caves of the system with enormous entrances, large calcite formations & unusual rock features.

VND 8,500,000/person Promo price VND 7,650,000 Normal price VND 8,500,000/pax
3 Day · cấp độ 3 · Moderate

Wild Tu Lan Cave Explorer

This exciting journey has some challenging sections, but with the help of the team you will explore six amazing caves. River caves where you can swim or raft and dry caves covered in outstanding calcite formations.

VND 8,000,000/person Promo price VND 7,200,000 Normal price VND 8,000,000/pax
3 Day · cấp độ 2 · Easy

Quang Binh Exploration

The 3-day-2-night package is designed exclusively for those who are looking for a vacation combined with exploring the uniqueness of cave systems in quang quẻ Binh.

5,600,000 đ/pax
4 Day · cấp độ 6 · Hard

Son Doong Cave Expedition

This four day expedition will explore Son Doong Cave the world’s largest cave passage. Trek through vast underground spaces và marvel at the continually changing display of stalactites & stalagmites.

Promo price VND 58,200,000 VND 69,800,000/pax
4 Day · level 5 · Demanding

Tu Lan Expedition

This level 5 expedition is one of our most challenging treks. Throughout the four days you will explore numerous caves, both river caves & dry caves; abseil inside Tu Lan Cave down to lớn the underground river

Promo price VND 15,000,000 More benefits included
4 Day · level 2 · EASY

Quang Binh Experience

This package is designed for those who want khổng lồ balance between discovery và relaxation with light activities, suitable for families traveling with their children.

6,300,000 đ/pax

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