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Didi Kempot, Lyricist - Dian Kusuma, MainArtist - Mas Maryono, Composer

2021 Dasa Studio 2021 Dasa Studio

2021 Dasa Studio 2021 Dasa Studio

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an ext on
by Dian Kusuma

Banyu Langit

Dian Kusuma

Banyu thiên Dian Kusuma

Bunga Anggrek - Indonesian Nostalgia Love song (Seri Ismail Marzuki)

Dian Kusuma

Bunga Anggrek - Indonesian Nostalgia Love track (Seri Ismail Marzuki) Dian Kusuma

Bossanova Jawa, Vol. 4

Dian Kusuma

Bossanova Jawa, Vol. 4 Dian Kusuma

Mari Bersholawat

Dian Kusuma

Mari Bersholawat Dian Kusuma

Sholawat Bossanova (Astagfirulah)

Dian Kusuma

Sholawat Bossanova (Astagfirulah) Dian Kusuma
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