GTA: kebebasan City story APK 2.4 (50.7 MB)

GTA: kebebasan City story APK 2.4 Mod: Sprint/Money (50 MB)

GTA: liberty City stories APK 2.4 Mod2: Sprint/Money (50 MB)

GTA: kebebasan City stories OBB 2.4 (1.09 GB)

GTA: kebebasan City story APK 2.3 (50.7 MB)

GTA: gratis City story APK 2.3 Mod: Sprint/Money (50 MB)

GTA: liberty City story APK 2.3 Mod2: Sprint/Money (50 MB)

GTA: gratis City stories OBB 2.3 (1.09 GB)


GTA: gratis City story Description

GTA: liberty City stories A merencanakan adventure game, funny plot, wealthy gameplay and also a huge dunia of flexibility to explore.

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The main duty in the game, you can equip props, no attributes, no skills. Tony can ambulance rescue in the game, police and taxi

In the game, players will gain vehicles, motorcycles, aircraft and also ships and other vehicles. Carriers there is no classification, no strengthening. The vehicle karakter itu has durability, collision volume, and also has a matching passenger capacity. Once the player personality is in the vehicle, all attacks will be borne by the vehicle.

The game"s control interface has actually two common interface and driving interface, simple interface, players can only walk, you can get in the mission and also freedom of attack. Steering interface, players can manipulate vehicles, motorcycles, aircraft and also ships and also other vehicles, friend can freely shoot to both sides. Dibawah normal circumstances, the player can not drive the automobile into the mission.

Villefranche weather varies. Misty, day-to-day, night, rain, thunder, lightning and also so on are the usual organic phenomena the are an altering every day. Weather top top the role of activities, the merencanakan has no effect.

In this game, the combat mechanism is a mission mechanism that permits you come fight in objectives or come fight there is no tasks. Everyone has the same kesehatan value. As soon as a cartridge fired by a weapon shoots on an enemy, the deals cedera to the enemy. The game has a combat mission, if these jobs start, the is, to determine the start of the fighting, if the assault on the matching enemy or to finish the corresponding target, that is, to recognize the end of the fighting. The game"s lock setups make the game more mature v combat, shooting, combat an abilities and weapons.

The game"s combat system collection reasonable, standard combat kemudian as gun battles, the use of bunkers to attack the enemy; the use of fists, baseball bats and other melee weapons to strike the enemy.

Vehicle combat has selalu been the main function of this collection of games, players have the right to normally go into the vehicle, the protagonist in the vehicle, all strikes will be borne through the vehicle. The auto can move the adversary can no squeeze the ground come move. Personalities in the automobile can be openly fired ~ above both sides, yet can not close combat. In addition to some khususnya vehicle comes through heavy an equipment guns, missiles, the various other vehicles are not weapons; in enhancement to some of the system-bound vehicle warfare have the right to use other weapons, car warfare room submachine gun, acquire off the props pillar All the weapons in it. To success in the automobile war to grasp the skills, fight the other vehicle"s tail to do it out of control; required to prevent in the edge of the various other vehicles proceed to impact anda durability decreased, the terakhir vehicle to success the auto war.

The mission of "GTA: kebebasan City Stories" has many work on the protagonist. Among the key tasks, there space optional regional tasks, rise of the game"s playability and freedom. Several of the details sebelum the mission do not it seems ~ important, seperti as even if it is to go to a weapons keep to buy some weapons sebelum getting began with some preparation, yet these details may determine the success or fail of the mission. Although the decision made by the protagonist is not necessary to the game, these decisions may also affect the result of the task. The protagonist needs to create tasks to the task, the task is just one way to complete. The job is a fixed difficulty, mode, can not pick or change.

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Although GTA: kebebasan City Stories has a long history, the game diri sendiri is a pretty great game in kondisi of freedom, job design, isi enrichment, and more.