Designer Handbags: Top 13 Designer Bags Brands of all Times

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Designer handbags undoubtedly are a symbol of the Feminine style, fashion, and luxury. They shout out the luxurious standards of living and showcase a women’s wealth. As the time has passed, these Designer bags have evolved into daily fashion staples and then to the modern way of Investment. From some grands to millions of dollars, these designer handbags come with every range of price tag.

Women now feel proud and confident if carrying any of the designer purses or bags. And who can blame them? The rich history, design, material and luxurious feel of these bags can get anyone dying.

The bags are very expensive but are loved all over the world. Some of the Instagram-famous Designer brands that you might have heard of are Louis Vuitton, Chanel, Versace, Givenchy. But don’t let this hype make you think that these are the only Designer Handbags brands. There are many designer brands which do not usually get hype but are loved by all the fashionista women. Here’s a list of 13 Designer Handbags brands that have the best Designer Handbags.

Designer Handbags – Instagram Famous and the Top sellers

1) Chanel – Fashion, Fragrance, and Beauty

Chanel Handbags

Apart from the Chanel beauty and Chanel fragrances and Dresses, Chanel has a wide collection of Designer Handbags and accessories. Talking about the popularity, the Chanel Double c logo is what we see on every other social media profile.

The Chanel handbags are the most loved and popular designer handbags brand of all times. The rich history and the luxurious material of its Handbags really make it unique among all. From Classic to aspiring seasonal collections, Chanel outlets get decorated with the goodness of its Products. The prices of Chanel bags are so high but as Coco Chanel said

The best things in life are Free
And the second best things are very Expensive

And we can always make choices, can’t we? I wrote a detailed article about Chanel Designer Bags, Feel free to check it out for every detail about Chanel bags.


2) Louis Vuitton – The world of Louis Vuitton

Louis Vuitton handbags

Whenever I hear the name of Louis Vuitton, I usually think of the Classic Monogram bags. They are the most popular ones on the social media and look extra classy. The bags cost more than a thousand dollars and last for decades which means they are totally worth it.

This symbol of fashion and status is the dream of many fashionistas out there. The Designer handbags come in a variety of sizes and designs. The top sellers include The speedy, The neverfull, The Metis, The Alma, The Keepall and The Noe.

My personal favorite is without a doubt is The metis because it has the Classic LV monogram and suits every occasion. If it’s your first time buying designer handbags, go for the Louis Vuitton, which will last you decades and will keep your standards high at the same time.


3) Kate Spade – Designer and Affordable

kate spade handbags

Kate Spade, a known American Fashion Designer makes one of the best Designer Handbags of all times. Every handbag that Kate Spade has put out, becomes a street fashion for both teenagers and women. The pride and prejudice collection is one example and it was the no. 1 hit at the time of its launch. The pride and prejudice clutches became the street styles and were owned by many many women.

The price tag is not that bag, I mean any women can afford a good Kate Spade designer handbag without cleaning out her bank account. From wallets to Shoulder bags, Kate Spade has it all, but one of the most amazing types of Kate Spade bags is The Convertible Bags. What?

One of the most incredible bags are the Convertible bags, which are one the most amazing products on this planet. The convertible bags are basically very convenient for you, You can change the lid of the bag, put straps on or change the whole look of the bag. These are the most amazing and versatile designer handbags that I came across.

My honest recommendations for first-time buyers id these Kate Spade’s convertible bags. You’ll love them, trust me. This is by far the luxurious and Quality driven designer brand that anyone can afford.


4) Gucci – Redefining Modern Luxury Fashion

Gucci handbags

Remember when I mentioned earlier that these Designer handbags are a way of Investment? Yes, Gucci is one way to invest your money as a woman. Along with being the most Iconic Designer brand, Gucci prices always go up.

Gucci is for the women having both Mind and Class. The handbags can cost you up to thousands of Dollars and will still go high with the prices after some time. In my opinion, I don’t see Gucci as a Fashion symbol, it’s more like business to me. No doubt the Handbags are iconic and always get hype, Gucci is a big symbol of status and luxury. The Designer brand is literally redefining Modern Luxury Fashion by evolving it into both Fashion and Business.


5) Burberry – The Iconic British Designer Brand

Burberry handbags

To be quite honest, Burberry is not the Designer brand for you if you’re shopping for the first time. The Burberry designer handbags are very expensive but they do last you a long time.

There’s no doubt that Burberry has the most elegant range of designer handbags. While some bags have a fun element in it but mostly it’s just a simple, classic Burberry bag which is not a bad thing at all. Some women just love being sassy and simple, and Burberry is for those women.

For me, Burberry handbags would more likely be an Investment rather than the fashion staple. For reference, as simple as a clutch, Burberry can cost you up to $800. Feeling shocked? Me too.


6) Hermes

Hermes handbags

The fashion company that is on the highest level of Crazy Expensive is Hermes. The price tags are just unbelievable but let’s be real, this is the best investment you can make as a woman. The Hermes Paris makes a lot of Expensive Handbags, most of which are just Collector’s pieces. For reference, the Himalayan Birkin Bag, which Hermes makes few pieces of every year is worth $125,000. Can you believe it?

I never thought a handbag would cost this much. The bags are like the most brands, elegant and have good material with an expensive look. Brands like Gucci and Hermes are just a means of investment and let’s face it, It’s the best investment a woman can make.


7) Givenchy

Givenchy handbags

We have heard very less about Givenchy Beauty but that’s not the case with Givenchy Handbags. In the shadow of the light, Givenchy has always shined in the fashion shows. From new collections to Designer handbags, Givenchy has always showcased the true beauty.

A Givenchy designer bag can cost you a couple hundred dollars and last several decades. Givenchy Handbags have been seen on the red carpets for as long as I can remember. In my opinion, this is kind of a brand which can be invested in and also can be used as your fashion staple.


8) Dior

Dior handbags

Dior is loved by many celebs in the industry. We have all seen Celeb photoshoots with Dior showcasing all the good stuff. Dior is one of the brands that make Collector’s pieces. Limited edition bags are just a piece of an art and always tell a story. But as art is expensive, so do these bags are.

The Dior saddle bags are the cutest mini bags I’ve ever seen and they can fit all your essentials things in it. Apart from mini’s, Dior has all kinds of designer handbags, from shoulder to tote, you can find all your desired bags.

If you ask me, Dior’s Art pieces are the best to invest in because the prices will never come down and you will get benefit out of your luxuries. How much satisfying is that?


9) YSL – Yves Saint Laurent

YSL Handbags

Although YSL is very expensive but if you find it at a discounted price, don’t fear to buy it. YSL’s designer Handbags Fashion is all over the internet and you cannot stay behind. This is one of the brands which is expensive but is considered to be used frequently (with great care of course).

Among all the YSL designer handbags, clutches and mini bags are the most popular. You can easily put your bare essentials in there and forget about them.

Go for a YSL if you spot one for discounted prices because you’ll totally love the interior and the usage of these bags.

As for the prices, the YSL bags on full price can cost you up-to thousand dollars. Try looking on resale websites if you want a designer bag for cheap/discounted price.


10) Fendi

Fendi handbags

1925 was the year of establishment of the House of Fendi, which started as a small shop of leather goods. From that time on till date, Fendi has been a top luxury Fashion brand. From ready-to-wear collection to fragrances, shoes, and Handbags, Fendi has got it all. A lot of celebs also love Fendi and have served us amazing looks Carry Fendi Handbags. Rita Ora, Naomi Campbell, Kendall Jenner have all walked with the amazing Fendi designer bags.

Fendi Handbags include Mini waist bags, shopper bags, Camera cases, Shoulder bags, clutches and more. The price tags are again very high, a normal Fendi bag can cost you a couple thousand dollars but the bags are very worth the price.

Fendi Peekaboo range is by far the best Fendi collection till date and is also very expensive. The bags showcase rich material, texture, and design in all of its glory.


11) Prada

Prada handbags

Fratelli Prada, formed in 1913 by two young brothers, used to sell leather goods and British Steamer trunks and handbags. It was just a matter of time that the brand grew up to be the most loved Designer brand of all times.

Prada’s name itself shouts pride, wealth and class so you won’t be disappointed with this Designer brand at all. You can find a lot of designs which can fit all your needs.


12) Alexander McQueen

Alexander McQueen handbags

Started as an Employee at a Fashion Designer Brand at the age of 20, Mcqueen didn’t have the idea that He will launch the biggest Designer brand of all times. McQueen’s work was original and fantastic among all the designers. From themed collections to simple elegant handbags, there is everything for every taste. Alexander Mcqueen bags are the most comfortable designer bags I’ve ever tried.

The designer has a bag for every woman, starting from low prices to the very high. The textured design and quality of the bags are amazing and they are the most convenient to carry around.


13) Mulberry

Mulberry handbags

This is one another Designer which is popular in the era and offers a bag for every taste. The history of Mulberry is very old which makes it the most efficient in the game.

I found the most unique designs on the Mulberry website and they are so fascinating to look at. The brand offers Tote bags, clutches, Wallets, shopping bags, large handbags and Flap bags. the quality is amazing and the material is of a pure luxurious kind.



So this is the list of 13 Designer Handbags Brands that provide the best quality handbags. There is a bag for every budget and every taste. Some are a way of investing and some are meant to be carried casually on a daily basis.

Among all, my recommendation for the first time buyers is to go for Kate Spade Designer HandBags. They look elegant, expensive and iconic. The prices are also affordable for a designer bag, and the product is totally worth it.
Buying a designer bag takes a lot of money, sacrifice and many sleepless nights so Before going for any designer accessory, look into it before buying and make sure you’re totally satisfied.

Let me know your first Designer handbag story and What brand do you prefer for a Fancy handbag?

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