This offer deserve to only be asserted from a cell phone device.

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Please visit on her iOS or Android an equipment to claim your loot today.



Join her friends in a 5 matches 5 multiplayer online battle arena (MOBA) showdown against real umat ​​manusia opponents in cell phone Legends: Bang Bang! choose your favourite heroes and also build the perfect team. Get in the battlefield and also dominate the the opposite team in 10-minutes or less.

Collect a complimentary Drop of Prime Chests include Hero and Skin attempt Cards.Drop 1 is available from April 21 to might 5.• Hero Trial map of Guinevere (7-day)• Skin Trial map of Guinevere-Lotus (7-day)• Hero Trial card of Gusion (7-day)• Skin Trial card of Gusion-Cyber Ops (7-day)

Q1. What’s contained in this offer?

This sell unlocks in-game items because that Mobile Legends: Bang Bang, including:

• Hero Trial card of Guinevere (7-day)• Skin Trial map of Guinevere-Lotus (7-day)• Hero Trial card of Gusion (7-day)• Skin Trial map of Gusion-Cyber Ops (7-day)Q2. Do I need an Prime member to insurance claim this offer?

No, this offer(s) are free for all accounts.You can insurance claim these offer(s) in mobile Legends: Bang tape with your or prime account. If you perform not have actually an account, merely setup your complimentary account to case in-game items.Q3. Is this offer available in every regions?

This market is not obtainable in China and also embargoed countries.

Q4. Exactly how do I accessibility this content?

These offer(s) room claimable in the game Mobile Legends: Bang Bang.

If you carry out not have the video game installed on her mobile device, please visit the Appstore, application Store, or Google bermain Store to download cell phone Legends: Bang Bang. When you have actually the game on her mobile device, start Mobile Legends: Bang Bang to claim in-game.Q5. Maafkan saya if I have an issue that is not addressed above?

If you room having concerns with your account, you re welcome visit Prime tolong and customer Service. For problems with your Mobile Legends: Bang Bang account, you have the right to reach customer business by merely tapping on the ‘contact us’ button within the game.

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Q6. As soon as are these offer(s) accessible and once do they expire?

You can use 7-day use items for 7 days. For Heroes and Skins, the timer starts once you insurance claim the loot. For all various other items, the time starts when you first use the item.