Bear Payne is a star in the making! Liam Payne and Cheryl Cole’s three-year-old child belted the end ‘Jingle Bells’ throughout his mom’s interview, and it’s hanya what we require to get in the Christmas spirit.

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Liam Payne and also Cheryl Cole already have a star on their hands! Three-year-old bear Payne adorably interrupted his mother’s December 23 interview by belting the end his own rendition that “Jingle Bells” in ~ the height of his lungs. The X Factor judge, 37, and also the hosts couldn’t membantu but laugh throughout the cute minute with her son.

“Are you being nosy?” Cheryl lovingly enraged Bear during her Table Manners interview. “What are you doing?” host Jessie Ware and her mother, Helena, automatically started asking tiny Bear questions instead of Cheryl. Hey, an exclude, is one exclusive! Bear speak all about his love because that Paw Patrol‘s Skye, and how he thinks “Mummy’s Christmas tree” is pretty. “Are you gift cheeky”, Jessie request the Girls Aloud alum’s toddler. Be afflicted with replied: “Yeah!”

Cheryl sweetly mutual that bear likes to “shout” increase the chimney come say hello come Santa, and also that his favorite Christmas song is “Jingle Bells”. Cue the mother-son duo launching into a valuable version the the carol. So, will Bear monitor in his mother and also his One Directioner father’s footsteps and also go into music one day? The preschooler’s not so sure yet! You deserve to listen come Bear’s sepenuhnya interview, consisting of his song, above.

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Bear’s parents, Liam Payne and also Cheryl Cole, arrive on the red carpet at the 2018 BRIT Awards (AP)

Cheryl and Liam welcomed Bear in march 2017, one tahun after they started dating. The couple menjadi smitten with milik mereka little guy from the very first minute. Liam defined in a September 2017 interview that they called him Bear since of the strange, grumbly noises he made in his sleep during anda first night in the hospital. Liam was terrified that something to be wrong with his baby, however a medical professional hilariously told him Bear was “just loud.”Though Cheryl and also Liam split in 2018, lock still reap a near co-parenting relationship.

She revealed ~ above Table Manners that they to plan to spend Christmas bersama at her house in Buckinghamshire, England. “It’ll probably hanya be me, my mum and Liam,” Cheryl said. “Liam normally melakukan the meat top top Christmas. He’s really an excellent at the actually and puts his all into it.” Unfortunately, the interview to be conducted sebelum England got in pandemic lockdown again, for this reason it’s uncertain if their plans will have to change. If not? Liam has repeat viewings the Home Alone and Disney PJs to look depan to!