Cheap Authentic Handbags – 16 tips to buy your first Cheap Designer Bag

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How to Buy Cheap Authentic Handbags

Before I was introduced to the World of Cheap Authentic Handbags by my dear friend Anna, I was struggling with my desires day and night. The Desires of buying really beautiful designer handbags and other accessories.

Let me tell you, the moment I got my first Cheap authentic designer handbag, I was in love with this method. But be aware, don’t think that it’s too easy to get the real designer bags for less.

The no.1 problem and fear you’ll have are of Authenticity. Which takes us to the Tip#1 on How to buy Cheap Authentic Handbags.


Tip#1: Research like a Pro

Tip#1 - Research cheap authentic handbags

There’s no better thing than research if you’re new to anything. And what is there to worry about when we have a blessing called “The Internet”. The first thing you wanna do before buying a discounted bag is to research.

Search for the Top sellers of Cheap or Pre-owned Designer handbags, feedback for those sellers and the prices. Put your eyes open and keep checking all of the sites for your favorite handbag to go low on price. Sometimes you’ll also have to bid in online/ local auctions to get the bag of your dreams. Also, check for the age of the designer bag that you want i.e. the year it was launched in.  

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Tip#2: Authenticate the Bag using Original information

how to buy cheap designer bags

Authentication is the most important and vital part of buying any Cheap Authentic Handbag. Without authentication, you can never know if the bag is real or fake. This was my top anxiety and fear that I had when I bought my first Cheap designer bag.

But Don’t worry, the real bags have always an authenticator, which can be a serial number, a barcode, microchipping, date of manufacture or an Artisan signature. Anyone these can be used to authenticate the Cheap designer handbag. Some of these authenticating signs are engraved inside the bag, so there’s no option of you getting fooled.


Tip#3: The Older the Bag, the more chances for a steal

buy designer bags on discount

Age is one of the factors that the Cheap authentic handbags resellers take into account while selling. The older the bag is, the more chances are for you to get it in the lowest price possible.

The reason to this is that the bag is not in the Top hot list at the moment, people are obsessing on the new hyped stuff and not a lot of people are willing to buy that bag. As a result, the reseller looks for an opportunity to sell the handbags even though they are getting a lot less than the original price which might be in thousands of dollars.


Tip#4: Learn to Compromise

Let’s just say that you found the bag of your dreams for quite a nice price but then you see the same bag in a different color and that half price cheaper than that. What would you do? Would you buy the one that you like or you’ll just change the color and buy the same bag for less?

I would honestly change the color and buy the bag for the much-discounted price. See the thing with Cheap authentic handbags is that sometimes you have to compromise a little bit. It’s not even a big deal and I’m sure after you buy it, you’ll love it as much as you would have loved the other color. Learn to compromise, it’s gonna save you Dollars. 😛


Tip#5: Compare with the Originally priced bag

how to buy cheap authentic designer bags

This is another tip to be extra sure with the authenticity of the Bag that you want. Compare the cheap bag with the originally priced bag on the Designer website. Check for the colors, material, Hardware, Interior and the design of the bag.

If you feel anything is wrong in the bag or the color is dull or any other detail is different, don’t buy the bag. Because there are a lot of Fake Cheap bag sellers out there, you want to first make sure the bag is real and then buy it. You will have to do some hard research to get your hands on the cheap authentic handbags.


Tip#6: Buy a Bag and Restore it

tips to by pre-owned / discounted handbags

Now, this tip is a gem if you can do it. Find a cheap authentic designer handbag with a warranty and look for anything which is broken or maybe a hole in the bag. Next what you wanna do is take the bag to the Official Bag brand and show them the warranty and ask them to restore the bag for you.

After all the verification, which you obviously have, you’ll get the old bag restored for a new one and this is really a steal. You will get the new handbag just for some effort which a lot of people don’t do.


Tip#7: Check for the Misspelled Brand Names

buy cheap authentic handbags

There are some people in the world who are selling the Designer Bags individually and don’t know how to spell a Brand’s Name. This might be good for you in some cases.

Last month, I came across a Person selling a Real Chanel bag on eBay for very less. I couldn’t help but think why would he do that, is it not real? All the thoughts vanished when I landed my eyes upon the Brand’s name which was spelled as “Channel”. This might be the reason for him to sell the bag for less maybe he didn’t know the brand was not Channel but Chanel.

Anyways, I got myself a nice gift which was actually an awesome steal for me. So keep your eyes open for these kinds of opportunities if you wanna get a steal.


Tip#8: Participate in Auctions

cheap authentic designer bags

Auctions are just another way to get what you want at a cheap price. Not only online but there are several auctions held locally where you can buy Cheap authentic handbags.

Bidding online is a great option but even better when there are fewer people bidding for the bag that you want. Whenever you see an opportunity like this, just go for it and get yourself a nice bag.

Well if you don’t see that option, then go for local auctions which are far away from the crowded places. Dress properly on these local auctions and bid a bit higher than normal, you’ll definitely win the auction.


Tip#9: Compromise on the Size

discount authentic designer handbags

Designer handbags come in different sizes, from small to the large. What if you want a medium sized bag but it’s a bit too expensive even after being pre-owned? And then you see the same bag but in a smaller or larger size and the price is way too low than the one that you aimed for. What would you do?

I would definitely compromise on the size and go for the other sizes because it’s okay to change a thing or two for your own convenience. This is a nice trick to get cheap authentic handbags and make a statement.


Tip#10: Check with your Friends

luxury pre owned designer handbags

This is the best option if you have friends or relatives who love Designer Handbags. Check with your friends if they want to sell any of their Handbags at a discounted price. The chances are that they will sell their bag and you don’t even have to worry about the authentication of the bag because you’re buying it from a friend.

If your friends don’t have Designer bags or don’t wanna sell, ask them to ask their friends and relatives and eventually, I’m sure there will be someone who will bring you a great deal.

If these options don’t work for you, then don’t worry. There are a lot of sites that have Cheap authentic handbags and I’m sure you’ll find a great deal after reading this guide.


Tip#11: Ask for More Pictures and Details

cheap designer handbags knockoffs

This can be a really good way to check if the seller is selling the original bag and not scamming you. More pictures will give you a very close look at the design, texture, material, and interior of the bag. You will be able to view the bag from different angles and even spot a fake bag.

Along with pictures, ask for as much detail as you can, including serial number, warranty cards, and other stuff which will help you determine the authenticity of the bag.

Asking questions can be good for you in different ways, first, it helps you a lot to determine if the bag is real or fake. Secondly, it helps you build a relationship with the seller.


Tip#12: Build a relationship with the Seller

cheap authentic designer bags

If you know that some sellers are selling cheap authentic handbags, you should maintain a good relationship with them. The results will be in your favor. Maybe a seller will be so impressed by you that he will actually sell you the bags for the lowest price.

You will get the news of new cheap authentic handbags first which will increase your chances of getting a real designer bag for the low price.

Building relationships are not hard, just support the seller, try to talk to them and it’ll all work in your favor at the end.


Tip#13: Check for the Seller’s Information

cheap authentic handbags

Research the Seller before buying the cheap authentic handbags. Search for the age of their website, feedback from their previous customers and Rating on the bags they have sold so far.

Paying attention to the seller is very important as it is the bridge between you and a cheap authentic bag. Don’t ignore to do his step as it’s very vital and will help you a lot in the process.

Some sellers don’t share their email publicly, use the contact form on the website to reach out to the Seller and talk a little bit before buying. This will make sure that you’re talking to the right person or not.


Tip#14: Don’t Confuse high price with Authenticity

hoe to buy cheap original handbags

What most people do is that they associate an expensive thing with Authenticity. It’s totally wrong and you should avoid that thought completely when buying cheap authentic handbags.

A person can be selling fake things for hundreds of dollars and somebody else on the market could be selling real things for the reasonable price. You never know the true colors of the market unless you research everything possible.

To avoid all of this mess, authenticate your bag and search for the seller’s reputation. And never confuse or associate High price with Authenticity.


Tip#15: Ask for Installments

how to buy cheap real handbags

.We don’t have a large amount in our bank accounts all the time and it gets really frustrating when you want something at that moment. You know what really gets helpful at that moment? Installments.

If you like a bag and don’t have the full amount to pay to the seller, just ask for installments. Use any contact page or email to reach out to the seller and tell them your situation. There are a lot of sellers that do let people buy Cheap authentic handbags in installments. Try your luck and get yourself a nice bag without paying the full amount at once.


Tip#16: Keep patience and Don’t go for the Hottest bags

how to buy authentic handbags online

Getting a bag at 90% off price requires that you don’t go for the Most hyped bags of the time. Usually what happens is that we fell in love with the newest and hottest bags and those are really expensive.

That doesn’t mean that we should buy everything we love especially when we’re on a budget. One quality of Cheap authentic handbags is that they are not the newest and hottest bags. Instead, they are older and not many people talk about them all the time.

So, patience is a really good thing when it comes to buying Cheap authentic handbags.



Getting a bag at lowest price requires you to take many factors into account. Follow these 16 amazing tips and you’ll definitely get your dream bag at the lowest rates possible.

Also, check out My recommended places to buy Cheap Authentic handbags to get the best bags at the best price.

Let us know about your top tips while shopping for cheap authentic bags in the comments down below.


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