Chanel Bags: The most Luxurious and Trendy Handbags of 2018

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The Modern Trend of Designer Bags

Fashion does not know any limits and nor do social media platforms. Fashion + Social media really makes a successful story of the modern day. The constant urge to be classier than before and to maintain a high profile has made everyone incorporate expensive and uncommon things to their daily routine. Talking about being sassy, one thing that social media has made common these days is Designer Accessories. Things which we used to see only in the hands of celebs or Red carpets are now a part of every wardrobe. Did you guess what I’m talking about?- Yes, you’re right, its Designer Handbags. From Chanel bags to Louis Vuitton, we see it all.

To be very honest, Designer Bags which have now become a daily fashion staple. These designer accessories complete any outfit we see on social media. But don’t let the hype fool you, following this designer trend is not as nice as it looks in the photos. It takes a lot of money, sacrifice, savings and nights of hard work to get one Designer Bag for your fashion desires.

But this post isn’t about the pros and cons of Designer bags, Today, in this post, I’ll tell about the one Designer brand which satisfies all your Handbags and Fashion desires.

chanel handbags

Chanel Bags – The one and the Only

Over the past decade, I’ve fallen in love with all the good stuff that Chanel puts out. From designer Handbags to Full Wardrobe collections, Chanel has it all. A little as a Chanel Clutch can cost you around a thousand dollars, but it’s all worth it in the end.

We’ve all seen luxury closet tours on youtube that Makeup gurus or Fashion icons own and the Chanel Classic chain staple has always made its mark there. From as simple as Classic Chanel bags to extra Boujee Camera cases, Chanel has it all in store for you. But I have to admit, Chanel camera cases, Chanel keyholders, and Chanel Coin purses are just for the people who are die-heart Chanel fans or really rich people.

If you’re thinking to buy Chanel Bags, here are a few types and obviously every type has some pros and some cons. To buy Chanel bags for cheap click here.


Chanel Bags New Collection – King of the Kingdom

There are tons of types of Chanel handbags which you can find online as well as in Chanel Outlets. Chanel offers many types of bags including Backpacks, Flap bags, Collection

Waist bags, Shopping bags, Bowling bag, CHANEL’S GABRIELLE bags, Camera cases, Mini bags, Vanity bags, Handbags, Wallets, Pouches, Clutches, Card holders, Keyholders, Classic chain staples, Hobo handbags, Boy Chanel bags, Minaudiere, Coin purses, Bucket bags, Furry bags, Accordion bags, Drawstring bags, Passport holder, Leather bags, Transparent bags, Hobo Bags and much more. Among all of these, the bags which stand out the most are the Chanel Collection bags which drop occasionally and are very much expensive.

If I get my hands on one of these Chanel bags, I’m not even gonna think to take that out or use it on a daily basis because of how expensive these collection bags are. There’s no denying that these collector’s pieces are charming and attractive as much as you can think but their only home is the Vanities or Closets of rich people because these are not meant to be used every single day.

Here are some of the beautiful Chanel Pre-Winter 2019 Collection pieces


From Simple Chanel backpack to Classic Chanel Chain handbags, this collections has everything that will fit all your Winter needs.


Chanel Backpacks – Casual but Classy

Casualty can also be expensive sometimes and these designer backpacks are the perfect example for it. For a more easy, comfy and casual look, you can always pair your outfit with a Chanel Backpack which speaks out both – Casualty and Expensive.

If you’re planning to buy your first designer handbag for frequent use, then I would suggest you go for these Chanel bags because these are the easiest to carry every day and also classy at the same time. Here are a few examples of Chanel backpacks you may consider buying which are modern as well as have great material

The Backpacks are made up of Calfskin, Wool, Lambskin and other expensive material with a classic gold-tone metal chain. A large collection of Chanel Backpacks can be found online as well as in Chanel Outlets. Don’t forget to try Pre owned handbags at DallasDesignerHandags and Fashionphile.

Chanel Leather bags – The Beauty

We all love leather and there’s a reason why. The leather feels and looks like straight up dollars. Chanel leather bags are one of a kind and are totally worth it. Chanel leather comes in a ton of different types of bags i.e. Mini Flap bags, hobo bags, shoulder bags, Classic handbags with handles or Chains and the material is always the classic Chanel leather – very very Good stuff.

What looks like Dollars can’t be cheap, the leather bags are very expensive and can raid your bank account really easily. The price tag is shocking but the material is just worth it. Here are a few examples if you’re thinking to clean up your Bank account

Chanel Waist bags – Comfort with a Price Tag

These are the most casual and comfy one. Basically, these Chanel Bags are made for everyday use, you can just tie them to your waist and let them do the rest. Honestly, I love these the most, they carry most of my stuff and let me look expensive at the same time. These designer waist bags are just amazing. While carrying a lot of essential stuff they make you feel confident and casual among all your friends. The material can be Lambskin, Calfskin, Wool with staple gold-tone metal chain and waistband.

In my opinion, if you want a casual everyday Chanel bag, go for these Chanel waist bags, trust me you’ll not regret it. Here are a few options that you may consider

Chanel Flap bags – Every Girl’s Dream

The Chanel Flap bags are cute but that doesn’t mean that they have a large amount of space to carry your stuff. The bags can cost you around a couple of hundred dollars but still won’t make you able to carry it every day. The reasons behind it 1) the Lack of space and 2) The phobia of Damaging this very Expensive Bag.

To get a rough idea of the space inside, the Flap bag can Carry your wallet, keys, Phone, a small makeup palette and a Lip Gloss. These are all the essential things women need on a Day out but sometimes we need a lot more than that. So ladies just look into it a little more before buying The Chanel Flap bags.

Other than that, the material can be Leather, CalfSkin, Wool Lambskin and many more. Here are some Chanel bags that I like and may come to your interest as well



Chanel Shoulder Bags – The Trendsetter

The Designer Chanel bags which we see on every other Teenager’s profile are the Shoulder or Handbags. I’m pretty sure these will be on a lot of wish lists too because of the fact that they look aesthetically pleasing and give a very professional look at the same time. These types of Bags, I think have a very rich history and a wide range of Designs and the fact that Chanel offers a wide range of Handbags is amazing.

These bags can pull a lot of Looks together for every occasion and they come in very handy when you have to carry a decent amount of things with you, so you don’t have to worry about the space issues. As far as the material concerns, you can find Chanel Shoulder bags ( aka, Chanel Handbags) in Lambskin, Calfskin, Wool leathers and much more.

Here are some really beautiful Chanel Designer Handbags that you may wanna buy


Chanel Seasonal bags – They only come once a Season

Just as the name suggests, The Seasonal Chanel bags come with every season. From Summer transparent bags to the Winters Wool bags, Chanel brings the beauty to every season. They pretty much reflect what we are feeling during every season, In my opinion, the Chanel seasonal bags are very appropriate for the beach and as well as for the night outs.

Let me tell you these bags have the best and luxurious material, they come in Leather, calfskin, velvet, Denim and much more. The size of the bags is enough to carry most of your stuff and the design and texture are all fantastic. Now if you like a seasonal bag, you should purchase it right at that moment because these bags come and go with the seasons.

The seasonal bag that got me fell in love was a seasonal bag of Chanel 2016 handbags, it was made up of Denim and had a texture of Chanel perfumes bottles embedded. It costs me a couple hundred bucks but it was all worth it. I never had a problem with space, weight or any of that kind of stuff.

One disadvantage of seasonal Chanel bags is that they have a big price tag because of the limited time. Compared to seasonal, Chanel classic bags also offer a lot of good designs and texture, I would suggest going for Classic Chanel bag if you’re buying for the first time.

Here are a few options that you may want to add to your Chanel handbag collection


Chanel Wallets – Small but Mighty

Just as other Designers, Chanel also makes Chanel Wallets. They are pretty much as the name suggests – wallets, Having a small space just for your cash or cards. Difference between a normal wallet and these Designer Chanel wallets is 1) The price tag, 2) The material. Other than that I don’t feel there is any other difference and a Normal wallet would be as good as the designer ones.



Chanel Shopping bags – Don’t Let the Name Fool You

Do you want to be boujee? Let Chanel make you one! For all the extra ladies out there, Shopping bags are also available which do not look like Shopping bags at all, instead, they are very appropriate to carry around work too. Don’t let the name confuse you, shopping bags are really just big bags with a lot of space in them.

These Chanel bags come in collections as well as Seasonal collections. These bags obviously would cost you a couple hundred dollars but don’t be afraid to spend the money because you’ll get an all-rounder bag which you can take to shopping, work or parties wherever you want. You’ll also find some smaller shopping bags which will not have enough space but they’ll be just appropriate to carry out with few essentials thing in it. Here are a few examples of Chanel Shopping Bags


Chanel mini bags – For the Extra Classy

As the name suggests, the mini bags include Mini Flap bags, Chanel Wallets, Chanel Keyholders, Chanel Camera cases and just small bags in general. The bags will carry a few essential things and are the most popular one on social media.

The Chanel Flap bags, however, are the most popular of them all, those are the ones which set the Trend of Designer bags. The gorgeous bags look so good and are appropriate to take anywhere.

Other mini bags also are very useful but I, personally wouldn’t spend my money on them. Because these Chanel designer Wallets, key holders, and Camera cases can be replaced by normal mini bags. Here are a few examples if you want to be extra and buy these mini Chanel bags



So the final conclusion about Designer bags is that they are totally worth it. The material is good, they are long lasting and maintain your social life standards. Chanel Bags definitely fulfill all the needs,  just take good care of the Bag because these are very expensive.

Look into it before you buy, think about your needs and preference. Buy Chanel bags after a lot of thin and when you are well satisfied.

One thing I would like to mention that in the rush of Social media and High living standards, we sometimes find ourselves struggling. I don’t think there is any bad about buying Designer bags, I, myself have Designer bags. Do buy if you have the money but don’t make yourself struggle. Just work hard and one day you’ll get what you want. 

In order to buy cheap Chanel Bags, we recommend you to visit Dallasdesignerhandbags and Tradesy.


Thanks for reading the post, let me know about your favorite Chanel bags in the comments down below


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