More rewards because that you!

All PraBayar and halo customers will earn Poin. And also then, you can redeem her Poin to acquire benefits and reward offers. The much more you use, the more you earn!

Tukarkan Poin mencapai berbagai pilihan diskon voucher belanja dari fashion hingga keperluan rumah.

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Beragam hiburan anti bosan, seperti konser, film, rekreasi, games dan masih kerumunan lagi dapat dinikmati menjangkau menukar Poin.



Earn an ext Poin!

Top increase your credit balance and also make other transactions ~ above application to knife Poin.

top up now
* Poin is a loyalty programme intended for all Halo and also PraBayar (prepaid) customers as soon as joining Poin deserve to be redeemed for various deals and also benefits. You may check the catalogue on App. Click di sini to access.

You can mulai collecting Poin in 24 hrs after topping increase your credit balance or paying her postpaid bill in a minim amount the Rp50,000 (in a month).

Type the TransactionCategoryTotal Poin Earned
Every Rp10,000 the prepaid recharge/total bill payment will get 1 POINDiamondX4

CategoryTotal Transactions in 1 Poin

Yes, you need to top increase your credit transaction balance or pay your bill at the very least Rp50,000 a month to awal collecting Poin.

You have the right to get variasi benefits that the complying with categories: SMS, suara and data digital products kemudian as ringtones, music, video and games.Discount vouchers for e-commerce, tons of restaurants and also lifestyle.LinkAja balance and also many more.

The normal Poin calculation melakukan not use to customers di bawah the corporate-paid category, yet they will get a spesial loyalty programme from Please call your Account Manager for much more information.

Special customer is the new method of customer categorization determined based upon the customer’s size of subscription and also average spending. The higher your classification is, the much more services and spesial programs you can enjoy. By ending up being a khususnya Customer, all Halo and also PraBayar (prepaid) customers have actually the possibility to reap services and also loyalty programs according to anda level respectively.

Your spesial Customer category will it is in determined based upon your size of subscription and also average spending, with the adhering to criteria:


You can inspect your SpecialCustomer classification via App. Friend will find your SpecialCustomer profile on the key page. To download App, click

Your spesial Customer classification will recognize the amount of Poin girlfriend get, what loyalty program you have the right to participate in, and also other solutions you have the right to enjoy.

No, you will certainly automatically ini adalah a spesial Customer based upon your length of subscription and also average spending.

Yes. Your SpecialCustomer group will it is in upgraded based on your usage for the last 3 months. The greater your median spending is, the greater your level will be.

If your typical spending for the terakhir 3 month is enough to upgrade her level, your group will be upgraded in the next month.If your median spending for the terakhir 3 months is lower than her previous achievement, your group will stay the same until the next 3-month evaluation.

Your khususnya Customer category will be upgraded every month based on the khususnya Customer mechanism.

SilverGoldPlatinumDiamond Poin1x2x3x4x
Service Standard service at GraPARI and panggilan Center.Priority business at GraPARI and panggilan Center.

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