We will comment on how to gain the magic wheel medicine in mobile Legends thoroughly. By using the magic whell potion, you deserve to spin for totally free on the magic wheel. Countless attractive prizes the you can acquire there. On this occasion, Esportsku will provide an explanation about how to get Magic Wheel potion in cell phone Legends.

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You require to know that you deserve to use the magic wheel in cell phone Legends to obtain legend skins. However it requires a besar amount of spin until you lastly get a tidak hadir that deserve to be digunakan in the magic shop to it is in exchanged for skin legends. You have the right to use the magic wheel potion karakter itu to conserve spin costs. There are many cara that you can obtain this potion.

How to gain Magic Wheel potion in cell phone Legends

Become a Starlight Member


By becoming a starlight member friend can insurance claim the starlight border and several various other items including magic wheel potions.

Top up Diamond


Usually there is a task or mission where as soon as you optimal up, there will be prizes that deserve to be claimed. The harga can be in the membentuk of rare fragement or magic wheel potion.



Usually there are occasions that you have the right to use to gain magic wheel potions because that free. By completing this event, you can acquire a magic wheel in return. However you require to understand that occasions like this are rather rarely provided by Moonton. Just at particular events.

With the spin Magic Wheel


When friend spin a specific amount, there will certainly be a crate that you can open. In this box, you can acquire a magic wheel potion. The sourse of spins you have actually to attain to get an additional magic wheel is 5x, 20x, and 50x.

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The an ext magic wheels you get, the cheaper the spin prices you spend. The magic wheel itself is one of the paling useful mobile Legends devices items. You can juga get skin legends native the magic wheel in mobile Legends.

This is an explanation of how to get the magic wheel medicine in mobile Legends that ns have disputed in Esports. Hopefully this is useful and also can be a resource of an excellent references for every one of you. Don’t forget to monitor our social media on Instagram

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