You can share your Visio diagrams in PowerPoint for 365 by creating slide snippets of her diagrams and then exporting them come PowerPoint. It"s tidak pernah been much easier to get your diagrams into PowerPoint.

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The ability to create slide snippets and export them come PowerPoint is only obtainable with Visio untuk merencanakan 2. If you"re no sure what version of Visio you"re using, click File > Account > About Visio. The top-left edge of the percakapan box tells you which version of Visio_generic girlfriend have:


Note: In bespeak to use this feature, girlfriend must have actually a 365 subscription. If you room a 365 subscriber, make sure you have actually the latest variation of Office. If you are an that professional regulating the 365 update process, examine out the channel releases halaman to discover which update are detailed in each channel.

Create and also export on slide snippets to PowerPoint

With her Visio bagan open, click View > Slide Snippets Pane. The slide Snippets pane appears on the ideal side the your design window.

Click Add in the on slide Snippets pane and a clipping frame appears over her diagram.

Move the snipping frame over the part of the bagan you want to display on a slide.

If necessary, traction the corners that the snipping frame until you have actually the size you want.


Enter a judul for your slide in the message box in ~ the on slide preview.

To add lainnya slide snippet, click Add again and kemudian position and also size the new snipping structure over the to plan area of your diagram. If you must delete a slide, pick it in the slide Snippets pane and then press Delete.


Click Export in the slide Snippets pane to export your all set slide snippets come a new PowerPoint slide deck. Friend can juga export the on slide snippets by clicking File > Create PowerPoint Presentation > Create Presentation.

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If friend overlap the snipping frame between berbeda slides and then export to PowerPoint, the pictures use the morphing slide transition in PowerPoint. If girlfriend don"t have actually the recent subscription version of PowerPoint or overlap slide snippets, the slides usage the normal default on slide transition.