first MEDIA company is a pay cable televisi service, internet accessibility service and/or both in bundling (COMBO), detailed by attach NET for its CUSTOMERS, one of two people alone or in collaboration with other 3rd parties. HOMECABLE is a trademark because that pay-cable televisi provided by attach NET to its client which is penampilan digital and analogue system. FASTNET FAMILY, FASTNET household PLUS, FASTNET DLITE, FASTNET ELITE, FASTNET SUPREME, FASTNET MAXIMA, FASTNET ULTIMATE, FASTNET INFINITE, FASTNET 1 GBPS, FASTNET COMMERCE and FASTNET SOHO space trademarks because that Internet access services detailed by link NET come its client . Come prevent any kind of doubts, the solutions FASTNET FAMILY, FASTNET household PLUS, FASTNET DLITE, FASTNET ELITE, FASTNET SUPREME, FASTNET MAXIMA, FASTNET ULTIMATE, FASTNET INFINITE, FASTNET 1 GBPS, can only be digunakan by individual client and anda use is no for advertisement purposes while FASTNET COMMERCE, FASTNET SOHO can only be digunakan by non-individual CUSTOMERS. Crate PACKAGE rental mobil is collection Top crate (“STB”) or Converter persewaan from connect NET come its customers to have the ability to use milik mereka pay-cable televisi service. Rental mobil ROUTER is rental mobil of wi-fi devices by link NET to client to gain internet accessibility services. Persewaan CABLE MODEM is the rental of cable modem devices by connect NET to customers to enjoy internet accessibility services. THE recipient is part or all tools that belong to link NET which is lent to client to have the ability to receive very first MEDIA SERVICE, including but not limited to cable networks, converter, STB, SmartCard, Cable Modem, ONT (Optical Network Terminal) and also router. SUBSCRIPTION dues is a mandatory dues that need to be paid in breakthrough by customers to have the ability to receive first MEDIA SERVICE. Customer is a precious legal entity under the legislations of Republic the Indonesia or separation, personal, instance who has actually reached 21 years old or older and not dibawah guardianship, or has written consent from parental or legal guardian to have the ability to subscribe to first MEDIA SERVICE. Location is a place designated through CUSTOMER for INSTALLATION of THE receiver in order to have the ability to receive very first MEDIA SERVICE. Environment is an kerja carried the end by connect NET or third party designated by connect NET to conduct including however not restricted to installation of new networks and/or THE RECIPIENT, and/or pergerakan of OUTLET at LOCATION, OUTLET pindah to other ar within an initial MEDIA organization coverage area or reconnection of an initial MEDIA SERVICE. OUTLET is the allude of interconnection point between connect NET network and also LOCATION the THE RECIPIENT. BILLING is all membentuk of document for payment request (whether in billing declare or work-related order), approve by attach NET for the consumption of very first MEDIA business and/or INSTALLATION cost and/or any kind of other additional cost that might arise. Kekuasaan MAJEURS are occasions that occur beyond the control of connect NET the may affect the capability of attach NET to provide an initial MEDIA services including yet not minimal to satellite disruption/replacement, fiber optic/cable cut, alters in policies/regulations approve by federal government that will influence the implementation the the delivery of very first MEDIA SERVICE, rally, war, riot, insurrection, natural calamities (earthquakes, floods, tsunamis, fires), lightning, sabotage, ukuran strikes and dalam jumlah besar outbreaks of disease.

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link NET will execute surroundings in accordance to the schedule i m sorry is i agreeed by attach NET and also its CUSTOMERS. If in the procedure of INSTALLATION at the LOCATION requires permits and/or approval native Management/Managers of the CUSTOMER’S LOCATION, kemudian CUSTOMER must bawa pulang care the the permits and/or approval in advancement at the price of the customers themselves. Throughout the INSTALLATION, CUSTOMERS need to be in LOCATION and supervise the entire process of INSTALLATION. Because that the function of quality inspection on very first MEDIA SERVICE, customers must enable LINK net to be able to enter and also inspect THE RECIPIENT device at the LOCATION. Regarding very first MEDIA SERVICE, client hereby fully understands and also understands that: Internet access services are noted to CUSTOMERS together “up to” and “as is” services, wherein internet access services can be accessed at the same time by every CUSTOMERS without any type of allocation and/or details priority (not dedicated); salary cable televisi services have actually a non-binding numberi and/or development of televisi channels for both Standard definition (SD) and/or High an interpretation (HD) broadcast quality. The enhancement and/or reduction of the numberi of televisi channels may happen from time to time relying on the kerja sama between connect NET and also the isi provider customer hereby fully understand and acknowledge the a combination of specification between devices own by CUSTOMERS and also THE RECIPIENT will may directly or indirectly influence the quality of first MEDIA SERVICE. Customer understands the the performance of the RECIPIENT an equipment may not satisfy the declared specifications, including however not minimal to reduced wireless network capacity, data rate, selection and coverage. The performance of the RECIPIENT machine depends on countless factors, including but not restricted to the distance from the access point, the ton of network traffic, the bangunan and construction materials in the CUSTOMER"s environment, the operating device used, the combination of the use of the CUSTOMER"s machine and the receiver DEVICE, as well as disturbances and also conditions that other harm to the CUSTOMER. Attach NET is not responsible and melakukan not guarantee that all CUSTOMER"s gadgets will be compatible through the RECIPIENT machine specifications and/or can receive very first MEDIA company properly. Furthermore, link NET is no responsible because that any kerusakan to CUSTOMER"s equipment during and/or after INSTALLATION. The CUSTOMER have to as much as mungkin use a an equipment that is compatible through the RECIPIENT device specifications client is jaga kepala anda ke bawah to maintain and care because that the RECIPIENT maker placed in ~ the LOCATION. If over there is damage/loss the the recipient DEVICE, kemudian LINK NET will certainly charge the client a replacement/repair fee. specifically for OUTLET movement at location or OUTLET pergerakan to other ar that is accessible with first MEDIA SERVICE, CUSTOMER must notify attach NET in writing no later than 14 (fourteen) working aku in advance. Activation of first MEDIA company at place will be terawat by connect NET after registration of THE RECIPIENT device by attach NET. First MEDIA organization will be able to be appreciated 24 hrs a day and also 7 aku in a main by customer who has actually fulfilled their obligation, except in the instance of kekuasaan MAJEUR and/or other events that occur past the regulate of connect NET. CUSTOMERS room not enabled to: use an initial MEDIA SERVICES other than places and/or relocate OUTLET without connect NET"s knowledge and tertulis consent; rent, resell, and/or ayunkan the use of the an initial MEDIA business (either partly or completely) to any type of other party; connect the an initial MEDIA company with any other device which aims to action or commercialize tasks in any form; make any changes come the configuration of the an initial MEDIA service and/or receiver DEVICE; hacking and/or spamming and/or flooding and/or spoofing and/or hoax fan and/or e-mail forgery and/or violation of pundit Property izin (IPR), in the broadest sense; and also use the an initial MEDIA organization for tindakan that room contrary to moral, ethical, moral, appropriate, and legal values and which harass or kerusakan the reputation of connect NET CUSTOMER may request any adjust of first MEDIA company to link NET, other than for CUSTOMERS with promo categories or specific categories who have a specific subscription commitment. These alters will influence SUBSCRIPTION fee that need to be payment by CUSTOMER. Very first MEDIA SERVICES and programs offered are an extremely diverse for this reason that connect NET might impose additional/special kapak and conditions for business purposes with details promo categories and/or categories/programs, where these additional/special demands are component of the first MEDIA SERVICE and will topic to and also bound by these first Media organization Subscription terms and Conditions. CUSTOMERS should comply with and also follow any kind of additional/special kondisi and rules, sebagai as deposit rules, payment methods, specific subscription ketentuan commitments, penalties, and/or other rules.

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attach NET is not responsible for the intake of an initial MEDIA business by CUSTOMER and LINK network is no responsible for any loss i m sorry arise any other membentuk due come the consumption of very first MEDIA business by CUSTOMER.