Best Investment Bags to Buy – Top 21 designer bags to invest in 2018

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Weather its Designer or not – The Handbags are the most essential part of every women’s closet. They define your style, your mood and your sense of Fashion. A really good handbag, in fact, can pull a look down or amp it up. But what interests me a lot about Designer handbags is that they are the best investment bags to buy. Designer bags are really worth pumping your hard earned amount into as they can turn hundreds of Dollars into Thousands, within a matter of time.

Some of the most iconic Designer handbags such as Hermes bags have gone way more expensive over the last few years, which makes Hermes a very good Investment. Just like Hernes, we have compiled a list of 21 most Iconic Designer handbags which are Best investment bags to buy right now.

Best Investment Bags to Buy – Best Designer Handbags to invest in 2018


best designer handbags to invest in 2018

Price: $3.8 Million

Guinness World Record Holder, this purse is the most expensive bag to date. The reason why this heart-shaped, hand-crafted bag is so expensive is that it contains 18-karat gold and 4,517 diamonds. The total weight of the Bag is 381.92 carat.

This bag tops the list of Best designer investment handbags. Buy it once and you’ll be the most expensive bag owner in the world.

2- Hermes Birkin Bag by Japanese Designer Ginza Tanaka

Designer bags to invest in 2018

Price: $1.9 Million

The next most expensive bag on the Best Investment handbags list is none other than a Bag from Hermes. We all know how expensive Hermes Birkin bags are, but we didn’t know that the Hermes bag can go up to $1.9 million. This Hermes Birkin bag was specially designed by a Japanese Designer “Ginza Tanaka”.

Though the specialty about the bag is that it incorporates 2000 Diamonds. The Diamond strap can be detached and worn as a necklace or a bracelet, and in that case, the Birkin bag will act as a Clutch. The bag is really a good investment if you can afford one.

3- Chanel Diamond Forever Classic Bag

handbags worth investment

Price: $261,000

Most expensive bags are often rare and talking about rare Bags, the Chanel Diamond Forever bag is one of the expensive handbags worth investment. Chanel only made 13 of these bags, now that explains its rarity.

This Chanel Diamond Classic bag features 3.56 carats of Diamond (334 Diamonds) and 18 carats of White Gold. The bag’s strap is also made up of White Gold. This is one the most expensive Classic handbags of all times that is totally worth the investment.

4- Lana Marks Cleopatra Bag/Clutch

top investment bags 2018

Price: $250,000

Hearing Cleopatra stories is so cool, right? Just like that, this Lana Arks Cleopatra bag is one of a kind. This bag is made up of Metallic Alligator skin and has a Clasp at the top which is made up of $1,500 diamonds and 18-carat white gold.

Honestly, the bag is so beautiful, elegant and only one piece of the Cleopatra bag is produced every year. This makes this bag so rare and famous among celebrities including Kate Winslet, Angelina Joli, Jennifer Aniston and many more.

The bag is one of a kind and is one of the designer handbags worth the money.

5- Hermes Matte Crocodile Birkin Bag

designer handbags worth the money

Price: $120,000

Hermes bags are always expensive and rare. The Hermes MAtte crocodile Birkin bag is priced at $120,000 and is made up of Crocodile skin. The clasp of the bag incorporates 10 carat of diamonds which makes it extra special.

The bag was originally inspired by French actress, Jane Birkin and soon became one of the most wanted luxurious handbags of all times. The bag is so good for making an investment because of its rarity and features, the bag is expected to go more expensive within a few years.

6- Leiber Precious Rose

best handbags 2018

Price: $92,000

Just like the name, this precious bag is shaped like a beautiful rose. There is only one piece available in the world and unfortunately, it’s almost impossible to get your hands on it and make a good investment. The bag retails for $92,000 and the reason is that it features 18 carat of white gold and 1016 diamonds making a total of 42.56 carats.

It’s so precious that one can only desire to get it. Keep an eye open for this collector’s piece because it will bring a great fortune if you can invest in it.

7- Louis Vuitton New Age Traveller

classic handbags of all time

Price: $54,500

This Louis Vuitton Traveller bag is one of a kind backpack which has Crocodile and Snake Skin. The bag also has headphone cable and leather tassels. To be honest, this bag has got bad looks, instead of this backpack you can find some really cool and good looking backpacks.

This Louis Vuitton bag just looks like a lump of telephone cables and is not good looking at all, but the price point for such a bag is shocking i.e. $54,500. Buy it if you only want to invest in designer handbags otherwise, you can choose from a lot of Good looking and cheaper backpacks/travel bags.

8- Gadino Bag by Hilde Palladino

best designer handbags to invest in

Price: $38,470

This Gadion Bag is designed by a Norwegian designer and features White crocodile skin and 39 diamonds on the clasp. The is one of the most iconic handbags which is beautiful and can be a really good investment because the diamond prices always go up.

This bag was also mentioned in the list of top investment bags 2017 and it has already managed its way to 2018. Imagine how much the price will increase within the next few years. Invest now and enjoy later.

9- Fendi Selleria Bag

famous purse designers

Price: $38,000

The Fendi Selleria bag is made up of two rarest and most expensive animal skin i.e. Sable and Chinchilla. I think this bag should make its way up to the list of the 50 iconic bags because of its uniqueness.

The bag has enough space to accommodate all of your essentials at once. Honestly, I think this bag is one of a kind and can never go down in terms of the Price, so go ahead find a Fendi Selleria bag and make a profitable investment.

10- Hermes Double Sens 36 Bag

popular designer bags worth investment

Price: $30,400

The Hermes Double Sens 36 bag is the everyday Tote handbag that is also efficient enough for a great investment. The bag is made up of Chiffon Alligator leather or Sikkim calfskin and can be worn as a multi-side bag.

The bag is soft and looks elegant whenever you’re wearing it. Rather than wearing it every day, you can buy it and keep it safe till the price go higher and you can cash in some good fortune.

11- Hermes Verrou Chaine Mini Bag

best investment bags to buy

Price: $20,400

Back in 2017, the Hermes Verrou Chaine Mini bag was around $9000 and to my surprise, this year the bag retails for $20, 400. Wow! That’s a big increase in the price. The bag was first introduced in 2010 and then again with a strap in 2017.

If we look at the reputation of this Hermes bag, you can definitely see it being pricier in the near future. This gives us a sign that this bag will result in a great investment fortune.

12- Hermes Jige Elan Clutch

top designer handbags every woman should own

Price: $19,300

Hermes Jige Elan Clutch is one of the most expensive Clutches of 2018 which is expected to go even more expensive. The bag is made up of Alligator leather and features two pockets on the back. The H enclosure looks good and reflects a the Initial of the Brand name, Hermes.

13- Hermes Kelly Classic Wallet

designer bags to invest in

Price: $13,300

The Hermes Kelly Wallet is truly a masterpiece made from Alligator. The wallet is super functional as it has 12 credit card slots, 2 bill pockets, and zipped change purse. The wallet features palladium plated Kelly closure and has a textured exterior.

The bag now retails for $13,300 and is expected to go even more expensive which is giving you a sign to make an investment in it right now.

14- Chanel Flap Bag

designer investment handbags

Price: $12,000

Chanel Flap bags have been a fashion staple for more than a decade now. There’s no fashionista out there who doesn’t own a perfect Chanel Classic Flap.

This Navy Blue Chanel Flap bag is made up of Embroidered Orylag and incorporates Goldtone Metal. To my surprise, the price point was very high for this one than a Classic Chanel Flap. This bag will surely return on your investment plus make you some good profit.

15- Chanel Maxi 2.55 Bag

designer bags worth investing in

Price: $6,400

Chanel 2.55 bag has been in the news for a lot of years and is the Bestseller since the beginning. Every year the prices go up and the profit margins go with them.

The retail price today for this Chanel Maxi 2.55 bag is $6,400 and is expected to go higher every year. So it only makes sense to buy the bag as an investment and get a lot of profit in the near future. This bag is totally gem for women who understand its worth.

16- Celine Medium Teal Liege Calfskin Box Bag

best designer crossbody bags 2018

Price: $5,400

Celine medium teal Liege box bag is made up of Calfskin leather and is super functional. The bag features a luxurious leather finish with Gold hardware on the press lock. There are 3 inside pockets, a long strap, 2 patch pockets, and one Zipped closure.

This Celine box bag is one of the best designer crossbody bags 2018 which is also one of the best investment bags to buy.

17- Gucci Dionysus Medium Shoulder Bag

most popular gucci bag 2018

Price: $4,400

Gucci Dionysus Shoulder bag was the center of talks as soon as it was launched. The bag is known all over the world to be inspired by a Greek god Dionysus. This Gucci Medium Dionysus shoulder bag is one of the most popular Gucci bag 2018 because of its uniqueness and vision inspired by a myth.

The bag is decorated with embroidered beetles, Crystal beetles, and embroidered flowers and is expected to up in the price in the next 2-3 years, so keep an eye open and make a quick investment.

18- Lady Dior Medium bag

iconic handbags

Price: $4,100

I guess The Dior Lady bag is the most loved designer handbag in the world. From Lady Diana to modern world celebrities, almost every woman owns or wants to own a beautiful and elegant Lady Dior bag.

The bag is made up of Lambskin with ‘Cannage’ topstitching and features light gold-tone metal. The bag has 2 top handles and an adjustable shoulder strap which helps it to be worn as a shoulder bag, crossbody bag or you can carry it in the hands.

Lady Dior handbag has never gone out of fashion since the very beginning, so I’d suggest you grab a Lady Dior bag as fast as you can and make a handsome investment in this one of the most popular designer bags.

19- Madras Leather Miu Miu Dahlia

top designer handbags every woman should own

Price: $2,908

This little Miu Miu bag is made up of Madras Leather featuring adjustable straps, all over studs, brass finish hardware, exterior Metal logo, magnetic disclosure, interior pockets and jewel buckle with crystals applied by hand.

I think the bag looks precious and elegant and can be worn as a shoulder or crossbody bag. You can easily get a full money back on resale or even some profit too. Don’t mind investing in this cute little bag.

20- Chloe Nile Large Tess Bag

classic affordable handbags

Price: $2,350

The large Chloe Nile is made up of waterskin print calfskin and is multifunctional as it can be worn as a shoulder bag, crossbody bag or a handbag.

The bag features a magnetic closure, inside pockets gold-tone metal hardware, golden and brass finish and a dust bag. It gives a beautiful ombre look and the gold hardware just emphasize the beauty of this Chloe Nile iconic bag.

The price is $2,350 at the moment and will surely go up because of its unique look. So make sure to invest in it as this is one of the best designer bags to invest in 2018.

21- Saffiano Lux Small Double Zip Tote Bag

Best investment bags to buy

Price: $2,230

The bag is originally called “Galleria by Prada” but is known as Saffiano lux too because of its luxurious leather. The bag’s design is made in such a way that it makes it durable, water resistant and scratch-resistant. That gives you a sign that the bag will stay put throughout the years and you can make a good investment.

This is one the best investment bags to buy which is durable and reliable that you’re going to get your money back with great profit margins.


Let us know in the comments down below about your favorite designer investment handbags. We’ll love to hear!

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