Are you looking for a cost-free video editing and enhancing software for your windows 7 PC and also struggling to uncover the one that does the project as expected? meet VSDC free Video Editor. It’s free, feature-rich, and runs exceptionally well on her OS.

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In this article, we’ll bawa pulang a closer look in ~ VSDC and also show you maafkan saya it’s capable of.

Download VSDC totally free Video Editor

(You have the right to choose in between the 32-bit and also the 64-bit versions for maximum compatibility)

Here is apa you acquire when girlfriend download the software

VSDC is not just a video editor. You gain a polytheistic media suite that will come in handy for rather a couple of tasks besides video clip editing. Check out it for yourself: VSDC consists of a slideshow creator, screen record and video clip capture tools, a menggabungkan video converter, and a voice recorder.

For the function of this blog post, we won’t be reviewing all of these tools, but hanya so you know, the a powerful replacement for numerous 3rd-party apps you’re probably penampilan already and also a great way to conserve your computer memory.

Speaking the memory, VSDC installation record is just 44Mb, and its mechanism requirements are so low, you’ll be fine even with one outdated computer that lacks memory.

VSDC mechanism requirements:

RAM 256Mb for the program

Minimum 50Mb of complimentary disk space


Full format compatibility

This is lagi topic often causing unnecessary headaches. Frankly, formats should it is in the last thing because that you to worry about, but di sini is apa happens and why. Different recording tools produce berbeda video formats and also codecs ~ above the output. Some video editors have actually troubles opening some of those formats. Because that example, it’s famous that Movie machine - the used-to-be-default video tajuk rencana for home windows – couldn’t easily open MP4 video files. And because MP4 is fairly a common video clip format, numerous users had to deal with conversion before they bisa open a video for editing.

So, in case you dulu wondering…

VSDC developers addressed this issue by implementing a dimasukan converter for this reason that dari mereka video tajuk rencana opens every the popular formats nevertheless of apa device was tangan kedua to document the footage. VSDC recognizes and works flawlessly with videos shoot on smartphones, expert cameras, kerja cameras, drones – what have you.

Here space some well-known formats sustained by VSDC

AVI, QuickTime, HDVideo, WindowsMedia, DVD, MPEG, MPEG-4/MP4, Divx, AMV, and many others. On top of that, girlfriend can penyuntingan 4K videos together well!

VSDC – free Video modifying Software for home windows 7 Overview

When you open VSDC because that the an initial time, you obtain a clear picture of maafkan saya your choices are. The upper ribbon-style food selection pretty much includes everything you need to start.

The feature-set deserve to be broken dibawah into the following sections:

Actual editing: cutting, splitting, cropping, rotating the footage.Merging video clip fragments: including transitions in between the elements.Visual adjustment: color filters, styles, and progressed color mediate tools.Video effects: zoom, winter effect, old TV effects, Chroma key (green screen), etc.Speed adjustment: slow motion and also timelapse effects.Audio effects: amplitude setup, noise reduction filters, the turning back audio effect.Working with text: including subtitles and also creating titles penampilan a full-featured text editor.

When it comes to video clip creation process, VSDC says two ways: the brief one and the longer one. We’ll tinjauan both.

VSDC Wizard


The fastest method to membuat a an easy slideshow-type video is melihat the “Run Wizard” alternative in the upper left corner. This is a an excellent choice as soon as you just need to have multiple images or videos linked into a quick clip. Nothing fancy and just several minutes precious of your time.

If girlfriend ever developed clips in home windows Movie Maker, you’ll instantly get a gantung of VSDC Wizard. In a nutshell, you can upload number of images and also videos in bulk and then merge them lihat smooth transitions and effects. Wizard menu permits you to cut, crop, and rotate pictures, collection up duration, and also apply Instagram-like filters. These filters are actually rather convenient if you desire all the files to show up in the very same style and color theme.

Once she done v the sequence, click on the apply Settings button, and also you’ll discover your creation on VSDC timeline. It will certainly be named “Sprite”, so don’t be surprised. In VSDC terminology, Sprite is a means to define a succession of combined files. Technically, ~ that, you can just add an audio file for background music (“Add object” button) and also export her project, since the movie is ready.

This is, however, hanya the height of one iceberg as soon as it come to maafkan saya this complimentary video editing software for home windows 7 is capable of. Keep analysis to learn about the progressed effects obtainable in VSDC.

Non-linear video editing

What you hanya saw in the previous component of the post around VSDC Wizard, is called linear video editing. That means you deserve to only ar media files in a straight – or straight – sequence. One media file after another.


But the actual value of VSDC is the capability to job-related as a non-linear tool. If you pay closer attention to the screenshots, you’ll notification multiple video tracks top top the timeline. That means media files may show up in any kind of sequence friend want. Not necessarily one after lainnya – however simultaneously too.

For instance, an image can show up in the edge on height of lagi video gift played – like itu photos and graphics we see in the corner of a TV display when city hall the news. Lainnya example, you can divide a display screen into number of parts, place different videos in every section, and make them all bermain at the very same time. Just like in well-known music clips ~ above MTV!

Finally, VSDC even permits you to “blend” berbeda pictures and videos right into one ingredient to attain breathtaking results. Seperti as a ghost impact or a breathtaking dobel exposure effect.

You obtained the idea. Keahlian possibilities here are nearly endless. And also given the non-linear video editing software program is maafkan saya professional cinematographers use, you can literally replicate genuine movie effects using this tool.

Now, let’s deep dive into some tricks even a finish amateur will have the ability to learn using this free video editing software for windows 7.

Color convey in VSDC

Even if your video has been recorded on a experienced camera, there may be few flaws led to by the lightning. Particularly if you were shooting outdoors! In VSDC, you deserve to fix practically anything when it involves the visual adjustments.

So, if the pre-installed layouts (the upper food selection on the top) space not sufficient for her needs, you can change Contrast, Color, Gamma, Saturation, and also other parameters individually to attain the required results. Merely go the video Effects -> Adjustments and chose the setups you’d favor to permainan with.


What’s also better, penampilan Adjustments, girlfriend can easily save overexposed and also underexposed videos. You know, those shots coming out looking also light or as well dark the you probably considered failures. So, don’t buru-buru to hit the delete button, sebelum trying to resolve them in VSDC.

Add beautiful titles, time counter, and also other objects

Apart from countless visual enhancement, VSDC boasts lots of really advantageous functionality.

By clicking the “Add object” switch not only can you import new images, audio and video files, but juga add subtitles, message objects, graphics figures, and also even time counter. The last is especially applicable if your goal is to show kemajuan over time, for instance when you create a timelapse or a slow movement video.

Although VSDC doesn’t administer templates because that titles, it has a full-featured terintegrasi text tajuk rencana similar to apa office apps provide. So, you have actually all the freedom of making text objects look specifically the means you want them to by choosing the font, the size, color, alignment, and also everything else. You deserve to even create a contoured text, change the border thickness and also the opacity tingkat to do it normally blend with the image. Just how cool is that?

Finally, you might be wondering what the graphic figures may be digunakan for in a video. Here is an idea. If girlfriend look very closely at the screenshot below, you’ll an alert the photo looks more cinematic due to the fact that of the black borders on the top and the bottom. This impact has been tercapai by method of including two rectangles come the scene. Merely open the “Add object” menu, choose “Rectangle”, adjust the Brush shade to black (upper menu) and also draw a rectangle of a wanted size together you would have actually done it in a simple graphic editorial like Paint.


VSDC video clip export options

Eventually, you’ll need to save her masterpiece, and this is where VSDC surpasses its counterparts in the sourse of formats and also configurations.

You have actually a wide selection of media devices to violin a clip because that – like PC, DVD, or Apple tools – and you juga have pre-configured file to upload that to sosial media: Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Vimeo, and YouTube. There is actually a straight YouTube uploader too, so you have the right to publish videos on your channel directly from the VSDC interface. If friend have particular requirements for the video quality, width, resolution, or framerate, you have the right to customize that as well by manually editing and enhancing the violin profile.

Heads up: VSDC enables you come export videos because that free. You might be argued to upgrade to pro for faster encoding in situation your project is slightly heavier than average, however, you have the right to skip the offer hanya by clicking “Continue”.


Looking because that a free video editing and enhancing software for windows 7?

VSDC is a great choice that is truly free

The net is saturated with “freeware” that transforms out to be far from free. Watermarks, export format limitations, feature restrictions, embedded advertisement banners, and other unpleasant surprises have undermined confidence in zero-cost tools.

Unlike many other programs, VSDC is truly free. And given the it gives a stable powerful solution for video editing through literally thousands of how-to guides accessible on YouTube, you should certainly give the a try. After ~ all, you’re not losing anything, that’s because that sure.

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