Senior investigator of the Corruption prevention Commission (KPK) Nobela Baswedan his voice mawar regarding the tinjauan of his cousin the governor of DKI champa Anies Baswedan in connection with the suspected instance of land salvation corruption in Munjul, gibberish Ranggon, Cipayung, eastern Jakarta.

Anda sedang menonton: Anies baswedan dan novel baswedan

Novel explained that anyone bisa be request if the investigator judged castle knew the instance being handled. He stressed that he never tried to protect Anies from investigation because he to be not affiliated in dealing with the case.

It is learned that Anies ’review the the KPK was carried out when Novel was not yet aktif and it was chose that he would be removed till September 30, 2021

“But, if that relates to myself, we understand that in the KPK there have to be setiap orang with integrity. When someone claims I can control everything, it way that person wants to say that in the KPK rakyat have no integrity, i think he is wrong, ”Novel said. In the Mata Najwa program, Wednesday (22/9).

“Second, in the KPK there is a department of tasks, in the examination there are juga sections, each of which does not recognize the instances handled by others. In the KPK it is not unusual for such interventions,” that continued.

The novel reveals that the mechanism operating the agency against corruption melakukan not accept kemudian acts the intervention. If that is really protecting Anies, various other investigators will also expose it.

“If the KPK is not investigated, but at attempt it will be seen, everyone will certainly know since the psychological is open. So if someone wants to cover increase the investigation procedure in such ways, the investigation is open. Everything is clear,” he said. Novels.

Anies was wondered about as a witness for doubt Yoory Corneles Pinontoan as the former presiden and manager of Perumda Pembangunan Sarana Jaya, Tuesday (21/9).

From the examination, KPK investigators explored the process of budget proposals allocated because that Perumda perkembangan Sarana Jaya. Among these budgets is because that land acquisition in Munjul.

“The rakyat concerned was present and also confirmed in general, among others, in connection with the budget proposal procedure for the resources investment of the DKI Jakarta apbd in Perumda Sarana Jaya,” claimed Plt. Spokesperson for KPK Enforcement, Ali Fikri, Wednesday (22/9).

Anies stated he juga provided details related to the 0 rupiah dibawah payment program. This is in line through the KPK’s finding that land salvation in Munjul is planned to be used for the program.

“Moreover, the evil explained about one the the capital contributions come Perumda Sarana Jaya allocated because that the evolusi of DP Rp0 houses,” Ali said.

In this case, Yoory is not the only suspect. The KPK has juga named several other parties as suspects. Amongst them space PT Aldira Berkah abadi Makmur Director, rudy Hartono Iskandar; manager of PT Adonara Propertindo (AP), Tommy Adrian; Deputy manager of PT AP, Anja Runtuwene; and corporations, such as PT AP.

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The Corruption Eradication the supervisory board (KPK) discovered the state ns of Rp. 152.5 billion from alleged corruption.